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  1. den9112

    Dog section at ewood

    It was a Westie ..
  2. den9112

    Bradley Dack

    I was always told presume you are right and you will probably be wrong
  3. den9112

    Bradley Dack

    I hope that Rovers put in some support network now for him.. I am quite surprised that no one in his work surroundings actualy knew he was missing these apointments ,maybe they did but he chose to ignore them.However he as now been given another chance and lets hope he grasps it,i also hope he as apologised to all the people who have been affected by this and that includes his fans ...
  4. den9112

    Dominic Samuel

    I am in constant pain and it does vary from day to day. I am now 56 i am trying my best to hold on for a knee replacement as i am still pretty active.. I have tried every potion going but nothing works ,i suppose it's down to me what to do but at the moment but i have put up with it for so many years i am pretty used to it .. One thing i do remember is my specialist saying that when i reach 50(i was around 21 at the time ) i may not be able to walk on it so an extra 6 years aint to bad
  5. I bought a sports car and spend time and money restoring it...I also had to wait for the sports pink to get the results
  6. den9112

    Dominic Samuel

    Correct .... Did mine in 1983 i had a some help mainly from two ex Rovers players who owned a Gym at the time were i could try to get fit again i did play a few times after but soon had to pack it in... I am now 56 and i walk with a limp my knee is constantly swelled up lots of aches and pains and i also have arthritis. Too young for a knee replacement so they say and to be honest i am going as long as i can before i have to have it done ..and i have had more knee scrapes and arthroscopies than i care to remember ...
  7. den9112

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    1-0 Nuttal
  8. den9112

    Bradley Dack

    Going back around 13 / 14 years ago i sat with a ex England player watching a player in League 1 the player was a out and out striker and had a simalar style as Dack in holding the ball and creating chances .. One of his comments were he lacked pace for the prem ,not long after he was a prem player and scored a lot of goals ...Also roughly around the same time i sat with Tony Parkes watching another player in League 1 once again doubts were just about his pace and weight ,not long after this player was playing for a prem club and had eventualy got a England cap ..These ex players scouted the old fashioned way and niether went to the clubs the ex pros were scouting for at the time ...I personaly have not seen enough of Dack yet in the championship to make my mind up and at the moment for a prem club to take him would be a gamble...PS the other ex pro was a left back and Tony was obviously a midfielder
  9. den9112

    Bristol Away Question

    Hi, If you are buying online via Rovers ticketmaster site you have to go to the bottom of the page to the sub menu box were it says all seats (this is a default setting)and choose one of the options for what area is available ,if you try to hit find seats with all areas showing it does not work,i have the just found this out today after having issues purchasing away tickets even though I am a ST holder and a 1875 member ..PS they are now on N39 you have to try all options before it knows that that block is now available.hope that makes sense
  10. den9112

    Digital Advertising Boards

    Must admit i found them very distracting
  11. den9112

    Rodwell signs

    I hope so because it takes time and hard work to build a happy dressing room ..
  12. den9112

    Pre Season Matches

    Caddis had problems with his weight at Birmingham and openly admited it at the time and he saw it as not being a issue.. He looks like he as the same issue here at Blackburn and to be honest it was the first thing i noticed on his first game of the season, i actualy did say at the time it was time to hang up his boots along with Elliot Ward . Seeing him yesterday he looked a good few pounds heavier ,i think his argument is he can still do 90 mins maybe he can but but at what expense loads of free kicks given away when you cant do your job..It's not difficult for a preofessional footballer to loose a stone when you are still being paid to do youre job..
  13. den9112

    Pre Season Matches

    Pre season freindly or not that was a very enjoyable football match to watch(as a Rovers supporter) ... Well worth the £10 ticket..Did i also hear a small group of Everton fans chanting at Dack 'Are you Messi in disguise'.
  14. den9112

    Pre Season Matches

    A good workout for the team today but for me taking Davenport asside Whittingham was a joy to watch today , he looked intrested for once pinging the ball to his team mates for fun. That alone was a big plus for me after watching him last season...i know it's early but his body language was just saying something differnt today..
  15. den9112

    New Kits

    Never been one to worry to much about the new kit however on this occasion even with my £25 club cash I am thinking twice.. May be one of those that will just take a little longer to get used to. Its jut not jumping out enough to say buy me at the moment but no doubt once I am in the store I will get it but I am in no rush.
  16. den9112

    Thursday deadline.

    Not sure if this is correct, did we not have an interest in Caddis before he went to Bury. I don't think he went to Bury to get fit ,anyway my first words out of my mouth when I first saw Caddis in a Rovers shirt was ..'I know we are now in the 3rd tier of English football but that right back is overweight and looks like a pub player ,in fact I think I even said at the start of the season on here that he and Elliot Ward were not good enough and one of them should hang his boots up..
  17. den9112

    Championship 2017/18

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul cook have a go at the Sunderland job.
  18. den9112


    A honest down to earth humble man, over 600 appearances for one club says it all...I listened to an interview he did with a radio station a while ago , not sure which one but it was that good i carried on listening well after i got to my destination, be nice to dig that out as it was certainly worth listening to for any football supporter....realy puts the modern game in to perspective
  19. £26 to sit on a old wooden stool with barely 3 inches of legroom a blow out on the way down, and a quick detour into Lincoln to change as i didn't fancy the entire journey on a space saver. £65 lighter with a new tyre and back on to Peterborough, but boy was it worth it , ok we let two in and there second actually felt like it was a defeat, but we won. I think there must be video going round were every manager gets before we play them showing them to drop the ball at corners on the keeper and target the right back .thats your way in against Blackburn . The big plus of the game was Tomlinson, looked like he had been playing with the first team all season, won the ball and played the pass ,also when he had the chance rather than just head it back , got the ball down and used it , simple football .....It felt good being a Rovers fan on the way home
  20. den9112

    Songs at Ewood

    That's funny....well it made me laugh
  21. den9112


    Brilliant.....Funny but also very sad at the same time.
  22. den9112

    Carabao Cup

    Hi all, i have been a rovers supporter since the early seventies, seen all the ups and downs, followed them all over the country ,i stopped going to home matches when i moved 30 miles away, anyway this year i have decided to put my support in to the club by buying a season ticket ,i don't like to get to involved with the political side of it , especially with the venkys,at the moment , as far as i see it what can't be cured must be endured , i went to Southend and made a weekend off it ,cost me a fortune and yes i was disappointed ,Southen had their cup final ,the rovers team looked nervous and lacked ideas ,i was also confused as to the formation they were supposed to be playing as well ,Southend were just more up for it on the day ..... Now a couple of days later and i am now planning my trip to Coventry , tickets are on sale at Ewood until tomorrow lunchtime ,they are also on sale at Coventry but will cost a couple of quid more ..

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