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  1. HowieFive0


    Cmon Paul lets not get silly. People just saying there are ways n means of getting the attendances up. Youre talking like you don't know the demographics of who and where Rovers fans come from ..something aimed at Waggott on many occasions ..im sure youre more switched on than that …?
  2. HowieFive0


    The one from Accy similar to Arbitros Darwen Fun Bus ..leaves Accy 1-45pm ..drops outside Ewood WMC and then leaves from the spare land in front of the Fox n Hounds (is that the same as behind the old Albion Pub ?) and back into Accrington before 5-30pm. Used it for well over 20 years and cant remember the last time I actually drove to Ewood on match day. And in "theory" the more people bussed in the quicker they are away with less cars being used ...
  3. HowieFive0


    I woudnt get carried away with Stanleys "average" home gate figure .When away teams are filling half the ground for Stanley that figure is certainly being bloated. A more accurate figure would simply be how many actual home fans do they attract.
  4. HowieFive0

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Word of the Day goes to Stuart ...Mjolnir ..the one and only time such word has been used as a footballing term ! (had to google it though lol)
  5. HowieFive0

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I just think the song got sung once or twice and had a uniqueness about it compared to our other songs that get sung and became a bit of a gimmicky song to sing especially away. Then became habit ! Not necessarily due to Smallwood actually being a phenomenol player. Decent in L1 ..out of his depth in the Championship. doesn't Amari Bell have a song too ..or am I dreaming it ?
  6. HowieFive0

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Sigh ..afraid so ..but you can soon see where tickets disappear so so wrong .
  7. HowieFive0

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Including all the" competition winners" 2-300 ? from 40 odd European countries for Global companies TV stations and sponsors .
  8. HowieFive0

    Champions League 2018-2019

    what I find even more staggering in 2019 and in a brand new purpose stadium that not only are the prices extortionate for a ticket but that some tickets are restricted views ??!
  9. HowieFive0

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Lets not just pin it all on English fans ..if Ajax had got there im damned sure Madrid would have had its hands full. Loads of trouble throughout the CL with fans at other clubs. In fact it could be a good thing two English clubs have got to the final probably a lot less chance of violence than if a foreign side had got there with the silly "We are England" nonsense. As for feeling sorry for the Madrid police really ? ..they ll be polishing their batons now ready for theway over the top policing and fan bashing that the Spanish are renowned for !
  10. HowieFive0

    Kits 19/20

    good spot !
  11. HowieFive0


    The problem that Accrington has is the fact that they ve been out of the picture for 30-40 odd years as a league club. They lost a whole generation fan wise. People at the time who weren't already Rovers/Burnley in the town suddenly had no team . For all those years after people went either Rovers or Burnley and their kids did/do the same. Football has always been a tribal thing when following a team and for Stanley to suddenly re appear and expect fans to suddenly come running back after following Rovers/Burnley was never going to happen and will probably take years for it to happen in the future. As a Rovers fan in Accrington id be very annoyed if Rovers didn't come and promote themselves in this area when its been well documented that a hell of a lot of Rovers fans come from Accrington and surrounding towns. Again upto the club to get to know its demographics of just where their fans are actually from and get promoting itself regardless of town or borough.
  12. HowieFive0

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Not sure id say he d got his "hammock out" at 47 pts but more maybe "found out" by the opposition that we d major defensive problems that TM was very reluctant to change (old guard etc etc ) Just as its easy to level that he was in his hammock in that 11 game disaster run you could argue he certainly wasn't in it when we upped our game/personnel to go and suddenly win 4 on the bounce .? Unless the opposition where then in their hammocks !
  13. HowieFive0

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    “Great credit to the fans for making the trips and hopefully they’ve enjoyed the season. “Next season, I hope they enjoy it even more, because we want to win more games and will be hopefully pushing for the top two or the play-offs in a year from now." TM. ... for all those questioning TMs ambitions for next season.
  14. HowieFive0

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    EFL Championship top teams - GW44 Pass accuracy 1 Blackburn Rovers 86% #Rovers 2 Norwich City 84% #NCFC 3 Aston Villa 83% #AVFC 4 Swansea 82% #Swans 5 Leeds United 80% #LUFC = Reading 80% #ReadingFC = Bolton Wanderers 80% #BWFC EFL Championship top teams – GW44 Completed passes 1 Norwich City 513 #NCFC 2 Blackburn Rovers 501 #Rovers 3 Swansea 469 #Swans 4 Leeds United 431 #LUFC 5 Hull City 391 #HCAFC 6 Aston Villa 383 #AVFC Off to a decent start albeit against a poor and obviously relegated Bolton. Onwards and upwards Tony !

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