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  1. HowieFive0


    Less stewards required when they re up in the sky ? ..No need for stewards to be on pitch side when they re sat up in the heavens. As for making it look desolate raise your eyes slightly up or down a (depending where they are sat ) and it still looks desolate with 700 fans in an empty stand.
  2. HowieFive0

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Nah ...New Order - Crystal …….opening line …"We,re like crystal ….we break easy .." (cracking song too😎)
  3. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    Im pissed off with the result but cant comment on the performance because it sounds like the majority of the board(apart from those that were there and commented ..thank you ) had a stream and didn't share ..set of c....
  4. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    Well it wont be Nuttall..
  5. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

  6. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    Not seen it TRF ..thought with Stuart mentioning the keeper he d may have been at fault ..but all says a worldy from Cairney ..?
  7. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    At fault for the goal ?
  8. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    You got stream DE ?
  9. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    Don't give a f@ck as long as we win games ..
  10. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    😂 ...cheers Mark!!!!!!
  11. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    Hm ..remember a lot wanted him to start last week the and only difference in that defence was Lenihan. Lad has to start sooner or later ..
  12. HowieFive0

    Fulham Away

    Give the opposition a heads up ?

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