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  1. Beanie01289

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Mobrayed as in signed for the club after being freed by Preston and put almost immediately into the first team
  2. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    Is he good enough for the championship? Too expensive for league one sides with the wage cap ?
  3. Beanie01289

    Newcastle United away in the League Cup

    On the travis thing if a player says hes ok to play on surely theres only so much a physio can do in the brief time they have to examine the injury
  4. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    You should really have asked him that before he signed the contract which he did so it does not really matter what you think he stands to gain or lose from said contract. I bet they wished the last year of mulgrews contract had been optional but alas it was not so we pay him for a year much like we can extend the contract of dack we cant just cancel Charlie's it's all part of the deals you sign.
  5. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    The whole point of having an option in anyone's favour is the party it benifits can exercise it. Say it was optional in Dacks favour and he had his cruciate injury while his contract ran out then he could exercise the option there for if we want to we can extend it
  6. Tbf I'd want the same as qpr got for eze to sell arma
  7. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    You ask me to grasp some kind of ongoing keeper situation what is it. We had Raya he wanted to leave we sold him. Replacing him with Walton not the best not the worst. Hes gone we have signed a keeper on a perm deal and are looking to bring in another I just want to know what you mean we dont know whats behind this keeper signing.
  8. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    What do you mean I have no idea what's behind this keeper signing we need a keeper we have signed one I honestly dont know what you are getting at that their might be something behind it. It's not really an ongoing keeper situation if he turns out to be good is it.
  9. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    Just let him quarantine for me we have signed a keeper 14 days is not the end of the world of he has covid then the results could be much worse
  10. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    We have signed the keeper he wants now it's bad planning the keeper situation will have been sorted. The fact that he has to quarantine for 14 days really doesn't matter it is what it is
  11. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    So you don't bid less than the selling club want to gauge interest you just put in exactly what they asked for can I sell you my car please.
  12. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    Looks like it might go ahead
  13. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not sure how that implies we have not put in offers for him.
  14. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    I get that there is frustration in people when he says about not knowing the budget but the fact is we are bidding on players and if the whiteman storys are true have been for a bit that he has had clarification on the budget as fans unfortunately that is all we quite rightly get.
  15. Beanie01289

    Summer Transfer Window

    His days at Brighton seem up sure they have signed another CB and don't seem to be keen on letting white go.

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