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  1. Tugay's Right Foot


    There was a twisting momentum by Indi martins and Dack went down. He wasn’t happy and refused the hands of Indi Martins after that. Got subbed
  2. Tugay's Right Foot


    Hope so. It looked pretty dire when he went down and had to be replaced. Heart was in mouth
  3. Tugay's Right Foot


    So was Dack injured?
  4. Tugay's Right Foot


    Breathe!!!!! Oh
  5. Tugay's Right Foot


    We don’t half make things difficult
  6. Feeling sick but it had to come sometime in a season.
  7. Tugay's Right Foot

    Academy & U'21's

    A tough introduction for many of our young ones. Keep plugging away
  8. If Dack is to sit this out, who will line up in his place? Palmer central, Bennett wide right, Reed in CM?
  9. Tugay's Right Foot

    Academy & U'21's

    yes. stalled. had a good loan, their fans like him and have been calling for him to return on social media ala Arma and Chapman. Thought we could have given him a seat on the sub bench than Hart
  10. Tugay's Right Foot

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Not yet. But at his age level..look: https://www.rovers.co.uk/teams/development-squad/profiles/forward/daniel-butterworth/ U18 Premier at 2015, one game-hat trick U18 Premier at 2016, 18 games with 12 goals, FA Youth Cup 2 games with 1 goal, played in the "higher" Premier League 2 with the bigger boys- 6 starts with 3 goals U18 Premier at 2017, 2 games with 1 goal He's 19 this year. That's a record a promising youth would be proud of and the fans could be pleased with😊
  11. Tugay's Right Foot

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    I am always gonna be viewing our kids with blue Rovers tainted glasses, lad 😂😂 he has a good scoring record for our youth team and came from Man U. His performance on his debut is pretty much what's he been about. The kind who puts in the effort ala Travis, not a truly lurking fox in the box. Now that he has his debut, who's to say he won't play more. Perhaps a loan might do him good. Was unlucky not to score on his debut, if he puts one into the onion bag, might go on a mini scoring run. again, blue Rovers tainted glasses😁
  12. Tugay's Right Foot

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    For Grayson, he seemed composed and did the simple stuff but also not pointless booting. For Butterworth, he was a live wire, sort of like Travis if you know what I mean. Energy, buzzing. And I meant I have been tracking them in the U23s, Butterworth more than handles his roles in those games.
  13. Tugay's Right Foot

    Ben Brereton

    All the best to the whipper snapper. Eager to see how he develops. Apprehensive about the fee though, if it's 7 or 8 mil as rumoured. Whacking fee.
  14. Tugay's Right Foot

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    to me, yes and yes. I have seen both and like the look of Danny Butterworth. actually think Platt, Wharton are ahead of Grayson. There are a few more who could break through if handled with care. Simmonds, Hardcastle, Mols also catch the eye. Then there's Buckley, Evans, Carter etc. Looks a good crop.
  15. Tugay's Right Foot

    Loan Window

    That’s natural Ginger!

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