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  1. " In fact, if you've got a moment, it's a 12 story Crisis, with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24 hour porterage and an enormous sign on the roof saying " This is a large crisis " ! A large crisis calls for a large plan ! Get me 2 pencils and a pair of underpants.. " Very much enjoying your columns, " Herbie6590 ", I'm sure the 1970's English Department at your " alma mata " would be purring in approval !!
  2. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    Claret, in peace as ever, The VAR system needs resetting, as it's got off to a bad start ... as was seen in the Rugby, who've had it for years, the control should remain with the on-field official .. It should be as follows .... goal is scored, if Referee has any doubt, he calls for VAR ( ie: handball, offside or foul in the build-up ). His mike goes on. He says " On-field decision is a goal, is there a clear and obvious reason why it shouldn't be awarded ? " VAR official plays back the best replays he has on a big screen or pitch-side monitor, with his opinion. Final decision left to the Referee, which he then explains " on mike ", ideally to both Captains. In addition, should the VAR official suspect anything " clear & obvious " to rule out a goal, he should bring it immediately to the Ref's attention. Offside should be chest in front, rather than one foot .... think in terms of a 100 metres finish, in which the upper torso counts when deciding a winner ...
  3. sympatheticclaret

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    In peace, as ever ... It's very difficult to judge players from across the generations ... but you can only view them against their peers, and the game as it was then. How good would Matthews, Finney, Douglas and McIlroy be today with modern preparation, better medical treatment, lighter kit & balls, the protection from bad fouls, and playing on pitches that they would regard as " bowling greens " in comparison to what they played on after November each year ? I enjoy reading about the games' history .... A lot has been posted about Tom Finney, who I had the privilege of meeting a couple of times, and Brian Douglas ( understandably feted on this Forum ) . Jimmy McIlroy, who passed away just over a year ago, was a gentle modest man, who received accolades late on in his life, ( MBE, Freedom of the Borough, National Football Hall of Fame and a stand named after him ) . He always said these were not just for him, but for " my lovely lads I played with ", particularly the title winning side of 1959-60. In his last auto-biography, Stan Matthews said of Ilroy, " Some players could make the ball talk, McIlroy could make it recite Shakespeare " ! Stan Mortenson was always sanguine when his FA Cup final hat-trick was often overlooked when the 1953 final became known as the " Matthews final " . He would often joke that ," When I eventually pop my clogs, they'll probably call it the " Matthews funeral " !
  4. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    ...and I agree with both of you ... instead of Ref's being told what to stick to or change by someone far removed from the action, he/she should be looking at a pitch-side screen, and making the decision themselves, thus preserving their match authority ....
  5. Enjoyed the read, albeit through gritted teeth, given the two wins Herbie6590 was writing about, particularly enjoyed " two up, semi detached, in need of some attention " ! 😁 Mr Longstaff would have been proud of you !
  6. sympatheticclaret

    Hull (A)

    Mr Groscicki was on the verge of signing for us, prior to signing for Hull. Allegedly, we were asked by his agent to clear gambling debts of c. £400k as part of the transfer arrangements, which we declined to do ....
  7. sympatheticclaret

    Bolton Wanderers Unpaid Staff Need Food bank.

    It was reported she'd resigned a few days ago, she was part of the fixtures and fittings at Gigg Lane ....
  8. I've just put 2+2 together and hope I haven't made 5 .... Would Herbie6590 have attended a well known Blackburn school c.1975-82, having, at that time, a shock of blonde hair, and a penchant for blue/white scarves ? Would our correspondent recognise the names Paul Cocker, John Aspin, Gaz Bailey, Chris Rawson , Alastair Newman and Greg Starks ?? Just wondering ...
  9. sympatheticclaret

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    I think you'll find it's largely to cover the day to day expenses of running the Club, sadly ... the last published accounts to March 2018, show operational losses of £15.2m, that equated to £292,000 per week .... The TV money for the Championship is much more than in that season, but even so, Venky's have pumped in £17,675,000 in 2019 alone ....
  10. sympatheticclaret


    That's not entirely what I meant ... The first couple of generations of the south east Asian immigrants ( India, Pakistan etc ) will have come to Britain, when it was a very different place to what it is now. The atmosphere at Football grounds would have reflected that in terms of intolerant views, just ask black players such as Clyde Best, John Barnes. What was then a common occurrence, is now quite rare. It's rightly called out, condemned and acted upon. Some of the older generation will still hold the view that Football grounds are not places where Asian's are welcome, and may permeate down through the generations.The game, and society, has moved on tremendously, and the work that Rovers, and Burnley, do in the schools will pay dividends in time, but time is what it will take. I don't think we need to go down the road of faith rooms, but I'd love to see a Food kiosk, having Halal sandwiches or pies as an option, for example. I know Ewood Park, like Turf Moor host large weddings on occasion, for the Asian heritage community. It would be great to see more of them visit the grounds for their primary purpose, that is to watch the football.
  11. sympatheticclaret


    In peace, Regrettably, I think some in the Asian community still have the mindset that a football ground isn't a welcoming place for them. This would almost certainly have been true with some of the attitudes that prevailed from the 1950's up to fairly recently, and perhaps it's been handed down the generations .... it will change but it will take time ...
  12. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    I don't mind waiting a bit longer though .... et tu longsiders 1882 ?? 😉
  13. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    Rochdale still viewing us as " local rivals " I see .... 🙄
  14. sympatheticclaret

    The German model

    Excellent idea ..... when you've found 400 Rover's fans to chip in £800 a week to fund the current losses, and that's without signing new players and maintaining the Ground ..... If that rule had been around in the early 1990's, what would the admission price have been, to redevelop Ewood Park, sign Shearer et al. and everything else without Jack Walker's contribution ? Just saying ...
  15. sympatheticclaret

    Championship 2018-19

    At a time when much of the Country is divided on a major political issue, and notwithstanding our different footballing loyalties, it's lovely to be able to post on an issue that brings so many people together, at this difficult time ..... I think this gentleman sums up many of our feelings this evening ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4uivPpzCGo 😂😂😂😂

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