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  1. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Totally see where you’re coming from, Best was a @#/? though... even at the end of the season he will be cheaper than that @#/?!
  2. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Leon Best is a @#/? lets just get that one out there. Samuel definitely needs to up his game but comparing him to Best is hard on the lad.
  3. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Lad’s definitely not a Leon Best, he’s having a poor run of form. Hoping he’ll come good again, didn’t start off too bad if you remember.
  4. what next? top 2 or play off?

    Agreed! Has to be top two, playoffs will be too much i fear. Plymouth would be one to watch especially seeing how easy they dealt with us, wouldn’t want to go back to that ground, was depressing enough last time. Raya definitely needs to learn a bit more about his positional play, lets himself and Rovers down big time with it.
  5. Automatic promotion

    Yes Wigan is the big one, Bradford will be interesting with Grayson there. Other one being Bury, always seem to drop points to teams near the bottom half.
  6. Automatic promotion

    The three games on sky are looking pretty big coming up. Let’s cut it down to basics, we need to tighten up if we’re to be promoted. Slipping into the playoffs at min, shining light is Chapman in that situation...
  7. Rovers v Oldham

    Well hopefully Chapmans ready to shoot us out of the playoffs. Might of salvaged a point today but we’re not where it matters.
  8. Rovers v Oldham

    I actually had Plymouth to win against Shrewsbury after seeing them last week. Was Doncaster in the 94th bloody minute that undone me 😭
  9. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Agreed about the @#/? we have as ‘owners’ they have ripped the heart out of this club. We do have to be realistic though, if we don’t go up this season then we’ll be truly stuffed.
  10. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    could have paid on the turnstile... do not care about ex players scoring. I went and this game disheartened the @#/? out of me.
  11. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Sorry to say chaddy but we won’t be getting promotion with too many of them performances. Everyone has the off day but unfortunately for us Wigan and Shrewsbury have less of them. Playoffs worry me big time...
  12. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Will have to disagree on a few things there. Raya was poor, caught out of position a few times and his distribution was poor. Bell probably looked like he had the most to offer but overall a very poor performance, second half was no improvement. Ref was middle of the road. Freezed my bloody arse off as well!
  13. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Going to need a bloody good half time team talk now, 2nil down to Plymouth!
  14. Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Bit of a slow start, can see us conceding a goal. Hopefully we get two in first!