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  1. TruRover

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Anyone got a clip of the goal?
  2. TruRover

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Let’s not forget Boro away last season... good start tho!
  3. TruRover

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Armstrong has really come into his own recently, scoring goals and causing problems. With Holtby and Rothwell we also have some real creativity, if we could just sort that wide right position out this window then we might do alright without dack. Would be interested to see how JRC gets on there.
  4. TruRover

    January transfer window 2020

    No chance in Tosin signing. He’s already said in an recent interview how he hopes to break into the first team set up at city.
  5. TruRover

    Preston (home)

    Chapman for Evans and downing central would be my change if he can’t continue
  6. TruRover

    January transfer window 2020

    I’ve completely lost faith with TM over transfers, our last 3 windows have been shocking and I can’t say there has been much improvement in the squad, in some areas we have gone backwards. He needs to go if we are to move forward. His refusals to signs out and out wingers is beyond ridiculous, instead signing expensive useless players to play as ‘wide forwards’.
  7. TruRover

    January transfer window 2020

    I too have been hoping for a shock move for mor, especially as he is available for 5m this window as reported by sky. While that may seem a hefty price the potential reward is to great to turn down. Would offer versatility in being able to play up front or out wide, though he’d used in behind a focal point. Which is what we’re lacking atm without dack. Wish we could get tugay on the line to put in a good word. It’ll never happen though as there are rumours of an attitude problem meaning TM will be scared to go anywhere near. Which is a real shame cuz at 5m it’s a proper bargain. Makes our signings of SG and BB look ridiculous for the price we paid. The value is definitely abroad.
  8. TruRover

    January transfer window 2020

    Would be all over madine on a free. Know we’re not short of attackers but all our out and out strikers are pretty awful (not including Armstrong) or too old.
  9. TruRover

    January transfer window 2020

    Couple of players I’d like to see us look at in jan yedlin - Newcastle RB/LB Maddison - Peterborough LW/RW (yes him again) Empadu - Chelsea CB (if he gets recalled from loan in Germany) Williams - Manchester United LB Don’t think we need to go after a replacement for Dack, we have Holtby or Buckley who I believe both could excel in that free role. Full backs and genuine wingers are the must signings for me. Tho unfortunately I feel TM will persist with ‘wide forwards’. Wouldn’t mind bringing in a keeper but not sure who we could get in January who would be able to be a long term option.
  10. Best result of the season. Looking like promotion hopefuls atm. Awaiting the inevitable nosebleed though.
  11. TruRover

    Preston Away

    Needs to go. Losing games atm might do us good in the long run if it means he gets the sack
  12. TruRover

    Preston Away

    If anyone could send a certain link then that would be appreciated
  13. TruRover

    Championship season 2019-20

    Very suprised to hear how happy millwall fans are that Harris has left. From their forums sounds like the fans turned on him and he decided to leave on the back of that, which is pretty honourable from him Tbf. Reckon mil wall fans will regret turning on him tho.

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