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  1. Beanie01289

    ROVERS v qpr

    Pen or not it only goes someway to addressing the blatant ones we have not been given over the last couple of seasons.
  2. Beanie01289

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Just saw the highlights on sky there great save by raya at the end there or as the commentary said Leeds were denied by rovers keeper peacock-farrell
  3. Beanie01289

    Bolton debt

    Lose all sympathy for them when they just refuse to pay unwanted and players who have left money owed surely there should be some form of punishment for this behavior or can all clubs just do this now.
  4. Beanie01289

    Loan Window

    We keep going on about pacy wingers but it would seem to me TM likes to play strikers out wide cutting in to give goal threats.
  5. Beanie01289

    Loan Window

    We play with one striker and have Armstrong Graham Nuttall possibly Dack would work as a false 9 and Brereton looks like he's on the way. Where as smallwood does not look up to it and Reed is an upgrade on him so it's a good one.
  6. Beanie01289

    Loan Window

    Not really Reed improves our starting 11 as he's better than we currently have so it's in no way questionable.
  7. Beanie01289

    Loan Window

    Aye its easy to write that story now knowing it's 4 months before anything can be done. Not sure how you get Dack and Madison in the same team either.
  8. Beanie01289

    Loan Window

    He could do the Graham hold up roll or are we forgetting that's what we were @#/? on Brereton the other day for not being able to do this as we had no one who could if DG got hurt.
  9. Beanie01289


    Maupay who got Brentford two goals tonight stamped on someone tonight let's hope he's banned for Sat
  10. Beanie01289


    Need to get some players in now before the loan window closes we are down to the bare bones can't grumble about getting a point from 2 down with the injuries we have but how poor were reading and we nearly gifted them a win
  11. Beanie01289

    Loan Window

    I'd fancy that things like this have been looked at.
  12. Beanie01289

    Loan Window

    So what are people suggesting we should give up on the deal and try and convince 3 clubs to loan us cheaper players instead of the manager signing the one player that he wants.
  13. Beanie01289

    Loan Window

    It's a lot of money sure but it seems that TM sees something in the lad and wants to push the boat out for him I'm happy to let the manager pick his signings.
  14. Beanie01289

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Not if you structure the loan to be permanent in Jan often a club has a number they accept for players it's about meeting it.
  15. Beanie01289

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Thats just not true if you meet the valuation of a player they will accept payment which ever way it comes it's often taken out of the hands of managers if a club meets the valuation of a player.

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