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  1. Thanks for the comments about the forthcoming meeting – both the positive and the sceptical. The news post to the Trust website did set out what we want to achieve within the meeting, but there have been relevant questions here about what we want the overall outcome to be, what the Sports Minister can actually do, etc … I am realistic. Whatever the outcome is, it is likely to be limited, but that does not mean it will be useless. We all do what we can to protect the club we love, don’t we? Take the last Structured Dialogue Meeting with the club. The Action Group could put its points directly and bluntly to Cheston on the feelings of fans about his role. Others, on the back of effective research, could extract information about the short-term financing situation. That meeting is not going to directly lead to Venky’s leaving; but would we rather that senior staff are put on the spot about the mismanagement of the club, or that they are spared that indignity? Would we rather find out about some of the alarming financing arrangements or not? The meetings are not perfect, but not useless. And coming back to the point … Why did Blackburn Rovers hold that meeting? It was because nationally some supporters’ groups had pushed their concerns about engagement with their clubs. They lobbied, asked for meetings, got the support of FSF and Supporters Direct. Collectively they persuaded the Sports Minister, Tracey Crouch, to set up an Expert Working Group on Football Supporter Engagement and Ownership. When it reported and recommended structured dialogue meetings, she was supportive of the proposal and secured the agreement of the PL / EFL. As the supporters’ trust for Blackburn Rovers we cannot afford to turn down the opportunity of meeting with the person who can effect change in football regulation. So, I don’t know what the eventual outcome of the meeting will be. Our proposals are consistent with the line taken by FSF /SD, and we have the added insight of being at the sharp end of shortcomings in football regulation. We might be able to nudge the debate along a little; it is a long way from perfect but we’ll do what we can.
  2. Rovers Trust meeting with the Sports Minister - key aims set out here http://www.roverstrust.com/2017/04/22/rovers-trust-meeting-sports-minister-tracey-crouch-mp/
  3. The percentages relate to the proportion of people voting not the total number of votes cast, i.e. 62% of the people voting cast a vote for me, 57% for John etc.
  4. Thank you.
  5. You are correct. My understanding is that the Trust is bound by its constitution on the size of the Board. Once the election decides the composition of the Board they have the option of co-opting further Board members. The co-opted members cannot (under the guidance set out in the national guidance on supporters trusts from Supporters Direct) out-number the elected members. I hope that helps you in your election choice. There is nothing to stop the new Board asking anyone who wants to support the aims of the Trust to help out on specific projects in the future. This is likely to be the one of the urgent tasks for the new Board to address. BTW - I know (and everyone reading this knows) that I am new to this forum. Hello.
  6. Yes. I was co-opted onto the Board last year. There is a summary of the context in my election statement on the Trust website. Dunnfc: are you a member of the Trust?
  7. It will be four.