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  1. Admiral Nelsen

    Stoke vs Rovers MOTM Poll

    Not saying he was MoTM given the Bennett/Graham/Dack contributions, but pleased to see Smallwood get recognition. Time will tell if Reed takes his spot, but his performances against the on paper better sides (Brentford, Derby, Stoke - didn't see the Villa game) show that he clearly has the game to contribute to a winning side at this level.
  2. Admiral Nelsen

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Close to my team. I'd be inclined to play Armstrong in front of Davenport (Armstrong on the wing with Travis in the middle) and possibly carry on with Williams in the middle with Lenihan getting a rest.
  3. Admiral Nelsen

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    One of those rare occasions when resting a few of our top players might even be the best plan of winning the game. Hopefuly start with a front 4 of: Rothwell Palmer Armstrong Brereton. Assume that we'll be looking to hit them on the break, and there are bags and bags of pace in that team.
  4. Admiral Nelsen

    Championship 2018-19

    I do, almost expect us to to be honest. Saying that, flirt is the right word. 7th-10h would be my guess going of what we've seen.
  5. Admiral Nelsen

    Bogey grounds

    My first game was a home loss to Coventry. Sherwood scored after what seemed like 30 seconds, but they came back to win 2-1. Must have seen us play them at least 6 times since in league & cup. Haven't won a single one, easily the biggest club that I've never seen us beat.
  6. Admiral Nelsen


    On paper that's a ridiculous team at this level, but I suppose so was ours in our relegation season and look how that turned out. We've drawn too many this season, but as with Derby you'd have to say an away point would be a good one here. I'll think we'll get it too. 2-2
  7. Admiral Nelsen

    Joe Rothwell

    Seeing as Bennett was rested midweek, I think it looks likely that he'll be on one wing at that'll probably be at the expense of Rothwell, but let's see. Interesting to see Mowbray talk him up in a way that he hasn't really done with that many other attacking players, so clearly he's well in his thoughts for starting games, even if tomorrow isn't one of them.
  8. Admiral Nelsen

    Meanwhile over at Deepdale....

    Have to admit I was taken slightly aback by how much resentment there was towards Rovers from PNE when we found ourselves in the same division again. Suppose it'd be less of a shock for those Rovers fans who actually live over that way, but I always saw them as a benevolent little brother more than anything else, quite wanted them to succeed in truth. Anyway, I love the recurring arguments they give about how massive they would be if they were in the top flight, or how we'd have dwindled in to obscurity if Jack hadn't have stepped in. Both dubious in any case, but even if they were true it's a bizarre way of thinking. It's like saying If Man United sacked Ferguson and got some no mark to replace them, they could well have drifted into being another Aston Villa. Fine, but they didn't, and now they're one of the world's biggest clubs. PNE would get sell outs every week if they were in the top flight. Fine, but they haven't been in the top flight since Adam was a lad, so they don't.
  9. Admiral Nelsen

    Bradley Dack

    Seem to remember (though I could easily be wrong) that paperwork needs to be submitted to governing bodies with evidence that it was completed prior to 5. Maybe medicals can wait, until after then if the club chooses to waive it. There was an issue about this last year with Leicester & Adrien Silva (once almost of this parish, unless I'm getting him confused with someone else). https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/adrien-silva-relieved-finally-complete-11779732
  10. Admiral Nelsen

    Bradley Dack

    Hopefully, but you'd assume that we've already got something agreed in principle if so. Half an hour isn't a lot to get something like this signed off otherwise!
  11. Admiral Nelsen

    Bradley Dack

    More than 15 million dollars
  12. Admiral Nelsen

    Loan Window

    Sale of the effing century
  13. Admiral Nelsen

    Loan Window

    To be fair, they don't have the luxury of time to play around with. Either we accept an offer in the next hour or so or he stays. No point in messing around with derisory offers like they did yesterday (which was the real strange one)
  14. Admiral Nelsen

    Loan Window

    Usually I wouldn't go in for stuff like that. But if their first bid, 24 hours before the deadline was as little as £7million all in, then it genuinely sounds like they either haven't done their homework on what would realistically get accepted, or they're not expecting the bit to be accepted. Might be an improved offer, but unless it has AT LEAST doubled, then the conversation doesn't even begin.
  15. Admiral Nelsen

    Loan Window

    As much as Chapman would be fantastic, I don't think we're necessarily crying out for another body in that area unless they're of a really high calibre. Bearing that in mind, I'd be happy for us to focus on Chapman right up until the deadline if possible. If it doesn't come off, c'est la vie.

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