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  1. Well i can say there will be at least 3 of us then knocking around the centre from dinner time onwards. Swansea as to be one of the cheapest places i have found for guest houses,loads of choice and with no work the day after it makes sense for me to make a day of it..Looking forward to it now especialy after the Leeds result ..
  2. den9112


    As this kind offer been taken up if not having a car park spot sorted would save me rushing around and setting off on my journey to pick up my nephew and then get to match for the early kick off ..
  3. den9112

    Rodwell signs

    Rodwell bossed the game in his time on the pitch against Bolton..Stood out by a country mile
  4. I believe he damaged his actual boot and part of the boot (tongue) came out which made it a bit awkward to lace up..
  5. den9112

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Just a couple of things that baffled me last night , one was CM on the bench if he is fit he should start ... Second is the stuation with Rothwell and to why he does not get a start when we are at home ,i have watched every game he as played in Rovers shirt and as impressed me everytime . The only thing i can think off is TM does not have full confidence in his tracking back and postional awareness thats the only thing i can think of.. We have a few players at the club that are now realizing that you have to work hard to get your chances in the championship ,no more chances on a plate like they had in League 1 and i am talking about AA it takes more than a couple of twists and turns and a powder puff shot to call your nights work done ,in my opinion he needs to get is head up and his work rate and give his team mates something to aim for..
  6. den9112

    Swansea Away Tickets

    I will be going it's half term good excuse for a overnight stay ...
  7. den9112

    Bolton vs Rovers

    This is one were I have to juggle quite a lot around to get to the 5.30pm kick off .. £30 is a bit high but it's in my budget as to what I would pay for fuel and food on a average away game but so I won't need to be buying food and I am not to far away for it to drastically affect my fuel bill. If anyone is struggling to get there and back I have a couple of spare seats and I can pretty much go the Rochdale side or Burnley side to get there both routes are pretty similar mileage and time wise ...
  8. den9112


    What a fantastic day yesterday thats whats watching live football away from home is all about ...Been watching the game long enough to realise even at 3-0 up it's still never over ,but if Dack at made it 4 -0 i reckon that would have been it and we would have not had to put up with that nervy last 15mins and to be honest Brereton should have had is first goal for us as well ..Great support as well and topped of with a chat with KP and DW at the services on the way home..
  9. den9112

    Dog section at ewood

    It was a Westie ..
  10. den9112

    Bradley Dack

    I was always told presume you are right and you will probably be wrong
  11. den9112

    Bradley Dack

    I hope that Rovers put in some support network now for him.. I am quite surprised that no one in his work surroundings actualy knew he was missing these apointments ,maybe they did but he chose to ignore them.However he as now been given another chance and lets hope he grasps it,i also hope he as apologised to all the people who have been affected by this and that includes his fans ...
  12. den9112

    Dominic Samuel

    I am in constant pain and it does vary from day to day. I am now 56 i am trying my best to hold on for a knee replacement as i am still pretty active.. I have tried every potion going but nothing works ,i suppose it's down to me what to do but at the moment but i have put up with it for so many years i am pretty used to it .. One thing i do remember is my specialist saying that when i reach 50(i was around 21 at the time ) i may not be able to walk on it so an extra 6 years aint to bad
  13. I bought a sports car and spend time and money restoring it...I also had to wait for the sports pink to get the results
  14. den9112

    Dominic Samuel

    Correct .... Did mine in 1983 i had a some help mainly from two ex Rovers players who owned a Gym at the time were i could try to get fit again i did play a few times after but soon had to pack it in... I am now 56 and i walk with a limp my knee is constantly swelled up lots of aches and pains and i also have arthritis. Too young for a knee replacement so they say and to be honest i am going as long as i can before i have to have it done ..and i have had more knee scrapes and arthroscopies than i care to remember ...

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