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  1. Since the 30 year, Aniversary was mentioned of the Full members cup i have been searching high and low as to were my ticket was,asi knew i had kept it. However today i eventually found it after nearly giving up ,and turning the attic upside down... i also found a few more but these two are highlights for me (apart from winning the title ) I remember the full members day and night but the playoff final night is a total blank ...It still makes me proud to say i have been to Wembley to watch the Rovers ,this is now my 40th year of following them and i still sing my heart out both home and away ,its just in me ..... Just thought i would share
  2. Blackpool/Oystons

    Brilliant.....Funny but also very sad at the same time.
  3. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    As i said ,i would not disclose it it either way if i knew him or not....but in my honest opinion he is not being sarcastic....
  4. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    If i did i would not disclose it,but i do have some connections within Football especially Blackburn,rochdale, and Burnley .
  5. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    Maybe just maybe DG is showing his appreciation for the fans that have actually turned up ,there is nothing more he wants to hear than That Danny graham he scores when he wants ...He Knows the situation the club is in and how much the fans have suffered ,a goal scored is a goal scored be it Barnet or any other team we play and if he can give the fans something to sing thats the business he is in.... just my take on it
  6. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    I don't agree, ...and i am going off what i know ...it may be normal for some players but its not the reason DG is doing it
  7. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    Danny Graham cares take it from me, he wears his heart on his sleeve , he is the only player this season i have actually seen trying to encourage the home fans to sing . The cupping of his hand to the ears his just his way of wanting encouragement, nothing to do with having a go at fans ,yes we know the players need to do it on the pitch ,its just his way of saying he cares for his own performance and believe it or not the Blackburn fans as well ...IMHO
  8. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    I met up with a Ex Middlesborough player today who as connections with Hibs and Middlesborough ,he also lives just around the corner from TM ...And after a nice chat about TM i asked what he thought our chances are with him in charge, plenty was said but he did say his biggest problems was he bottles the big games and is to negative....
  9. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    Exactly, if you have played the game you will know, pressure ,lack of confidence, frightened of making mistakes which will eventually lead to players going missing in the game ...what is it with the man...Really annoys me
  10. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Tony Mowbray and his negativity is showing with the players, coupled with constant changes to suit the so-called strength of the opposition, its not difficult to see especially if you have played the game. He puts pressure on his own players ,he is not prepared to gamble and his relying on old pros (not youngsters) to get him out of the division, it ain't going to work as proved when he was at Coventry. A nice man he may be ,but a leader of a quality set of footballers to get them promoted he is not ... he will keep Blackburn in Div 3 that he could do this season but promoted automatically i very much doubt it I would love it to be a fairytale season for Tony but if we get promoted it will be more luck than judgment..... Does he also not realize that standing in his technical area with hands in pocket and nose to the ground 90% of the game reflects back on the pitch... I bet there are a few of those players that would love to take a gamble when in possession of the ball ,but when you see how the manager reacts if you dare do that you ain't going to do it as you then become the scapegoat for any failings, sometimes you just have to take a gamble in this type of league , we could do with an Andy Morrison type of player in the team (forgetting all his off-field antics) and based on his type of leadership in this division.
  11. Paul Hanlon Hibs

    I actually watched Hibs match on Tuesday night as i was in Scotland ..his agent is Gary Mackay
  12. Paul Hanlon Hibs


    Bang on.....

    Rovers fans who are yet to purchase a ticket for Saturday's game against Wigan Athletic can do so on the day. Supporters should note that it will be cash payment on the turnstiles only and there will be a £2 price increase for adults and seniors. Matchday prices: Adults £27 Seniors (65+) £17 Under-18s £10 Under-11s £5 Under-5s £2 Rovers will be roared on by over 2,500 supporters at the DW Stadium.
  15. ROVERS v Portsmouth

    It certainly was ,the big number 6 looked like his feet were just not moving in time with his legs ,if that makes sense ,the Blackburn end just sucked Conway to the ball first . A cool finish that seemed to take an age to go in