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  1. den9112

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Holtby was very busy in his time on the pitch had a job to do and did it..as for Armstrong he is not a championship player L1 at best
  2. den9112

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    You have just got to dedicate that match to all those that leave early especialy the riverside.... On the match if we had come away with nothing then i would have said we have been robbed..Young Buckley as just saved TM his job
  3. den9112

    Pricing at Ewood.

    Got to admit £43 is well over the top...Not much change out of £50 be intresting to see the attendance for this..
  4. den9112

    Preston Away

    I heard this also from an ex Rovers manager
  5. Second time this season away from home that i have not clapped them for their effort ,last night and QPR ...
  6. Totaly agree ,as he was still on the touchline before attempting to get up he told the medical personel that he heard something crack I was 21 when i did my front cruciate ligament never played the same again although i did get help afterwards due to Tony parkes owning a gym at the time and Andy Burgin helping out but never the same again and to this day i still suffer
  7. den9112

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Elliot Bennet at left back Sunday league appointment from Tony Mowbray .
  8. This is one moment that as stuck with me for a long time ,I was at the game and I can still see the anger in the Cardiff fans faces ..If they could have got the the Rovers fans who were singing it god knows what they would have done..
  9. den9112

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I meet people all over the country and i can honestly say that once they spot i follow Blackburn Rovers they all say (from what i can remember from the last few ocassions especialy from midland people) they all say i see you follow Rovers must admit they are all mainly football followers ..
  10. den9112

    QPR Away

    Been to every game both home and away and that game yesterday was the first time i came away without a posotive thought..
  11. den9112

    QPR Away

    Worst performance of the season ...looks like some of the players are not happy either Dack was certainly not happy after the game ended.
  12. den9112

    Lewis Holtby

    I have a remote bluetooth that can release my iphone shutter button when the phone is on a cradle in the car ..Basicaly placed on either side of the windscreen and used in conjunction with my steering wheel controls i can take a photo hands free..(its called a Mukku shtrr) but i doubt he as this set up but it can work hands free ..
  13. den9112


    To me he looked comfortable with a good footballing head on his shoulders ..Found the pass when needed with very little effort also read the game with ease .. In the end it was obvious he was not fully match fit hence why he came off otherwise he would have stayed on the pitch..IMHO .
  14. den9112

    Rodwell signs

    This is without doubt going to divde opinions.. I personaly hope that the dressing room is as good as DG says it is and TM faith and trust in him pays off..
  15. den9112

    Tangerines vs. Rovers - PRE SEASON - 27th July 2019

    I have a spare ticket going spare free if anyone wants to pick up at ground or if transport needed I can pick up on my way through Blackburn
  16. den9112

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I was speaking to Axel Tuanzebe on Friday and try as i might he was not for telling me anything on the Glen Whelan story ..
  17. den9112


    After a very stressful week i nearly didn't go today and if it was not for my wife telling me it would help take my mind of things(basicaly kicking me out ) well it certainly did.. I always like a visit to Nottingham and today was no exception,not sure how many away fans they were but what a cracking atmosphere we created ,i don't think there was a quiet moment from our fans all the way through the game ,on par with West Brom and Stoke ...On the game we fully deserved to win and i can still see that Rothwell shot curl in to the top corner cracking goal ,also good to see bodies getting in front of shots something that as been missing in a lot of our games ,great shape as well and to be honest a good game to watch..On the negative side ,Benno is no way a right back ,and Bell is not a left back on another day he could have cost us 2 goals now this is not just a one off with him..Big shout to Dell boy williams who had a excelent game as did Darra ,not seen the Raya mistake yet so can't comment but it looked a bit of a calamity ..Looking forward to the highlights for once , i also hope they show Dacks chance as it looked a good save from their 8ft keeper ..
  18. den9112

    Craig Bellamy

    I heard first hand from quite a few youth team players who were around Bellamy circa 2005 that he was indeed a bully ....
  19. den9112

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    I am astounded my TM comments targeting Joe Rothwell man of ther match for me yesterday,only one of three players that can actualy see a pass in the Rovers team at the moment.....He is one step ahead of half his team mates when he picks the ball up ,i also watched his tracking yestrday and that as improved from all the times i have seen him play..
  20. den9112

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Jim Branagan photo is circa 1985
  21. den9112

    ROVERS V Wigan

    No but Dack should have a min or so ago
  22. den9112

    Preston at Home

    Watch it a few times and all i can see is DG puting is hands out to aid his balance after a coming togethere never a foul and you only have to see the Preston players reaction to say it wasn't
  23. den9112

    Mowbray’s Future

    I dont want Darren Moore as manager it was more a tounge in cheek comment based on todays result ..
  24. den9112

    Mowbray’s Future

    Darren moore could be available hearing rumors he is about to be sacked

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