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  1. Rovers line up was Jones, Heaton, Burgin, Metcalfe, Hawkins, Fazackerley, Beamish, Oates, Hickman, Parkes, Martin. Sub not used: Endean.
  2. Seriously, you expect every match for £110 a season!?
  3. It's a start that shows plenty of promise and if that promise is fulfilled we must surely finish in the top two. A plus point is that we have played poorly and won. A negative point is that after 10 games I don't think we have played particularly well for more than 45 minutes in any game. But it's a solid start with much room for improvement and I'll take that.
  4. The singing, especially away, reminds me of the good old third division days but ...... so many more would join in if the songs weren't sung so fast!
  5. I thought that option was lost when the new software was introduced?
  6. Hello Hello and angel
  7. Let's remember the performance from Raya tonight ............. one day he will slip up and the knives will be out
  8. Any fan who has been to all the away matches deserves a free one
  9. Just give her one and hope she doesn't wake up
  10. 4 in a row and still not firing on all cylinders yet
  11. Not one of his best performances though (Bennett)
  12. Cross from Bennett
  13. seriously?