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  1. TruRover

    Bolton vs Rovers

    These are the kinda results we’ve lacked in the championship in recent years, away from home, poor performance but able to nick a 1 nil win. We’re level with the playoffs which I think is about as good as anyone could have hoped for at this stage! Sure we could have had a couple of more points but we could have lost some too. When you look at the games we’ve had to play and the points we’ve managed to pick up it’s actually quite impressive. Feel like this team is still developing and there’s a lot more to come. Onwards and upwards.
  2. TruRover


    TM has his doubts on here, me included in some of his team selections. However the job he is doing atm is incredible, and this team is playing for him.
  3. If feel you have sky but with virgin which channel is it?
  4. Good to see Arma back but surprised to see Rothwell dropped, he's arguably been our best player recently. Having said that can see why TM has gone with that team, looks like he wants us to play on the counter with Arma and Palmers pace playing off Graham and Bennets energy in the middle to help break up the play.
  5. If Dack is fit he has to start imo, especially as I feel this will be a tough game for us. Bristol city are a decent team and are coming off the back of an impressive win at Swansea and also boast one of the most inform strikers atm in Weimann. A point would be a good result for us. Would play Brereton as he will be raring to get off to a good start and will have a point to prove, he will also give us a valuable counter attacking option. Id go for: Raya Nymabe - Lenihan - Mulgrew - Bell Bennett - Evans Palmer - Dack - Rothwell Brereton Subs: Leuwitter, Smallwood, Travis, Reed, Armstrong, Conway, Graham
  6. TruRover

    Loan Window

    No doubt that Bereton is a risk at 6 Million, its a lot of money for us especially when looking at our financial outlay on players over the past couple of years. But I personally think he has the attributes to be a class signing for us and can replace DG as the first choice striker. He's 6'3 and has got pace to burn, which are attributes which are rarely both possessed by a striker. Its also worth noting that he has only just turned 19, plenty of time to develop into a top class striker and under the Guidance of TM and players such as Danny Graham I think he will do that. Along with that he is clearly a player who fits TM philosophy of working hard for the team. The challenge for him will be if he can have an immediate impact on the team now, part of me would actually like to see him start on sunday.
  7. TruRover

    Loan Window

    Reed, would be a really good signing, box to box midfieldier whose good on the ball and got abit of everything. Would hope there's an option for a perm deal. Wonder who the 2nd player is, doesn't sound like Rodwell is a deal that is close so most likely not him.
  8. TruRover


    Will do well to get a point imo tonight with that team. Big night for Rothwell.
  9. TruRover


    We should be winning this imo and if we do it would cap a great start to the season and leave us with no pressure heading into the Brentford game which will be difficult, and will probably be the best indication so far to us fans of how far we can go this season. However we've got reading to get past first, I cant help but think this is one of those classic Rovers games which we get a disappointing result in. Hope I'm wrong. Raya Nyambe - Lenihan - Mulgrew - Bell Travis - Evans Palmer - Dack - Armstrong Graham
  10. TruRover

    Bradley Dack

    If Dack continues to be a success in the championship there is no doubt that he is worth 20 million. We will do well to keep him for next season imo.
  11. TruRover


    Raya Nyambe - Lenihan - Mulgrew - Bell Travis - Evans Palmer - Dack - Rothwell Graham Subs: Leuwiter, Williams, Smallwood, Evans, Bennett, Armstrong, Samuel. Would go with this against reading, I think we will have more of the ball so I reckon Graham would be a better fit than Armstrong as he wont have as much space as he did against Hull, along with that his pace could be useful off the bench. Travis and Rothwell have shown me enough to suggest they deserve a starting place and could grow to become key members of this team and I reckon this is probably a good game to throw them in from the start.
  12. TruRover

    Loan Window

    Personally I don't really see the need to bring in a centre midfielder as I am impressed with Travis every time I see him play and imo he should be ahead of Smallwood. Would like to see him really given the opportunity to make one of those CM roles his own. Think we are a defender and attacker short as we need cover otherwise we become a bit reliant on Mulgrew and Graham who have both had injury problems in the past. I think all of us just want us to show abit of ambition and bring a couple of quality players in with options to buy. I am cautious about spend 8 million on one player, it a risk but it could pay off big time if all goes well for the lad. However it does make me wonder what we were doing during the summer not signing players like Mccgin and Edwards on cheap deals.
  13. TruRover

    Hull away

    Great win, fully derserved. Onwards and upwards, a couple of quality additions and we will be looking in really good shape. Bring on Wednesday!
  14. TruRover

    Hull away

    I imagine Palmer and Arma are short of fitness and should be remembered both played on Tuesday. We've also probably brought on the 3 best players we had on the bench so haven't got too much of a problem with the subs. We also seem to be the team creating the chances, however feel we are gonna regret not taking them.
  15. TruRover

    Loan Window

    Sounds like Nixon is keeping his options open. If one of them sign then he can say he was right. Can't imagine will sign both, we only need one imo.

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