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  1. sympatheticclaret


    I suspect you're correct , Ian My view is that the Venkys were right royally taken advantage of, by unscrupulous parties, in the early days of their ownership of BRUFC.... I've been slated on here lately for glorying in Rover's decline, whereas that is untrue. From my very first post, I expressed a desire that Rovers should be back in the hands of local owners, much as Burnley have been, who have a handle on public opinion and can build the Club up. Ideally, Venkys should have left these matters to a trusted local management team and written the cheques accordingly. Nothing would please me more than to see BFC, BRFC & PNE all in the Premier League together, with Brighton and Bournmouth back in the lower leagues.... Unfortunately, some on here are about as conversant with a set of accounts as I am with the intricacies of Ball Room dancing ! The truth is that the Venkys have funded the Club to the tune of over £20m over the last 14 months, which has allowed them to regain their Championship status !
  2. sympatheticclaret


    Player's Wages, Agent's Fees & Managerial Pay-Offs........simples !!
  3. sympatheticclaret


    The debt is the amount that Venkys London Ltd " owe " the Parent Company based in India, due to their " investment " or purchase of Shares.... hence the debt showing as " Called up Share Capital " .... this in addition to any Bank debt, Loans, etc in the Accounts... Like Bolton's debt funded by Eddie Davis, and Wigan's funded by Dave Whelan, it isn't a big problem if the Venkys don't want it back and and are prepared to invest more. Once the funding tap is turned off, as Davis did, then problems mount up very quickly....
  4. sympatheticclaret


    The debt is going up because Venkys are issuing more shares in Venkys London Limited , and buying them through their associated Indian Registered Company, Venkateshwera Hatcheries Pvt Ltd . The money raised from share issues is going to support the everyday running of the Football Club, and shows in the accounts as " Called up Share Capital ". It's highly improbable that the Bank of India would invest in Venkys London Ltd on their own account... I suspect Venkys have invested somewhere north of £130m in Blackburn Rovers, in the years since they took control ....
  5. sympatheticclaret


    No, just paying the wages and keeping the Gas and Electric on ... IMHO.... Venkys would need to agree to £60m over the next 12 months ( Transfer Budget & Wages ) to give you half a chance of a Play-Off spot, given the Clubs joining from relegation and the Clubs already there ...
  6. sympatheticclaret


  7. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    I do worry about you Stuart, you seem to be related to " Comical Ali ", the former Iraqi Minister of Information... I appreciate your concern about the state of our humble home, and our attendances, we'll try our best to carry on !!
  8. sympatheticclaret


    But they've put in over £20.5m in the last 14 months .....
  9. sympatheticclaret


    No, my friend.....anyway, they're at the Central Library not the Town Hall !! I see you're not arguing with the figures though ? An effective subsidy to cover operating losses of £ 400, 000 p.w. on conservative estimates...
  10. sympatheticclaret


    " Venky's already picking up £ 2m deficit as a L1 club.. " I think you mean £ 20, 772, 156 , which is what they've issued by way of further shares in the 14 months since January 2017 ...
  11. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    I'm more than aware it's only Europa League qualifying, Stuart, but the very best of luck to you all in Division Two !! As I've said before, if we can lose to Accrington and Lincoln in early Cup rounds, then we can do it in Europe too ! I fear we both may have had a few disappointments by the time Santa visits in late December !! 😉
  12. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    I think the former Soviet States are used to dealing with groups of Englishmen embarrassing themselves & their Country on big European nights.... https://uk.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=adk&hsimp=yhs-adk_sbnt&param2=8c4fb381-4047-4490-aa58-66977fd9d051&param3=email_100.3~GB~appfocus1&param4=d-lp0-bb8~Firefox~batty+and+lesaux+fighting~D41D8CD98F00B204E9800998ECF8427E&param1=20180201&p=batty+and+lesaux+fighting&type=em_appfocus1_ff 😂😂
  13. sympatheticclaret

    Guardian Article today....

    Can't see this referenced elsewhere.....an interesting read, some of the Comments gave me a laugh... https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2018/may/01/blackburn-rovers-tony-mowbray-india-puzzle-venkys Enjoy !
  14. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    It's actually 3 two leg Qualifying rounds until we're potentially in the 32 Team Group Stage..... Given our propensity to lose in early Cup rounds, EFL to Accrington & FA Cup to Lincoln last season, I'm not counting my Chickens just yet...
  15. sympatheticclaret

    The Big Picture.....

    After following the Clarets through the Divisions since my first game in August 1975, I thought I was the ultimate " It ain't over, til it's over " merchant, Tomphil ! I think with a 5 point lead, superior goal difference, Shrewsbury imploding and only 4 games to go, you'll be fine !!

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