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  1. Transfers Part 3

    Despite everything, I still think we would've stayed up last year if Bennett played more games under Coyle. In the years of dross that we've had, it's not been as easy to for us fans to establish any sort of connection with the players. Bennett clearly one of the exceptions, one of the good guys. Just a shame that he couldn't see the club in better times.
  2. The World Cup of Rovers Songs

    Maybe slightly niche, but Givet's later song should definitely be in there!
  3. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Liked Morris when he was here. Always seemed like the type that needed toughening up in an environment away from Ewood, but there was definitely some talent there. Think it was him who set up Samba's consolation in the 7-1 loss at Old Trafford. Shame it never really got better than that!
  4. 100% agree, but to be fair to the guy who posted it, I think he argued the point as well as possible. The big flaw in his argument is that what he's actually showing is that we, as fans, players, journalists and even some coaches, value the wrong sorts of things in players. The fact we couldn't appreciate his quality says a lot more about us than it does Scholes. Two points I'd add. There was a time (10 years or more) when it was assumed Man U would never be outplayed, just occasionally 'ran out of time'. Parody, maybe, but it's nevertheless true that despite playing a straightforward 442 with out and out wingers and Keane/Butt as his partner, United bossed possession and played attacking football without having to adapt their style at all, only really changing when they were beat in Europe by Barcelona (who, incidentally, do value the right sort of things in players!). Without doubt, Scholes was the biggest single factor in them being able to do that, and Lampard/Gerrard's better highlight reel at the end of the season doesn't alter the fact that Scholes was more influential in his team dominating English football for a decade. Other point about us as fans. Andy Todd has been Rovers player of the year twice. Tugay hasn't won it once. Toddy was a very useful player for us, but there is no comparison at all with the influence that Tugay had on our team and club in that period, and that even was at a time when you didn't need to convince Rovers fans of his quality. Basically, he did a very decent job of getting his facts lined up, but you can only really go with Gerrard/Lampard above him if you have a 'Match of the Day' level of analysis of his game. Sadly, that's how we used to pick the England team.
  5. Transfers Part 3

    Game of opinions, but to be honest I think the difference between him and Coyle is like the difference between night and day.
  6. Transfers Part 3

    Arguably even less mobile though, which is Graham's only real problem in this league imo (assuming his application is there, obviously).
  7. Transfers Part 3

    Sorry if it's already been mentioned, but do we know that there's a view to a permanent deal at the end? Be a real coup if so.
  8. Transfers Part 3

    I'm less convinced by them to be honest with you. They relied on Wildschut plenty when they last came up, who doesn't seem to have been replaced. Power was a big player for them too, and even though he's got bags of quality at this level, not sure if Powell has ever really shown the consistency you need for a top of the league finish. I know we've got huge problems of our own, but there's no way I'd swap squads with Wigan.
  9. Southend v Rovers

    He's looked decent in pre season to be fair, and definitely agree about the lack of pace elsewhere. Maybe he'll come into his own at a lower level. Having said that, I don't think there's ever been another Rovers player who gets in a crossing position, and I don't feel any sense of anticipation whatsoever that there might be a goal off the back of it.
  10. Southend v Rovers

    Think that's probably going to be right, although personally I'd rather have Gladwin in for Feeney, with Bennett on the other side.
  11. Transfers Part 3

    Bogle's an interesting one, would be excellent back up, but you'd have thought he'd be able to get a starting spot somewhere no problem. Would be happy with both as extra bodies, but still worried about a lack of pace. Lot's of pressure on Samuel if we go in with a strike force of Graham, Samuel and Bogle/Lambert.
  12. Transfers Part 3

    No need
  13. Southend v Rovers

    Not sure where we're at with Evans, don't think his injury was meant to be that bad, but hasn't played much this pre-season. Beyond that, we've got a team that you could argue is stronger than what we had out for most of last season.
  14. Transfers Part 3

    4 & 5 slightly worrying, potential Mulgrew & Lenihan replacements. 8 hopefully the sign of another attacker.
  15. Transfers Part 3

    Heard the 'Batty or Sherwood' argument for years. Amazed how few people realise the answer is Super Atko!