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  1. HowieFive0

    Football League Suspended

    Belgium the first league to break ranks with UEFA .. ..Season cancelled ..Club Brugge crowned Champions ..no Relegation ..Two clubs promoted .
  2. HowieFive0


    Full game ..COYB!!!
  3. HowieFive0

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    This was the team v Darwen .Woolfall the keeper (a relative of mine) was also a relative of Daniel Burley Woolfall who im sure some will know as being the only English FIFA President to date. Both came and lived in Blackburn. The next FIFA President was a certain Jules Rimet .. who im sure you ve all heard of! https://www.fifa.com/who-we-are/the-president/daniel-burley-woolfall/
  4. HowieFive0

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    A bit more info regarding Rovers ..Darwen and Suter
  5. HowieFive0

    Premier League Stuff

    Dont forget Sky TVs influence in all this .They pay PL clubs wages ..no football no product to sell . Watching Sky Sports on Friday the shock on the presenters faces as it was announced football and the Sri Lanka cricket tour was to be cancelled was there for all to see. No matter how many times they said its the public that comes first the cogs were turning just what financial implications this will have for Sky and televised sport in general. No live Sports events throughout summer ..customers cancelling subscriptions ..Sky will be getting very itchy feet over this and will probably have a major say in how this problem is going to be sorted.
  6. HowieFive0

    Premier League Stuff

    IF they re going to presume that both WBA and Leeds would have gained promotion then they d have to presume that the bottom three would go down! Teams still had chance to catch WBA and Leeds just like the bottom three would say they still had a chance to get out of the bottom three? Do the four teams in the play off spots get chance to play out Semi/Final ? Strong argument if they re going to promote WBA/Leeds. And do the same rules apply across all the Leagues?? Null and void (unfortunately) takes away all the arguments ..an anomaly of a season!
  7. HowieFive0

    Leeds April 3rd.

    I seriously hope that they ve not cooked and bought 7700 pies three weeks in advance ..
  8. And for reasons like this ..not just at Rovers but every club from top to bottom a decision has to be made and end the season as planned . Write this season off ..hopefully ..hopefully start again around August . Start again as the leagues are .
  9. Completely agree. Europe/Rest of World are banning all events and shutting down borders yet we re doing the complete opposite. Someones got it right and someones got it wrong ..and unless we have information different to what the rest of the world have I cant for the life of me think why we ve not followed suit. When money orientated sport organisations are making decisions off their own bat to cancel events you have to think ..hang on ... My wife and daughter both work in the NHS and to its credit both say that the hospitals are quite relaxed at the moment but put that down to the fact its their everyday work in dealing with situations of life and death on a daily basis.
  10. HowieFive0

    Premier League Stuff

    I think if the season is cancelled then there would have to be no promotion/relegation. The legal battles that would ensue for teams who are relegated with games to play would probably cripple the game once and for all and would go on for months ensuring next seasons campaigns would never ever get started!
  11. Email today off finance company saying all paid up.. last payment taken ..presume everybody else will have too.
  12. Exactly ..five or six teams doing their best not to break into the top six . one team will click ..hopefully us ..but the longer the opportunity is there the better.
  13. Not saying anything new ..but again ..last ten games someone comes from nowhere As its been quoted on here that Rovers don't wanna/cant secure at top six position(possibly only sixth now) ..theres another five or six teams doing exactly the same. We aint on own ..
  14. Yet ...all the other teams who ve slipped up are thinking exactly the same ..yet all still in it . All to play for .
  15. Yes we need to win but as for no excuses you ve thrown a good excuse in there that Derby have a good home record .!!!

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