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  1. TruRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Think it’s to do with his new twins
  2. TruRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    This rumoured signing feels a tad underwhelming but in truth I feel like that might be a theme with any foreign signings we make, as we won’t know much about them. Signing any player from abroad who isn’t proven at this level is abit of a gamble but it’s become clear that to find quality at a decent price and wages it’s a gamble we must take. We must have faith in the European scouting network that has been developed over the last couple of seasons.
  3. TruRover

    Championship season 2019-20

    I’m personally hoping that Brentford go up, as I believe if they stay down this year they will walk the league next season, thus making it harder for us to challenge for promotion. Though I don’t really expect us to be challenging.
  4. TruRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    While I agree those positions are a priority, along with a centre back, I think we are in desperate need for natural wingers with pace
  5. TruRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Just seen that Norwich have signed a polish winger named Przemyslaw Placheta - that’s not the one who we were linked with in January was it? If not does anyone know if we still have an interest in him?
  6. TruRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Even though I strongly believe that it is time for TM go, I also know that the chances of that actually happening are very slim, which leaves this summer as a crucial window in his reign. The noises that seem to be coming from the club point to a low budget with a reliance on academy players for next season. Due to the youthful nature of our squad already I don’t believe that is the end of the world for us, and with one or two tweaks, taking TM out of the equation, we could have a squad capable of challenging the top end of the table. With Dack coming back I feel as if we will revert back to our 4231 formation in order to get the best out of him. It is obvious that we need a new centre back, left back, keeper and at least one wide player. If we want to challenge next season these acquisitions need to be first team quality and players who can come straight into the team. Assuming that they are, we would be left with a very capable squad. GK: New, Fisher RB: Nyambe, Bennett CB: Lenihan, New, Williams, Carter, Grayson LB: New, Bell CM: Travis, Evans, Davenport, Buckley, Holtby, Johnson RM: Rothwell, JRC LM: New, Chapman CAM: Dack: Holtby, Buckley Striker: Arma, Gally, BB Anyone not on that list has to be let go of imo. On paper that looks quite strong to me, but is heavily reliant on us making the right signings in the right areas, something which I don’t really have faith in TM doing. But there is certainly potential there for a decent season. What we cannot afford to do this summer is buy squad players, especially in this economic climate. We already have the current players, aswell as upcoming youngsters to bulk up the squad, what we really need is first team quality and I hope that is where we focus our finically resources, if any, on this summer.
  7. TruRover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Anyone else hoping that the lack of communication with TM/ lack of trip to India is an indication that his future is being considered?
  8. TruRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    We’ve been linked to West Brom’s second choice keeper Jonathon bond by sky. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of him
  9. TruRover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    For me, our current situation parallels the one experienced under Bowyer. Under Bowyer we developed a really good squad, with players such as Rhodes, Cairney, Gestede, Keane, Hanley, Conway, Evans and Duffy all coming through to give our squad a really strong spine with a clinical attack. While Bowyer undoubtedly deserved credit for stabilising the club and building that team, he deserved as much criticism for not turning that team into promotion challengers. In a season which Rhodes and Gestede scored 40 between them he couldn’t manage higher than a mid-table finish, which for me was hugely disappointing. That squad then got broken up/sold and from there on we sleepwalked into relegation to league one. The issue was that Bowyer, due to his previous good work, had seemed to place him in an unsackable position, meaning we never saw the full potential to that team. By the time he was sacked it was too late and that team was gone. Compare that to now and it’s difficult to not see the similarities. Mowbray has built a good squad, with players such as dack, Armstrong, Lenihan, travis, Nyambe, Evans and rothwell all being players I believe capable of pushing this club towards promotion. When you add to that to the handful of very promising young players we currently have you have to think that next season is a massive opportunity for us to go for promotion. The issue is that it is clear, like it was under Bowyer, that Mowbray doesn’t have the tactical nouse, bottle or even common sense to take us to that next level, however also like Bowyer, he has seemed to have got himself in a position where he is unsackable and exempt from critism. I feel as if he has the owners under his thumb. You do feel that if we don’t make it next year then we will lose the majority of our top players and our chance will have gone. What is most worrying about TM that his decisions over the past two seasons have been extremely questionable. Persistence with players such as Bennett, Gallagher and Smallwood have been infuriating while his tactical thinking of strikers playing out wide is the most backward idea I have seen in a long time, and his refusal to buy any natural wide players only enhances this frustration. How you can have a squad with no genuine wide players is a mystery, and how you can line up a 4 3 3 formation with 3 central strikers as the front 3 is just outrageous. While we must all be grateful for the job TM has done we need something different for next season and I can only hope someone at the club has the balls to push for that.
  10. TruRover

    Millwall Away

    Wigan beating hull 7-0 at the moment, still got 30 mins to go.
  11. TruRover

    Millwall Away

    That is a joke
  12. TruRover

    West Brom at home

    Need a big second half. Now or never
  13. TruRover

    Barnsley v Rovers

    I would genuinely rather lose the rest of our games so that there’s a chance of Mowbray getting the sack we’re going nowhere with him
  14. TruRover

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Mowbray get out now
  15. personally I’m quite happy to see rothwell start, especially if he’s in a midfield 3. In a game like today where Wigan will most likely sit off we might need his creativity and ability to run with the ball.

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