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  1. Tony Rover


    Still unbeaten 😃
  2. Tony Rover

    World Cup 2018

    Agreed, and I’m hoping Brazil get knocked out! If VAR is going to be used then do it right.
  3. Tony Rover

    Oxford Utd at home

    Nail on the head for me. Shame about the first pitch invasion as Rovers were on attack! It was always going to happen just a shame some people couldn’t wait until the final whistle. Had a great day anyway, my daughter saw her first game with me and her brother, was great to see so many families at Ewood.
  4. Tony Rover


    First in two seasons time. Not that I think either will happen but I wouldn’t fancy getting annihilated in the prem the season after! The club needs to rebuild, as long as Venkys play ball or bugger off and leave Rovers in good hands then I think we’re not too far off how Southampton were. Fantastic youth set up ‘Jack’s legacy’ one they haven’t messed up just yet. We’re Blackburn Rovers we’re on our way back!
  5. Tony Rover


    Cook is a bell end! Apart from the odd over enthusiastic Rovers supporter, I can’t remember anything in the slightest coming from the club to suggest we had promotion/title wrapped up. One thing Tony Mowbray has done besides getting us back up in the first time of asking, restore some pride and self respect in the club. The man is a gentleman. Even if we finish second, I’d rather have TM in charge than that idiot Cook!
  6. Tony Rover

    Charlton away April 28th

    Just done the same!
  7. Tony Rover

    Whats your highlight of the season 2017/18

    Rovers at home to Shrewsbury! Ripped them apart in such a big game, if the result had been reversed then just think about that. Thought Bennett & Smallwood were superb in the middle that day.
  8. Tony Rover


    Not always the case, just look at Millwall and Sheffield Utd. Lets just concentrate on getting out of this league which will hopefully be tomorrow night! If we’re in the championship next season which I firmly believe we will, I think we’ll more than hold our own.
  9. Tony Rover

    MK Dons (away) Easter Monday

    Just looking from the highlights I would agree, unfortunately some of his distribution was bloody awful. Really put us under some unnecessary pressure, we would of been punished by a better team.
  10. Tony Rover

    Bradford City (home)

    Best game from him in a long time, would even go as far as to say man of the match for me.
  11. Tony Rover

    Bradford City (home)

    Fantastic! Slightly more relaxed now. Conway looks in good shape.
  12. Tony Rover

    Bradford City (home)

    Thank fu*k for that!
  13. Tony Rover


    Exactly how we have to look at it. Would of loved to have beaten Gillingham, kept the pressure on but it was taken out of our hands. All Rovers have to do is worry about ourselves and we’ll be up.
  14. Tony Rover


    With a bit of luck hopefully Wigan will still get to Wembley this season😃
  15. Tony Rover

    Rovers v Wigan

    Feel sick at the end of watching that. Felt we were the better team but we’ve shot ourselves in the foot again. Feels like a defeat...

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