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  1. TruRover

    Preston Away

    Needs to go. Losing games atm might do us good in the long run if it means he gets the sack
  2. TruRover

    Preston Away

    If anyone could send a certain link then that would be appreciated
  3. TruRover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Very suprised to hear how happy millwall fans are that Harris has left. From their forums sounds like the fans turned on him and he decided to leave on the back of that, which is pretty honourable from him Tbf. Reckon mil wall fans will regret turning on him tho.
  4. TruRover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    I actually thought we were very good today. Downing and travis excellent, Armstrong surprisingly very good aswel. Holtby has to start the next game. Gallagher was a waste of space out wide tho. Also thought Samuel was looking decent when he came on. Should of won the game tho and in terms of results the last 2 games have been very poor. Missed opportunity.
  5. TruRover

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Poor team, with no balance. Would of played Rothwell dack and Holtby behind graham. Can’t see us getting anything from this. We have two strikers playing in the wide areas. That says it all.
  6. TruRover

    Luton Town home

    Same old rovers today, first goal was a real sucker punch, especially as we started the game so so well, probably the best I’ve seen us play in a long term, albeit, for 10 mins. After that we were awful. Travis the only player who came out with any realcredit, our best player by a long way. Although I did notice that he seems to always play the easy pass, very rarely does he switch the play with a long ball or provide a splitting pass. That aside he was excellent just needs to stop playing it safe all the time. Holtby did alright aswell when he came on him dack and Rothwell will be a handful ( if there ever used together). Overall a poor performance where we didnt really create any guilt edge opportunities. Lose at forest and we are looking a long way off the playoffs and they’re a team who are 8 unbeaten or something like that. Gonna be a tough one. On the side that was probably one of the worst refereeing performances I have ever seen. Let Luton get away with far to much time wasting and had no idea why our goal was ruled out.
  7. TruRover

    Luton Town home

    This is the kind of game which we always seem to lose, just as momentum is building. So I think it’s a pretty large test for us, when the pressure is on us to win the game comfortably. No easy game in this league tho. Dont think we need two holding midfield players in this game as we’re most likely going to have a lot of the ball, although I love travis would play Holtby ahead of him in there with Johnson. Just gives us abit more quality on the ball aswel as experience. Would also give downing a rest, because reckon forest will be a pretty tough game which we will at least need to get something out of. Reckon it’ll be a good game to bring Rothwell in. Abit of hype is building but a loss will take us right back again, so fingers crossed.
  8. TruRover

    Reading (A)

    Evans? Really? No Rothwell?
  9. TruRover


    Would of had travis over Johnson and Rothwell over downing but can see the thinking with the team. 3 cbs to deal with Ariel threat from millwall and clearly looking to keep it on the ground when attacking them. Armstrong really needs to step up today. Excited to see Buckley, reckon him and travis could be a really exciting long term midfield partnership.
  10. TruRover

    West Brom Away

    Doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen for us today
  11. TruRover

    West Brom Away

    Anyone got a video of the goal?
  12. TruRover


    TM just get out
  13. TruRover


    If someone could post the goal would be appreciated
  14. TruRover


  15. TruRover


    Why we are playing 2 defensive midfielders in this game I have no idea. Would of played Rothwell in there so we have quality on the ball.

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