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  1. Admiral Nelsen


    His final ball was pretty dodgy, but the thing which surprises me is the way that he's gone backwards in the area he was so strong at, beating players. In the K**n years, he seemed to be torturing full backs every time he got the ball. He seems as though he's still doing it in flashes, but like you I expected him to get somewhere near the top by his mid 20s.
  2. Admiral Nelsen


    To be fair, it's more his mobility which I think will lead us to go with another option. Agree that he's technically underrated, and he's a very, very clever player. I think we'll probably opt for a quicker player to get in behind, but I wouldn't want to make Graham out just to be a battering ram, I agree he's far better than that.
  3. Admiral Nelsen


    Spoke to some Cardiff fans on the train when I was on way to Ewood on the opening day, think they were playing Wigan. Asked them about Hoillett, and whilst they were happy enough with him as a squad player at this level, they definitely weren't going overboard. I still can't quite get my head around how he hasn't kicked on after leaving Rovers. The form he showed in the spell you mentioned he looked as though he had the world at his feet.
  4. Admiral Nelsen


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49429764 Cardiff missing Marlon Pack, big loss for them.
  5. Admiral Nelsen


    I suspect that we might try and play on the floor a bit more and leave DG on the bench. Obviously Graham's easily our best option for a target man, but given that we're playing a Warnock side I think playing direct balls for their centre backs to gobble up might be playing into their hands.
  6. Admiral Nelsen


    I thought his one-on-one defending was getting better. He was forever letting his man get past him/getting a cross in at the start of his time with us which didn't happen has frequently as the season went on. Grabbed a couple of goals and travels well with the ball too, albeit with his final ball still being pretty awful. Not denying for a second that Cunningham doesn't look like a massive upgrade, but I think Bell's steady improvement would've been commented on a bit more had it not coincided with our bad run. In any case, my main point is that Williams should definitely remain at centre back. If Hart gets a run out against Cardiff then I've got no issue with that.
  7. Admiral Nelsen


    Couldn't agree more. Bell has his weaknesses but did improve last year, and should be hungry to try and get his shirt back. Even if we play Hart (would Downing be a possibility?) Williams absolutely deserves to keep his spot there.
  8. Admiral Nelsen

    Championship season 2019-20

    If we do, that'd be a really strong return. Especially when considering that involves having played two relegated sides and WBA away already. I think we'll win on Saturday too, but I'm not sure we'll get anything from West Brom. Obviously hope I'm wrong.
  9. Admiral Nelsen

    Hull (A)

    He's still a very loose player in my view. Still prone to heavy touches. Think he should've scored with that second half header that he ended up pulling back across goal. That said I think overall his contribution has been good in the last week. Take your point about relying on physicality, but that can go a long way if you've got the sort of attributes that Gally has.
  10. Admiral Nelsen


    Think this will be another game with Graham on the bench. No point playing it long to a target man if you're playing a Warnock side with two massive centre halves. Will be a good test for our possession based approach. Very important to be getting the first goal in this one. I'm going for an optimistic 2-0, Armstrong & Gally. Walton Bennett Lenihan Williams Bell Travis Johnson Armstrong Dack Downing Gally
  11. Admiral Nelsen

    Fulham Away

    Be very surprised if Evans plays. Didn't even come off the bench last week.
  12. Admiral Nelsen

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Emotionally, I'm sad to see him go. He was one of a few players who obviously cared in our relegation season, had he managed to get on the park a bit more we might very easily have stayed up. In League One, he was so much better than almost everyone else in the league it was embarrassing at times. Oozed quality on the ball. Fact remains, as others have said, that he has been found wanting as a centre half in this league. Not as often as some have made out, but enough to make this - head over heart - the right call. Even so I'm going to remember very fondly his time in a Rovers shirt.
  13. Admiral Nelsen

    Fulham Away

    I'd be surprised if Tosin isn't centre back. I think you could well be right with the other three.
  14. Admiral Nelsen

    Fulham Away

    Changed it for you 😉
  15. Admiral Nelsen

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Some of those have had huge upheaval. They may have brought players in, but at least a handful have had to by losing their big hitters. I'd happily bet here and now that we'll finish above at least a few of those sides.

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