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  1. Admiral Nelsen

    Championship season 2019-20

    That's Gally with a hat-trick tomorrow then!
  2. Admiral Nelsen

    Summer Transfer Window

    Interesting. Out of curiosity what do you think he is good at? I've never seen him play beyond the odd highlights package. At a higher level you could easily describe MGP (or even David Beckham) in a similar sort of way, but they managed to make up for it in other ways. Something similar here or is it just a knack of getting into the box and scoring?
  3. Admiral Nelsen

    Cardiff away

    Absolutely, definitely not advocating him as Tosin's replacement for next season. I don't think I caught the original post on Wharton, so I could be missing the point, but I was just saying that I wouldn't be reading too much into his lack of game time at Ewood - not so often you get a Phil Jones who can take to such a demanding position so well at a young age.
  4. Admiral Nelsen

    Cardiff away

    Time will tell, I haven't followed him other than knowing his promotions so I can't call it either way. Having said that, seems to me as though there's a pretty big middle ground between Travis is & where Tomlinson seems to be - there's room for Scotty to be a relative success if he finds himself in that middle ground.
  5. Admiral Nelsen

    Cardiff away

    I can't say one way or the other if he'll be at the right level, but it's different for central defenders. There's no luxury to introduce them gradually and allow them to learn on the job in the same way that you can for other outfield positions. I would've thought his lack of appearances for the Rovers 1st team reflects both his position & that the management think he's going to develop more playing mens football rather than them thinking that he's never going to make it.
  6. Admiral Nelsen

    Wigan Administration

    To be fair, miles out of town is exaggerating. You're right that it's not that bad to get to from the trains, but moving it to a retail park was a retrograde step for me. There's just something a bit more soulless about having a ground in between a gym and a cinema when the alternative was a stadium with a century's worth of history, right in the community and surrounded by heaving pubs on match day. Time plays tricks, but I believe there were plans drawn up to do up Central Park and turn it into something more befitting a modern stadium, before the land was eventually sold to Tesco. Not sure if that would have been viable if the football team would've shared the ground, but I find it really hard not to look at that decision without thinking what it could've been like.
  7. Admiral Nelsen

    Dunn joins (Blackpool) Barrow

    Dunny's was one of my all-time favourite players to watch & I wish him every success, but unless his managerial record ends up being genuinely outstanding I would be dead against him coming back as boss, if only because of what it might do to his legacy. You see it all the time at other clubs, we even saw it here with Berg although he was sacked before the fans turned on him. Fan favourite players returning as managers almost never works out and usually involves some bitterness at the end on one side or another. Hopefully he finds the Barrow job less of an ordeal than Oldham was, and if he ever returns to Ewood, that it is in another capacity rather than the gaffer.
  8. Admiral Nelsen

    Championship season 2019-20

    He comes across like a little boy lost when in front of a camera these days. Obviously not the biggest thing when it comes to his management potential, but an amazing contrast to the arrogance he had as a player, at least in his younger days.
  9. Admiral Nelsen

    Championship season 2019-20

    People can surprise you, but I can't see Fowler being anything other than a total disaster for some reason.
  10. Admiral Nelsen

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    I agree with plenty of this, including that we probably could have expected a few more points last time out given how we started. Having said that, I still think that looking at the big picture, we have improved from this year to last, and that it's really hard to see a good case to get rid of the manager whilst that's true.
  11. Admiral Nelsen

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    That's completely valid and a totally justified fear, but equally I think it's unfair to bin off Mowbray until that actually materialises! Especially when you could easily say the same for virtually every club in the league. You're right that promotion, rather than linear progression is the name of the game. Linear progress does however count for 1) an indication of how far away we are from 'actual' success, and TM's record shows that we're probably going to be reasonably closer than last year, and a hell of a lot closer than the previous 2/3/4 years. Because of this, it also matters for 2) how easy it is to attract/keep hold of the right players. Even if this means that you lose players along the way, like you say, a team that finishes just outside the 6 looks a much better proposition than one that finishes 14th. I'm getting slightly away from my main point here; I accept that there are good reasons why some fans might have issues with Mowbray - but getting rid of a manager is an enormously unsettling thing for a football club, and for me should only happen where there is good evidence that you need to change. At present, when we're making progress, I don't see anywhere near enough evidence that we're in that sort of territory.
  12. Admiral Nelsen

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Hardly glacial. Remains to be seen where we'll end up this year, but promotion from L1, 14th in the Championship, and then lets say we stay where we are in 10th this year? This is more than just trivial levels of year-on-year improvement. A horrible transfer window/reduction in budgets could undo everything, like you say, but this is the sea in which almost every club at our level swims. Maybe the level above too. Doesn't seem like a good reason to get rid of the man in charge, especially when he has a record of bringing in players who can improve us, even if there are a couple of expensive mistakes too. I get that there are gripes with Mowbray, the SG & BB signings being the obvious ones, but I really don't get where the clamour to get rid comes from after looking at his record overall.
  13. Admiral Nelsen

    Cardiff away

    Seriously? Proud Preston indeed.
  14. Admiral Nelsen

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    I'm with you with most of that, but I'd still see Walton as being under-par. I think our stronger defence says more about about getting a stronger partner for Darragh (and perhaps Lenihan staying fit for longer). Walton will take some credit too, and I do like some things about him, but he's made one or two too many errors. By no means a disaster, but equally I think we need better.
  15. Admiral Nelsen

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    I'm really surprised that this doesn't seem to be a more common view. Even accepting that it's going to be hard for some to get past the money spent on Gally & Brereton, I can't quite fathom how we can be in sacking territory if we're improving. I also think that the difficulties that all clubs will have this summer makes it a very risky time indeed to be chopping and changing, and will give a very short pre-season for a new man to properly introduce his ideas, even assuming that we don't hire another dud like we have in almost every other appointment post Big Sam. On Bennett, don't think there's any point trying to hide that he hasn't had a good season, but equally I'm not at all convinced that he plays when we have anything like a fully fit squad.

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