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  1. TruRover


    Let’s not have a BB debate. Does anyone know about our plan of action for tomorrow?
  2. TruRover


    According to LT our primary target is Sam Gallager. Hope they are off the mark as as he is the most underwhelming out of the 3 mentioned, although wouldn’t be too bad. Hoping for a marquee signing to get excited about. Surely got to have some movement today.
  3. TruRover


    Reckon he’ll be on 30k, think this 50k business is way over the top.
  4. TruRover


    Can’t belive people are doubting BA. He’s up there with the best in division in terms of goals aswell as offering pace and power. If you read the boros fans forum the majority think they’d be stupid in letting him go. In the right team which play to his strengths (which Pulis doesn’t) he could be unplayable. Would be stupid to get both him and Gallagher though, that isn’t needed. BA is the better player and offers something we don’t currently have. Could be the signing that puts us in the playoff race.
  5. TruRover


    Britt assombalonga would be an unreal signing. Granted he hasn’t quite hit top form for Boro but has still scored a decent amount of goals, not a player suited to Pulis though. Quick and strong player who can score all kind of goals, if he can get his confidence back he’s up there in being as good as they come in this division. Would be very suprised if it happened though. Exciting though if that’s the callibre of player we’re looking at.
  6. Definetely would bring back Nyambe for today, he’s streets ahead of bennet at right back and can offer us a real outlet at times aswell as being one of the few players who regularly takes players on. Think we’ve seen abit more of an attacking approach from TM in recent games and hope that continues. Hull are in good form but so are we, so we should look to take the game to them. Think it’s a big test for Bell today, I have seen him have some very poor performances over the last 2 seasons yet I think it is clear that there is actually a very decent player in there. He has all the physiccal attributes and has shown cases of excellent ability of running with the ball however he doesn’t do enough of it and often seems to ponder on possession. He’s improved recently so will be interesting to see how he gets in against there tricky wingers. Same for Nyambe. Rodwell should 100% start imo ahead of Mulgrew, he’s been excellent the past 2 games and it would set a bad example if Mulgrew was to walk straight back in, even tho I love the man! Big game in our season, win and we are up there along with increasing momentum. Anything else and we will be looking very mid table. Raya nyambe rodwell Lenihan bell travis reed armstrong Dack Rothwell graham/nutall
  7. Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell travis Evans reed Dack armstrong graham ^ pretty sure this will be the lineup today and it’s hard to say that it isn’t our strongest team. I’d preferbally have Rothwell or a new wideman ahead of Evans with reed going into the middle though. If we want to make anything of this season we need to go on a run, and today’s game gives us a decent chance to build on last two results. Com on rovers!
  8. TruRover


    I actually think Marshall would be a decent signing for us. While he has struggled for game time at Norwich he had a very successful spell at Millwall last season where he helped push them towards the playoffs. Marshall is a player who on his day could probaly get into most teams in the league, it’s just how often he gets to that level is the concern with him. Importantly tho he would provide us with some width and quality deliveries from wide areas which I feel players such as reed and Armstrong lack with them being out of position. Along with that’s he’s a very capable right back and as shown by Bennett in recent games, we need cover there. Having said all that it’s a Nixon’s rumour so it defitenely won’t happen.
  9. TruRover


    Sadly Palmer will probably be a big success elsewhere if he plays in his natural position. Just unfortunately for him he’s never going to get in ahead of Dack and rightly so. Going to need a quality replacement to offer competition but importantly they need to be a natural wideman. Maddison would be on my list but not sure if he fits in with TM ideals. We are crying out for a wideman with pace.
  10. TruRover

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Difficult game but one we should go out to win. When playing at home i feel this is our strongest line up and it’s what I would play on Saturday: Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Reed Evans Rothwell Dack Conway Graham If in form would have Armstrong over Conway but been unimpressed with him lately so would go with Conway.
  11. TruRover

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    Think they just go in shirt number order, hope your right though!
  12. TruRover

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    Actually think this is a crucial game for us, a win would see us right on the edge of the top 6, a loss however and we could be 8 points off. Of course there’s still a lot of games and a lot of points to play for but as we enter this crucial peroid a win would set us up nicely and give us confidence for a difficult run of fixtures where we play a lot of promotion chasing teams. It’s gonna be difficult as we largely rely on the physicality of Graham up top and stated already by a few that is bread and butter to this Boro team. Really think it’s the kind of game we need Rothwell in as he gives us creativity and is always looking to run with the ball. Would also drop Evans for this game and partner reed with smalling in the middle to give us an added physicality in that area. Come on rovers!
  13. TruRover

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    A point isn’t the end of the world like some people are acting but it is definitely a missed oppuntinuty. We’re punching above our weight to be challenging for the top 6 yet we could and probaly should be highier with How we’ve played. We seem to be the nearly men at the moment, getting close to the play offs but never actually getting there and cementing our position. There’s no doubt that getting into then playoffs would be a great achievement and experience for this squad that TM is building, as I imagine the plan for us is to push for promotion over the next 2 seasons after this one. A concern for me Is definetly DG. I love the man and he’s still an important player for us but he’s not getting the goals. I imagine a striker will be top of TM wish list and he’s already stated that he thinks we’re one short in that area so one to keep an eye on. I Also don’t think Dack has been up to standard in recent weeks despite some of the goals he has chipped in with, hopefully back to his best after the international break. On a more positive note great to see Brereton finally Show his worth. He’s changed the games for us in his last two outings and without him we’d be 3 points lesser off. He’s another young player who’s begginging to really contribute to the first 11, and even if we do lose Dack next summer our squad is looking strong with lots of options.

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