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  1. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Loan Window

    Jacob Murphy not in the squad for Newcastle today. Cheeky loan bid for him would be a good idea. Linked up well with Arma at Coventry. They are very good mates too.
  2. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    I for one am not of the opinion that this has been a major cock up. We have a few weeks to sign loan players and I would be more than happy with Harry Chapman, Gallagher and maybe another on loan. TM was never gonna sign anyone that upset the balance of the dressing room and maybe he is sensible enough to make sure we end up with the right men.
  3. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    And Chapman will move to Rovers.
  4. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    I see we are linked to Josh Windlass as well. Not sure on that one. Totally unproven at this level.
  5. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    Absolutely hating being at work on Deadline Day. Finish at 3 and then it's time to hot foot it home for a couple of hours with Jim White. Come on Harry lad, get back to Rovers and I am sure Costa Coffee will give you a lifetime of free tea.
  6. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    I'm sure she would bring the group even closer together in the dressing room.
  7. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    I think Dack will stick around at Rovers. I honestly believe he will be the star Player in the Championship this season. Have a sneaky feeling that with a couple more good additions to the squad we have a shot at the play offs. The bond and togetherness those lads have out there can't be rivaled in this league and I think that will win us more points than skill and flare.
  8. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    Armstrong McGinn Maddison Jerome and Bauer. That would make this a very successful transfer window.
  9. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Ipswich away match thread

    Which bein channel? There's bloody loads?
  10. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    It reads as a yes to me.
  11. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    I reckon today's the day that Agent Benno earns his money. Armstrong at lunch time and 2 more later in the day. Tony's got a dream!!!
  12. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    who's going to Ipswich

    Does anyone know if I can get a ticket on the day at the ground?
  13. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Thursday deadline.

    Fielding, Armstrong, Bauer and Gallagher before Saturday is my prediction. Come on Tony and Agent Benno let's get this sorted.
  14. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Pre Season Matches

    Still 1-0? How's Samuel playing?
  15. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Pre Season Matches

    Anybody know if there any channels showing the game?

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