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  1. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Goal fest ahead. 6 goal thriller. 4-2 Rovers. 3-0 up, pegged back to 3-2, then Lowe and behold an own goal by our former Club Captain, the one, the only Mr. Blackburn himself Jaaaassssonnn Lowe!!!!
  2. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    I reckon it's Reed all the way for the right back spot. He played most of last season there for Norwich and really impressed. Part of the reason we brought him in I think. If only we had had more faith in the painter and decorator before letting him go!
  3. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Rodwell signs

    Are some of those deluded Sunderland fans aware they actually gave us money for Jason Steele that allowed us to buy Bradley Dack. Joke of a club.
  4. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Rovers vs Forest

    Don't think you can drop Smallwood after the last couple of games. He has been a rock.
  5. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

  6. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    I reckon Conway is in the middle with Rothwell and Bell out wide.
  7. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Goal fest tonight. 4-3, but I am not gonna predict which way. Brereton to score a brace. I'm looking forward to this game as to be honest it is slightly irrelevant to what we wanna achieve this season but I would happily celebrate a good cup run. Hoping to see Rodwell and Brereton start.
  8. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Raya Nyambe Rodwell Downing Williams Reed Rothwell Armstrong Palmer Conway Brereton
  9. ChrisPriceBaldSpot


    Evans has to play imo. Judging by TM comments I don't see Reed starting yet, at least not away from home. I would go Raya NYAMBE LENIHAN MULGREW BELL SMALLWOOD EVANS BENNETT DACK ROTHWELL GRAHAM
  10. ChrisPriceBaldSpot


    Graham has to start this one against those centre halves. I would be tempted to play Rothwell and Bennett out wide, both capable of coming inside if Allen and Woods are bossing things. I will go with a 1-1 Stoke to score in the first half and Dack with an equaliser mid way through the second half, followed by a squeaky bum last 5 minutes.
  11. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Derby County vs Rovers, Tues 18th Sept

    I think Rothwell will come in for Graham and Arma move up top. And possibly Williams for Bell. 3-2 win. Dack with 2 Arma with the other.
  12. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Nyambe was brilliant, Lenihan looked awesome, Reed showed real Quality when he came on, and if Grealish is worth 30 million then Dack is bloody priceless!! Unlucky not to win but when you see the Villa squad you would take a point.
  13. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Can't remember the last time our bench was that strong. Come on Rovers
  14. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Loan Window

    What has my life come to when on the first day of my holiday I am googling baby tigers? Harry Chapman if you are reading this you have some serious explaining to do.
  15. ChrisPriceBaldSpot

    Loan Window

    Tigers, they have stripes, thus resulting in Harry Chapman going to Hull.

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