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  1. Just been to pick mine up and it looked like just a few left in seating and Terracing so the tweet of under 100 left would apear correct
  2. den9112


    Excellent win yesterday and what a great day all round ,met up with some old freinds even spoke to Lyle Taylor,told me to expect some banter with the away fans if he scored ,luckily he didn't ...Great to see Dacky with the away fans ...On the game as a few have pointed out the balance of the team was the key yesterday looked good and Dom Sam is looking a lot stronger when rolling is man off the shoulder ,he does lack a bit of composure at times when coming in on goal but that will come with confidence also nice to see the Rovers fans giving him a good send off when subbed fully deserved as well...Also good to see Tony show a bit of emotion with the away fans not seen him do it for a while ...
  3. den9112


    Couldn't agree more ,I would have taken the coach rather than drive down...
  4. den9112

    Tony Parkes

    Such sad news today ,my mother as also been diagnosed just this last few weeks..I personaly have a lot of memories with Tony going back to the Eighties and then later in life chatting to him while on scouting missions..He is such a down to earth man ,softley spoken with never a bad word to say about anyone .What more can you say ..
  5. den9112

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Good football great goal
  6. den9112

    Brum FA Cup

    100% penalty pulled his shirt and if i remember correct Danny Graham got one similar at Ewood at the start of this season ..As for the sending off yes a bit harsh
  7. den9112

    Forest V Rovers

    Sorry can't agree with that and yes i went to both games. At Bristol we had shape ,balance and conviction in the right areas to be able to boss and manage the game..Sadly since then i have not seen it and i have not missed a game this season
  8. den9112

    January transfer window 2020

    I heard Richie Smallwood could be going to Rotherham
  9. Hi i have a spare Preston ticket for Blacburn end Block 4 Row 11 seat 128 (£10), and if anyone is strugling to get to Forest on Wednesday i am driving down with spare seats ..
  10. den9112

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    I believe TM was not happy at HC for not turning up at a charity event a while ago..It's TM way of teaching him a lesson or so i have been told..
  11. den9112

    Jim Smith RIP

    He used to write comments about players and the game on the back of the programe ..I used to have some but sadly disapeared over the years
  12. den9112

    Jim Smith RIP

    I have some fond memories of Jim Smith while he was at Rovers ..A sad day
  13. den9112

    Current Goalkeeping coach

    I take it judging by the size of BB he as never been a Goalkeeper ,not that I am judging him on that but I reckon it would help...
  14. den9112

    Current Goalkeeping coach

    I would agree with that ...But there are many ocassions i have seen CW push the ball away at midrift level when in my opinion it could have easily have been caught

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