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  1. Tony Rover

    Damien Johnson Promoted

    This is the first thing I’ve felt like posting about for a while, fantastic move imo. Hoping to see a good few moved up to the first team now. Definitely could be a future manager for us as well.
  2. Just drowning in Guinness, but that could be on a winning day too...
  3. Well that was a pile of wank. We had the spell where Bristol should of been punished. Pretty much all the second half we wasn’t at the races. Hopefully this international break brings Dack back firing all guns. Was going to lose one at some point but this is us at our weakest, too many people coming back and new faces being added, new to the system. Let’s see how we kick on after the international break.
  4. Tony Rover

    Loan Window

    Only post when I feel I’ve got something to add but I’m buzzing about being a Rover currently! Unbeaten with a weakened side which has been strengthened recently. So grateful for having TM at our club, bloke is full of class and there would be no chance of this happening without him. So impressed with this window and how we’ve started that I’ll throw my hat in and say playoffs... maybe a bit strong but there is such a good feeling around this club at the moment that I can’t help myself! What’s going to happen with a fully fit Dack 😀 Mulgrew at the back and Dack in attack, we’re Blackburn Rovers AND WE’RE ON OUR WAY BACK!
  5. Tony Rover

    Match Thread Topics

    Anything to give us an edge! Although if we don’t get some bodies back before the game then can’t say I’m looking forward to it.
  6. Tony Rover


    Still unbeaten 😃
  7. Tony Rover

    World Cup 2018

    Agreed, and I’m hoping Brazil get knocked out! If VAR is going to be used then do it right.
  8. I'm being told if you have a bet365 account then you can watch the game that way.
  9. Tony Rover

    Carabao Cup

    Couldn't care less about this comp considering the state we're in but a win is most welcomed. The team needs to gel and this will go towards that. No point in moaning about any aspect tonight, we did what needed to be done, on to Saturday now.
  10. Tony Rover

    Carabao Cup

    Bang on the money there blueboy IMO. We haven't got off to the start we would all want but let's give this team a little time to gel. Come Xmas if it's not working then that would be the time to change.
  11. Tony Rover

    Barry Ferguson skint

    The higher up you go the more it becomes corrupt...
  12. Tony Rover

    Premier League Stuff

    Intersting how others draw conclusions. A couple of things made me chuckle. Don't bother with the comments section although one did grab my attention, one fella seemed to appreciate our rise under uncle Jack. His opinion changed when he came across fans slagging off King Kenny on this web site apparently, going back a bit but is there any truth in this anyone?
  13. Tony Rover

    Smallwood signs

    Wow, unnatural ascension! There was nothing unnatural about a man wanting his club to succeed and being in a position to help us do it. I would suggest you go back a bit further than 1991 and find out a bit about one of the founding members of the football league.
  14. Tony Rover

    Smallwood signs

    Why are you so concerned with them lot?? I can look at where they are now and respect how they've done it, they're a well run club but that use to be us! I'm saying Venkys should be paying to put their mistakes right, fat chance I know. Because of how low they have taken us it's going to take big investment, otherwise we're just going to stagnate even further. How do you see us climbing out of this league or are you one of these that thinks we're back at our level?
  15. Tony Rover

    Smallwood signs

    They've took us down this low that now they could theoretically put in whatever they want, seeing as we're not restricted by the same FFP rules as in the championship. So yes we should be spending well above our means and blow everyone else out of the water. Money might not buy you success in the leagues above but the lower down you go it makes one hell of a difference.

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