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  1. 7 hours ago, Wood26 said:

    We were Better today then at Bristol, difference is today our keeper made 2 errors and at Bristol they didn’t take their chances. But that’s football.

    Sorry can't agree with that and yes i went to both games. At Bristol we had shape ,balance and  conviction in the right areas to be able to boss and manage the game..Sadly since then i have not seen it and i have not missed a game this season

  2. To be honest i am not trying to see he is flapping it's more like he is batting the ball away when it does look (and i have seen it often enough) that a gathering of the ball or catching is easier and can be done ..As said i am not trying to knock him as he is what he is a average championship kee

  3. Having watched every  game that our current keeper CW as played i find it very strange on how he actualy attempts to keep the ball out of the net..Now i am not one to call players as they all make mistakes have a bad game  etc but for me CW apears to have paddles on the end of his arms instead of hands which is a big factor for a player that can actualy legaly handle ther ball (in hids box)...I have seen to many ocassions were he could have quite easily have caught the ball gather it and use it to his advantage and i am not talking of 90mph shots at him ..There were yesterday and other matches were he as decided to bat the ball out were a simple catch looked so much easier...Is it me or are the coaches actualy coaching this method ..or am i seeing something that is the norm in the modern game because all i hear myself saying or rather shouting out ......  Fxxxxxx catch the ball as to me it just looked so much easier to do just that...Just excactly is this current goalkeeping coach doing with them ...

  4. Just now, arbitro said:

    I was angry at many aspects of the game last night but what pissed me off more than anything was the number of people who clapped the players at the end of the game. I looked around and it wasn't the odd one, there were lots.

    Mowbray scuttled off down the tunnel.

    Second time this season away from home that i have not clapped them for their effort ,last night and QPR ...

  5. 16 hours ago, bluebruce said:

    Side note, as soon as Cunningham took that knock in the game I said take him off. It looked immediately worrying and I know how crap we are at LB without him. Instead we tried to have him play on for a few minutes, which can only have worsened it.

    Totaly agree ,as he was still on the touchline before attempting to get up he told the medical personel that he heard something crack

    I was 21 when i did my front cruciate ligament never played the same again although i did get help afterwards due to Tony parkes owning  a gym at the time and Andy Burgin helping out but never the same again and to this day i still suffer

  6. 9 hours ago, AAK said:

    Lucky you if you think that was the worst performance of the season, weve been pathetic in most games this season, luton was woeful, WBA was bad, charlton was inept. Today was similar to all them mentioned and all the other woeful games, but it seemed worse as the opposition took more advantage, this would happen every week if the opposition played with more aggresion.

    Been to every game both home and away and that game yesterday was the first time i came away without a posotive thought..


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