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  1. sympatheticclaret

    Premier League Stuff

    Rochdale still viewing us as " local rivals " I see .... 🙄
  2. sympatheticclaret

    The German model

    Excellent idea ..... when you've found 400 Rover's fans to chip in £800 a week to fund the current losses, and that's without signing new players and maintaining the Ground ..... If that rule had been around in the early 1990's, what would the admission price have been, to redevelop Ewood Park, sign Shearer et al. and everything else without Jack Walker's contribution ? Just saying ...
  3. sympatheticclaret

    Championship 2018-19

    At a time when much of the Country is divided on a major political issue, and notwithstanding our different footballing loyalties, it's lovely to be able to post on an issue that brings so many people together, at this difficult time ..... I think this gentleman sums up many of our feelings this evening ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4uivPpzCGo 😂😂😂😂
  4. sympatheticclaret

    Early FA Cups to be reclassified ...

    The " article " only took be 15 minutes to type, including " thinking time " .... typing's a lot quicker when you have sIx fingers on each hand ! 😎
  5. sympatheticclaret

    Early FA Cups to be reclassified ...

    Rather uncalled for, I think ? 😄 In a previous life, I'd like to think I worked for S.O.E. , writing fake army orders, leading the Nazi's to think that the D-Day landings were going to be at the " Pas de Calais ", rather than Normandy ! Have a great close season, one and all !!
  6. sympatheticclaret

    Early FA Cups to be reclassified ...

    What a perceptive comment !! Absolutely was the inspiration, knocked it up yesterday to wind up a " Practical Joker " Rovers supporting mate of mine, who fell for it, hook, line and sinker !! Just thought it deserved a wider audience !! In peace, as ever !!
  7. sympatheticclaret

    Early FA Cups to be reclassified ...

    You could do that, but it was Torquay who finished 91st in the Football League that season ....... 😊
  8. sympatheticclaret


    Talking of Ambassadors ...... About this pint, are you a lager or bitter man ? 🤔
  9. An Exclusive reported on-line on the " Independent's " website .... " The Football Association and the Football League have backed a proposal from The National Association of Football Statisticians to downgrade the first 22 years of the FA Cup, to the equivilant of the FA Amateur Cup which commenced in 1893-94, and ran until the 1973-74 season. The years affected run from 1872 to 1893, and the winners of the Cup for those years will not be permitted to claim these successes as FA Cup wins on their official Club websites or publications. Explaining the reasoning, N.A.F.S. Secretary, Dr John Hickson said " Any objective analysis of the early years of the " FA Cup " reveals a large number of " byes ", " walkovers " and hugely one-sided results, and in the modern age, we no longer feel it appropriate that these early incarnations of the greatest Club knockout Cup should be classed as true F.A. Cup Competitions ". He added, " The dominance of Public School Old Boys and Military Clubs in the early years, as well as mis-matches with the early Professional Clubs coming up against "true amateur " sides, does not sit well in the modern professional age ". An FA spokesman endorsed the decision, which is expected to be passed unopposed at next month's FA Council meeting, where the renaming of the Football Association, as the " English Football Association " is also expected to gain approval . Some of the affected downgrading concern Clubs no longer in existance, such as Wanderers, Royal Engineers and Clapton Rovers. David Singleton, West Bromwich Albion's head of media relations said, " We accept this decision with some reluctance, but understand the reasoning behind it " . West Bromwich Albion will no longer be able to claim their 1888 & 1892 victories on their official " Roll of Honour" . Aston Villa, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Preston North End are also affected losing one victory each, but the Club most affected is Championship side Blackburn Rovers who will have 5 of their FA Cup wins effectively deleted from the history books. No one at Blackburn Rovers was available for comment, although a source inside the Club said " they were studying the implications of the decision closely, and a statement is expected to be issued in due course ".
  10. sympatheticclaret


    Very true, although I'm not sure what that says about a team that finished 15th in the League below, though ! 😘
  11. sympatheticclaret

    Lancashire Senior Cup Final. Rovers v That Lot

    I think you're thinking of the wrong game, John Mullin, who went on to play for Sunderland led the line for us ..... I must try to find the score ....
  12. sympatheticclaret

    Lancashire Senior Cup Final. Rovers v That Lot

    There was a Lancashire FA youth Cup semi-final played at Turf Moor about 25 years ago, and about 9,000 turned up I seem to remember ..... can't recall the score, though ...
  13. sympatheticclaret


    He has .... He was working up here whilst his mother was suffering a terminal illness and she passed away in the March of 2012, before he left in early October of the same year. Bournemouth wanted him back, having sacked Paul Groves, and a " mutual agreement " was reached, with Bournemouth paying a compensation payment to release Eddie Howe from his contract. From what I understand, it was conducted sensitively and all parties behaved honorably. It's certainly worked out for both Eddie Howe and Bournemouth, and also for Sean Dyche and the Clarets !!
  14. sympatheticclaret

    Following your team from afar ...

    Now that's devotion to the cause .... and an understanding spouse, I fancy !!
  15. sympatheticclaret


    Tee-Hee ! 😎

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