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  1. Why are Oldham fans getting involved.
  2. I'm sure Bowyer confirmed it in an interview as well.
  3. Sam Winnall did his cruciate ligament in Feb and is still a few months away from fitness.
  4. Ha no problem i thought it had too until i saw it mentioned on twitter a few weeks ago so i checked as well.
  5. Think we have a clause that nets us something when jones plays 10 competitive games for england had you told me we would still be waiting on that in 2018 when we sold him i would have said you were insane. Also i think we agreed a fee with Bournemouth for King so there may not be a sell on.
  6. Boro are after Matt Ritchie for 15m as well.
  7. Do we not have a years option on Graham we can trigger if needed.
  8. Beanie01289

    Championship 2018-19

    Not having a go a Hurst the job he did at Shrewsbury was fantastic but the Ipswich fans who hounded MM out for his style of football might not get the free flowing football they were after.
  9. Lets get back on topic we have no reason to think Dack is leaving apart from some guy who every window tells us our best player at what ever time is leaving during the window we had Samba is 99% certain to join Newcastle United. to Jordan Rhodes to a new club every window. I'd imagine if I could be arsed to look back he was telling us Lenihan was as good as gone at start of the season.
  10. How much did Wigan get offered for Powell was it not around the 8-9m mark there is the bar set for a player who was better than him this season. Marcus maddison and Jack Marriott will both go for above 3m from a team a division below us I just don't think you realise the market change.
  11. Beanie01289

    Sir Alex Ferguson

    Yeah despite my passed hatred of the guy from our title struggles I hope he has many more years one of the true legends of the game.
  12. Beanie01289


    I think some players might have been carrying knocks in a bid to get us over the line the majority have played the entire season with very few injurys so I think we can afford the manager who has got us back up at the first attempt the benifit of the doubt. Especially since the absolutely sterling work of Shrewsbury who in most other seasons would have gone up with their points total.
  13. Beanie01289

    Rovers v Peterborough

    Yeah it was a bad one could easily have badly injured the lad
  14. Beanie01289

    Rovers v Peterborough

    Oh yeah very true but it also can't be used to say we could have been further behind as had it gone in then Charlie would not have scored the og is all.
  15. Beanie01289

    Rovers v Peterborough

    Did not think that was a pen tbh his arm was by his side and hit him after their boy missed the header then hit him. And Rayas worldie save did not count for much as the scored from the corner

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