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  1. HowieFive0

    World Cup 2018

    But good to watch ..! Just dont want too many groups decided before the third games .
  2. Think things will happen a little later with TM out at the World Cup for at least ten days scouting ... And if you believe that you ll believe anything ..☺️
  3. HowieFive0

    World Cup 2018

    Im glad it wasnt only me Silas ..i had Saudis to beat Russia ..my betting fund will be empty in a weeks time !
  4. We didnt make our first signing last summer til mid June..time yet .As for a signing influencing Season ticket sales ..i dont really think so!
  5. HowieFive0

    World Cup 2018

    as long as its only your flag ..
  6. ...or we ve actual got money to spend ..(can afford giving Conway a new probably reduced one year deal)....a sudden influx of young players going to be added the squad ..an old disciplined head required to integrate the new players into the Blackburn Rovers way of thinking... show them squad etiquette of a winning disciplined happy squad to hopefully continue where we left off last season.? This is how we do it lads .. Continuity ?
  7. HowieFive0

    Championship 2018-19

  8. HowieFive0

    Championship 2018-19

  9. Spot on and im sure his contract will reflect that.
  10. And that works in Rovers favour if they do want him as a bit part experience player ..they can offer him less .
  11. Going off TMs comments about recruiting young up and coming talent into the squad ,keeping someone like Conway may not be a bad thing.He seems like a good professional,never seem to hear anything untoward regarding his life outside football and has Championship experience to pass down to the (hopefully) new young recruits that TM is aiming for . TM made it clear to Payne that he will be a bit part player at the club and im sure Conway will have been told the same and any new contract will be influenced by that fact. Im sure it will be a "Sorry Craig ..you aint gonna get much playing time but your presence here could be influential to the young squad so we re only offering you so much ..take it or leave it ". Really cant see Conway getting a more substantial deal if not probably a reduced deal ..the Club hold the cards not Conway.
  12. Yep ..and the subs too...some very strong squads in this league ..OUR league (sounds better !). Albeit Play off teams ..the championship is going to be a severe test

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