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  1. ChickenBolty

    A new era?

    Wow the negativity within this forum is becoming beyond a joke. I bet you're a barrel of laughs in the pub on a weekend.
  2. ChickenBolty

    Blackpool away

    That really isn't helping haha.
  3. ChickenBolty

    Blackpool away

    Has anybody got a spare ticket or is anybody unable to make the game and willing to sell?
  4. ChickenBolty

    Joe Nuttall

    Nutall is 20 and Samuel is 23
  5. ChickenBolty

    Season Expectations

    Am I actually reading this correctly? Our back 4 is arguable, not not arguably, it is, the best back 4 in the league hands down.
  6. ChickenBolty

    Southend v Rovers

    I like this a lot. I think a lot of people forget Nyambe has played a lot of his career CB before joining the first team.

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