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  1. Not sure if this is correct, did we not have an interest in Caddis before he went to Bury. I don't think he went to Bury to get fit ,anyway my first words out of my mouth when I first saw Caddis in a Rovers shirt was ..'I know we are now in the 3rd tier of English football but that right back is overweight and looks like a pub player ,in fact I think I even said at the start of the season on here that he and Elliot Ward were not good enough and one of them should hang his boots up..
  2. den9112

    Oxford Utd at home

    My season ticket is shared with my children as a Fathers day present ,this season its a extra £10 each for them .. On a note on flyers they have always worked for me in my Photography buisness
  3. den9112


    As someone who as played a lot of sports I will answer that as a sportsman . If I had put everything in to my game and finishing second was the best I could achieve then I would accept second spot and promotion (in that season/year)..So finishing second would be the answer..
  4. den9112


    I as one of those people would have to say yes (if it was within touching distance with a couple of games to go)
  5. den9112


    I don't think its anger, not on my part anyway more baffled as to why certain players were playing, who had no involvement in the previous 3-4 months and are not going to be involved in the future... We could have and should have gone up as Champions (we still can) I know which medal I would have preferred ,and yes are main achievement was to get out of the division but anyone who as played the game would want that champions winning medal..Just my opinion ...
  6. den9112


    Correct ...plenty around at Charlton thought the same but hey ho we got promoted so lets carry on the party which we all did, i celebrated with a group of Luton fans in a local Indian and then on for a sing song at the local whetherspoons then on to Milton keynes to meet a few Man city fans we pre arranged to meet. up with .. Yes.we had a little moan on the way out of Charlton as we heard the Wigan result and lets be honest who wouldn't after seeing they drew ....its a natural reaction from myself and the two ex pro players i was with but that is just 3 of us out of 3000 that watched the game ...
  7. den9112

    Charlton away April 28th

    Not sure if this is just me but i can't get my head round not wanting to go for the title. At the start of the season as a footballer thats the aim and also for any sportsman ,be the top of the pile No1 ,best in the leauge ,champions in your division . Maybe things have changed since my day , i dont know but it was certainly there for the taking ..
  8. den9112

    Championship 2017/18

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul cook have a go at the Sunderland job.
  9. den9112

    Charlton away April 28th

    I have realy enjoyed this season away ,and Charlton like many games this season as proved to have its upps and downs . We arrived the night before and started the celebrations early as for us thats all it was going to be a day to relax ,chill out and soak up the atmosphere ,yes we wanted them to put on a show and win,i personaly would have liked TM to say he was not giving up on the titile and just had the winning mentality as it could have been in our hands on Saturday...as it stands we actualy still do it ..Funny feeling that could just happen . We had an idea that changes were going to be made but as with others the baffaling decission to play Caddis was one we just couldnt work out ,and this was from two ex Pro players i was with ,other than to say to the owners that we have not got strength in depth ,totaly baffled us..Anyway big plus was that to me RS got MOM even though at times he looked deflated ...Also nice to have a bit of time with Richies Dad lovely man who looked like he also had a good day ...On the final game at Oxford and who knows in Football we may just sneak that title .... .
  10. den9112

    Charlton away April 28th

    I also find it strange ,I am looking forward to this away game more than any this season... Staying in Watford tonight ,a nice chilled out journey in to London Saturday,no rushing with plenty of time to enjoy the day ,promotion sealed so for once I can sit back relax and enjoy the game win or lose unlike the previous away games (only missed one) as I know the journey back is still going to be a happy one ...
  11. den9112


    New to this Forum yes but not the last 7 years or the Venkys out campaign, or the previous 30 odd years I have followed Rovers.. I was only saying that I have seen him a few times away this season ...
  12. den9112


    He is a big follower of the Rovers ,i was talking to him at the ground at MK Dons
  13. den9112


    I dont think so , it was on my Rovers facebook feed ,i have just cropped it and and inversed the background to change it to black and white to leave BD in colour ,i doubt its a offical telegraph as the size and quality is bad and i dont think the reolution is enough for a canvas ...
  14. den9112


    My favorite shot of the night ,no words needed ...
  15. den9112

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Same issue here , I nearly took my ticket back as I knew that I would have to do a lot of organising and changing of hours to make the Tuesday match,now with the possibility of going up with a win I am prepared to sacrifice a few things work wise...

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