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  1. den9112

    Reading at Home

    Another good finish
  2. den9112

    Reading at Home

    More pleased with Ben's composure for the goal ...Took it well
  3. den9112

    Cardiff away

    Johnson is well off the pace
  4. I was at the time but feeling a little calmer now as i can now watch the game ..
  5. I have just missed 40mins of the first half ,i know it's not the end of the world but i was all set up and ready to watch the game .I managed to get back on without having to put the code back in hoping now i get to watch all the second half ...Would aslo like the camera man to either put a filter in his lens or put the lens hood on as it's to bright but i suppose thats to much to ask ..
  6. At last i get to see the last 5 mins of the first half ,im not touching my laptop just in case it knocks off again
  7. Not accepting my code now when i try to re -login
  8. I get the stupid bouncing ball saying sorry sign in later ,i was on 15 mins before kick off..
  9. Not happy with this ,laptop going through the window soon..
  10. Anyone know trhe score ,how annoying really looking forward to it as well..
  11. Was on fine 15mins ago had to log back in and now it won't connect...
  12. Email arrived with a code ,just put it in and i can watch old highlights so i presume it's working more luck than judgement ..
  13. Goy the email with the link set up and registered with details checked and saved ..I have it set up correct as i have the drop down box to insert the code..
  14. Lucky you ,some of us are struggling ,i have a account set up just no email with code
  15. done the same it's ringing now and as been since 11.15
  16. I have been trying to get through since 9.15 am still trying now as i type this...Not good while i am working
  17. Hi yes , checked spam folder been checking since early morning also done a search of emails just in case i missed it but nothing to date
  18. I have this when i go to my account it pops up when i hit season ticket holders tab ..Still not had a email with code
  19. Not got mine either and i do believe i am ready to go as i have a blank box waiting to put the promo code in that i found by chance..
  20. den9112

    Season Restart

    Yes me, I only use my account for away tickets and very rarely use the site for anything else, and to be honest it's not the most user friendly site to begin with.. I have different passwords for e-tickets and my rovers page plus I have had to change my passwords a few times due to mix ups with other family members as there are 6 of us who all sit together with the exact same initials and two of us with the same name ,always been a nightmare as my brother also sometimes orders the tickets so basically I am not looking forward to trying to log on with a code..
  21. den9112

    Season Restart

    I have not recieved any information yet as how and when (if i chose to) accept a refund rather than trying to watch on my ageing laptop or brick of a phone .. Could you please point me in the direction of a link to were it can apply for the refund..
  22. den9112

    Season Restart

    At this moment in time i feel the exact same way ...

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