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  1. sympatheticclaret

    Championship 2018-19

    I would suspect around £150m - £180m, but relegation would obviously impact severely on that figure...although we are debt free .. I would doubt Watford and Bournemouth would be worth that much more, Bournemouth especially in view of their Ground and their proposals to move to a new Stadium. I can see the case for Villa & Leeds being move valuable in view of their potential, though. Mike Ashley turned down a bid of £250m for Newcastle last December, holding out for between £300m - £350m, if you believe Press reports ... As for Rovers, it would depend on how much of the £152,250,000 that Venkys have put into the Club they were prepared to write off .... without that happening, there's no likelihood of a change in ownership any time soon, I suspect ! 🙄🙄
  2. sympatheticclaret

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    What with missing this mid-week game, and with the International break in three weeks time, it could be a great time for young Bradley to break the back of his Community Service order ...... just a suggestion ! 😉
  3. sympatheticclaret

    Burnley in bother.

    The " Match Day Heroes " idea was an absolute own-goal worthy of Shane Duffy ! Whoever thought up that hare brained idea for a wealthy Premier League Club to try to obtain free matchday Labour from 30 people in a generally low-wage town needs their bumps felt ! As for our form, ask me in 5 games time ! I said before a ball was kicked I thought Cardiff & Huddersfield would struggle, and they would go down with one other. We just don't want to be the " one other ". Getting Defour and Brady fit and playing will be crucial to an upturn in form, I fancy .....
  4. sympatheticclaret

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    Seeing as you asked, the International break can't come quickly enough as far as I'm concerned .... get the injured players 10 days nearer being fit, reset the season and go again .... Man Utd is a shot for nothing, as far as I'm concerned. I'm relaxed for the moment about this season, as I think Cardiff, Huddersfield and one other will fill the relegation spots.. just hope we're not the " one other " !! Very encouraging start from your lot, and turning down £5m+ for Dack shows at least some intent...
  5. sympatheticclaret

    Jimmy McIlroy

    There's a few tears being shed over here .... it was widely known that he'd been unwell, but it's still very sad news !! He was our Ronnie Clayton or Bryan Douglas, if you will, and as a previous poster said, a thoroughly nice man ! RIP Jimmy !! 😢
  6. sympatheticclaret

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    May be true, Stuart ! Those of us who were around for the Orient game in 87 are still pinching ourselves that we're in the top flight, as some never thought we'd live to see the day !! As for the younger/newer fans, they'll need to develop a sense of perspective if they think that top half of the Premier League is the " norm " ! Objectively, given the town's size, and notwithstanding football hotbed, the history etc.. we should probably be mid-table Championship !!
  7. sympatheticclaret

    Burnley pub renamed after Sean Dyche

    You were doing well until you got to Rovers on your list ......
  8. sympatheticclaret

    Where are Rovers old grounds?

    Sounds plausible, thanks for that ....
  9. sympatheticclaret

    Where are Rovers old grounds?

    Claret fan in peace as ever... Interesting to see the name Gawthorpe over Alexandra Meadows area, anybody know why this might be the case ?
  10. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    Funny as owt, mate !! I'm nicking this for our Board !! All credit to you !!
  11. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    Don't worry, Matty, a good few of us find it rather funny too !! 😀
  12. sympatheticclaret


    I suspect you're correct , Ian My view is that the Venkys were right royally taken advantage of, by unscrupulous parties, in the early days of their ownership of BRUFC.... I've been slated on here lately for glorying in Rover's decline, whereas that is untrue. From my very first post, I expressed a desire that Rovers should be back in the hands of local owners, much as Burnley have been, who have a handle on public opinion and can build the Club up. Ideally, Venkys should have left these matters to a trusted local management team and written the cheques accordingly. Nothing would please me more than to see BFC, BRFC & PNE all in the Premier League together, with Brighton and Bournmouth back in the lower leagues.... Unfortunately, some on here are about as conversant with a set of accounts as I am with the intricacies of Ball Room dancing ! The truth is that the Venkys have funded the Club to the tune of over £20m over the last 14 months, which has allowed them to regain their Championship status !
  13. sympatheticclaret


    Player's Wages, Agent's Fees & Managerial Pay-Offs........simples !!
  14. sympatheticclaret


    The debt is the amount that Venkys London Ltd " owe " the Parent Company based in India, due to their " investment " or purchase of Shares.... hence the debt showing as " Called up Share Capital " .... this in addition to any Bank debt, Loans, etc in the Accounts... Like Bolton's debt funded by Eddie Davis, and Wigan's funded by Dave Whelan, it isn't a big problem if the Venkys don't want it back and and are prepared to invest more. Once the funding tap is turned off, as Davis did, then problems mount up very quickly....
  15. sympatheticclaret


    The debt is going up because Venkys are issuing more shares in Venkys London Limited , and buying them through their associated Indian Registered Company, Venkateshwera Hatcheries Pvt Ltd . The money raised from share issues is going to support the everyday running of the Football Club, and shows in the accounts as " Called up Share Capital ". It's highly improbable that the Bank of India would invest in Venkys London Ltd on their own account... I suspect Venkys have invested somewhere north of £130m in Blackburn Rovers, in the years since they took control ....

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