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  1. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Shots all season?
  2. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Have had a bet On 3-2 Rovers, Nuttall to score anytime. 45-1! Anyone know where I can stream the game from?
  3. Checkatrade Trophy

    Team I would like to see tonight Fisher Travis Wharton Downing Doyle Chapman Tomlinson Whittingham Hart Gladwin Nuttall
  4. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Or James Bond film.
  5. 2017-2018 Match Previews

    Bristol Rovers for me please. my boy is mascot that game.
  6. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Your comic genius astounds Me! I think Rotherham Will end up there or thereabouts. See us beating Shrewsbury quite easily. TM is looking like he is sussing this squad and league one out!
  7. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Nothing at all, but would rather save him for Shrewsbury. For me away from home him and Smallwood are pivotal to our success.
  8. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    don't mean to moan but it's Jeff!!!
  9. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Another win, another clean sheet away from home, another small step towards the end goal. So many options all over the park. I like this feeling and am starting to relish every fixture. Roll On Saturday. 3-0 win, couple of team changes to freshen things up. Chapman, Whittingham, and Downing in Harper, Evans and Ward out. COYB
  10. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Hurricane Harry, Storm Samuel and Cyclone Charlie are gonna destroy Scunthorpe according to my weather app.
  11. Scunthorpe United v ROVERS

    Best thing about that song is you can change the name to Liam Feeney and it still works! 2-1 ROVERS Samuel and Conway
  12. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    Oh cheer up ffs.
  13. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    Or maybe it was our miniscule bank balance. Tony's done a f@###/@ good job in his recruiting for a league one side. We are no longer a club that can attract a Levandowski or Zidane, so let's just see what this group of players can do now. Mulgrew was going, Lenihan wasn't injured but was leaving, Graham wanted out. The Venkys would stitch us all up at 11pm. So much negativity has plagued these pages for months, now lets get behind Tony Mowbray's blue and white army!!!!!
  14. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    I am sure plenty of people Will be complaining though. TM has stuck to his word. The Venkys haven't interfered. Feeney is gone, Harry has signed a chump. Might have a McEwans lager to celebrate.
  15. Deadline day 2017 (no unrelated chat)

    Anymore coming in?