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  1. Beanie01289


    Ah but where as I'll acknowledge that in some games he has been at fault for some selection problems or playing players out of the positions we see them as being you give him no credit for finding ways to win with all these players being out in fact the twisting comes when you basically say we are winning because the of the injuries not despite them. Your argument flys innthe face of the conventional football wisdom that having a large number of your best players out = bad
  2. Beanie01289


    What was the question? You won't let him change your mind I'm sorry if you come from a position of if we win its despite him and if we lose its because of him he's you can see why I'm sceptical of you viewing the evidence in any kind of balanced way. In fact I'd argue your effectively twisting the evidence to suit your own argument.
  3. Beanie01289


    I'm not taking pot shots at all I'm pointing out that if we win you say its despite mowbray and bizarrely because we have injuries but if we lose it's his fault so your arguments make it impossible to chew the fat as you say as in whatever situation you paint yourself as right.
  4. Beanie01289


    I can give him a pass for his half a season so you say I'd say less than half a season since he took over the horrendously assembled Coyle squad towards the end of February that year. For me hes taken us from league one to the brink of the playoffs in 3 seasons. I dont forget what a basket case we were when he took over.
  5. Beanie01289


    While you are entitled to that view my thoughts on the club is that Mowbray has been a positive force in the club and has so far taken us forward every year so far. We all have a view on football management if it was as simple as we make out on here we would all be doing it.
  6. Beanie01289


    And see there in a nutshell os why you can't really argue with some of the mowbray out brigade if we had lost it would have been he should have strengthened in jan yet we win and it's how much has he cost us in the past can we not give credit where credits due. I by the way dont think he should go the playing side of our club is in a much stronger way than when he took over and we appear to be improving as time goes by a knee jerk sacking could undo a lot of the positive work that's been done.
  7. Beanie01289


    I'm sure someone in here mentioned that there was an option but I'm not sure.
  8. Beanie01289


    Do we not have an option on his deal in the clubs favour?
  9. Beanie01289


    I can also see hos point why focus on someone who did not play to use as a negative when the players on the park did the job.
  10. Beanie01289


    I often think we are the harshest critics of our team but as evidenced today the team spirit and belief that mowbray has instilled in this group is unbelievable. A lot of teams would have crumbled losing there talisman and the following injuries we have but we have so far stepped up.
  11. Beanie01289

    Championship 2018-19

    But if we signed wingers where would our strikers play
  12. Beanie01289

    Lewis Holtby

    I just feel its bending the arguement to rule out some players like Nyambe and Travis for being 22 while including 23 year old chilwell and 24 year old loftus-cheek as examples for other clubs.
  13. Beanie01289

    Lewis Holtby

    How much do you think we would get for Travis lenihan and nyambe now I'd suggest enough to fund the academy for a fair few years. Rayas sale was around enough to fund it for two years. And despite your negativity where would our current squad be without the guys who have come through the academy over the past few years.
  14. Beanie01289

    Lewis Holtby

    Not sure the injury to Evan's counts towards him being a sick note on this occasion cant really help having his face smashed. ( I'd say sick notes are more ones who pick up niggles and constant injury not traumatic head injurys)
  15. Beanie01289

    Premier League Stuff

    Not sure that's true at all var is flawed but to say it benefits teams over others is just wrong.

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