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    Preston at Home

    While i dont like the word idiot i got to admit there is some substance here as i think Tony as lost it ..Goalkeeper just stops the ball going in between the white sticks ,defenders defend ,centre backs head the ball away ,midfielders pass the ball ,strikers just score goals ..Simple Tony start with that and let the opposition worry about your team
  2. den9112

    Preston at Home

    A nice comment from Mowbary after he left Coventry .. I probably let them down by not getting in the big 6ft 4in centre-half we were after, who could have been a man and help us keep clean sheets. ...There as been a pattern at nearly all the clubs he as managed and all apear to go the same way ,while at Celtic he once played Aiden McGeady at left back and while i like him as a person the good old square pegs in round holes with his players is going to come back again and hit him hard ..
  3. den9112

    Rotherham away

    First time in a while i did not fully aplaud the team off today ,i felt defalted and just couldn't find anything positive from the game apart from Rothwells creativity and speed.. Lot's already been said about our back four at the moment ,just not getting to grips with it at all..One thing i have noticed today and i am saying it from a personal level from playing the game ,in my opinion the managers negativity apears to be affecting the players..
  4. den9112

    Carabao Cup 2018/19

    It looked to me that the manager thought the keeper was injured after he went down a second time and he didn't want to risk him with penalties looming. Keeper then panicked realizing that the manager had made a decission to sub him and a some of the communication got a bit lost which then turned in to a bit of a circus ... Keeper should have gone to the captain and have him explain to the management team that he was ok to carry on,you can see both sides to this but it still looked very un professional....
  5. den9112

    Ben Brereton

    Having now seen every apearence that Ben as played i can honestly say the lad as something without doubt and what i see is a lad that is trying to hard .. Anyone who as played at a semi pro level or full pro level will see what is happening with him,he panicks to the point were he is not being natural also not helping with him playing out of his prefered postion ,you make mistakes you move away from your natural instincts just to get a touch of the ball and get some confidence in my opinion once he gets that goal be it off his arse in to the net or his shin it's going to be a big lift for him....He knows the fans expect (especialy with the price tag) not his doing but it's there .We saw his sense of humor come through at Brentford when he was warming up having pot shots at goal and every time it was his turn the Rovers fan were egging him on to a go old roar when he scored he did it 3 times scored all three on on all ocassions he gave a big grin towards the Rovers fans followed by the other Rovers players encouraging him ...One thing i personaly have noticed with him is his heading game or lack off,just does not apear to have any coaching on that side of his game...
  6. den9112

    Reading v Rovers

    Bell cannot defend ....
  7. den9112

    Reading v Rovers

    That should have been 1-0 what a awful pass from Armstrong
  8. den9112

    Fred Pickering

    Sad day indeed i spent many late night discussions with him regarding football when i was in my late twenties a lovely man he was and his wife was also very down to earth...
  9. den9112

    Brentford v Rovers

    I certainly remember that season as i played in the Rovers schoolboy team hoping to try and get in the reserves at the time...A bad knee injury cut of any pro route i may have ventured in to ,i was freindly with one of Jim smiths daughter for a while who would have been around 16 at the time,sure they lived near the woodlands area .
  10. den9112


    Is Jack Rodwell on his way out ?
  11. den9112


    I watched him a couple of times at Rochdale the last match was against Doncaster when i was sat with a Doncaster scout never stood out to me and i actualy think he was subbed as well ...
  12. Well worth the 10 hour journey to the Den and back as said by most who watched not the best of games but TM got his tacticts bang on.We doubled up on them with their head tennis game kept it tight then hit them ...3 points and a nice journey home through the city centre enjoying the sights.
  13. den9112

    Ben Brereton

    Maybe TM as been reading this .. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/4928166/Size-really-does-matter-at-least-in-football-claim-scientists.html
  14. den9112

    Where Are They Now?

    I remember that match like it was yesterday some games just stick in thermemory
  15. Beating posh at home on that Thursday night ,to me that win said we were going up.. Doncaster was certainly a high and a one of the happiest journeys home i have had for a while..Lows were the Southend defeat as i have family down there and it was not a good evening in the one of the town restaurants..
  16. den9112

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    That as well.......
  17. den9112

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    If i was still playing and played in that first half with Armstrong he would be getting a mouthful of me at half time ...
  18. den9112

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    When the lad starts and completes x amount of games only then will i compare him to Chris Brown
  19. den9112

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Stiil got to be in the postition to miss them either way
  20. den9112

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    He looked like a player who knew were he wanted the ball putting.Not his fault if is team mates don't see it.
  21. den9112

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    Great point and a good comparison with the mentioned players..Atko and Tim sherwood worked realy well togethere with Atko not always getting the credit he deserved . He had a great engine and never gave less than 100%
  22. This i 100% agree with and hopefuly TM will finaly see that it aint working ..
  23. BB is a striker and that was considered is postion while at Forest although not considered to be a prolific goal scorer a lot of that was put down to Mike Warburton playing him basicaly as a right winger ...Personaly i have not seen enough of him to base a full opinion but i am sure he is more of a natural forward man than what we put up front at the start of the game yesterday ..
  24. den9112

    Preston tickets

    N i think is behind the goal
  25. den9112

    Preston tickets

    Got my tickets a couple of days after they went on sale to 1875 members ..I am in Block P and if i recal the next to go are N M L K Thats would be left to right as you behind the goal

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