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  1. Preben

    DG off to Australia?

    Yes there is, especially as Brereton is out. I'd much prefer him to stay but if we insist playing this new system he doesn't fit.
  2. Preben

    DG off to Australia?

    I'd rather we get him but it would give TM an opportunity to show his investment in strikers was well placed
  3. Could be a good move for all concerned. While he's here we're going to keep.playing him. Been a great player for us though
  4. Preben

    West Brom Away

    Yes, he scores when he wants
  5. Preben

    Mike Ferguson RIP

    The original Fergie rip
  6. Preben


    It is yes but depends on the type if ticket bought. Google.....
  7. Preben


    As I understand it you can get a refund on train tickets no longer required.
  8. Preben

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Bernard Reidy cricketer with England under 18's and Lancashire. As the thread title is MHSP I should probably mention Dave O'Neil, one of their old boys, who had a great career with Rossendale Utd. Also, the greatest of them all, Dave "Haggis" Hargreaves of Accy Stanley fame, also Rovers very briefly, and sadly no longer with us.
  9. Preben

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Tommy Duckworth did a great job with the kids penalty shoot outs at half time at Ewood
  10. Preben

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    I never thought to look for the FB page. I've read the book Fantastic that Tommy is still alive, great man and much unlike the pathetic Mick Devoy
  11. Preben

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Did any of you ex SMC boys see or hear about the book by an ex-pupil describing his grooming at the hands of Rev Kev? When challenged about it the t**t said "it takes two to tango"
  12. Preben

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    That's correct, thanks
  13. Preben

    Bury FC rip

    Shocking news and surely worth its own thread
  14. Preben

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    I once played against a team with a few Accy Stanley players in it and they spat at us constantly. A pity we didn't have wooden studs. Thanks for the memories
  15. Preben

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Yep, me too. He was still throwing the chalk then too! I was there 1964 to 1970

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