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  1. fenwindows

    Rovers v Wigan

    I understand that but he is not a centre back. Got Lenihan diving in, getting stuck in scaring the shit out of the players then you got Mulgrew arm round them giggling. Hes to nice for a centre back. The main issue is centre mid has been for years as soon as Evans contract runs out the better.
  2. fenwindows

    Rovers v Wigan

    We need a Grant Hanley to partner Lenihan move Mulgrew into midfield with Bennet. No Evans No Smallwood No Whittingham and No Gladwin. Midfield looking really weak, huge summer if we go up. Big summer if still in league 1.
  3. fenwindows

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    Please could you message me link?
  4. fenwindows

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    I live along way away and I wish I could be at every home game protesting this, over last few years I have donated a lot of money to different events, paid for the scaffolding for the sign that was going up at home games on a pub. what has happened to this sign does it go up? I understand everyone should support the team to get them to championship. We get to the championship is it just another thing for Venkeys to blurt out in convo at there million ruby partys?! what is it going to take to rid us of them!?! As sad as it sounds, I will always love Blackburn but since advertising and Peterborough and a little before that I have been enjoying them. Meeting Barry Fry and knowing everyone is trying to push in the right directing with every interest in the club, no matter how small my advertising cost, it means a lot to them to another local person on board. I want the same feeling for Blackburn. When I first started supporting Blackburn my family from Manchester supported city, except my brother a United. My neighbour from Blackburn to anoy my brother I went with Blackburn no matter what (helped loving there kit over man citys sky blue and united red.) I don't expect use to be premiership how much I would love that I just want a club that's transparent, no hearsay bullshit we have been drip fed last god knows how many years I just want straight down the line honesty. I would for ever support Blackburn no matter what what league they are in just need rid of Venkeys, i have then tattooed on me in a couple of places. i could never sponsor anything to do with Blackburn as I would not want to be related to Venkey but I respect how well they have done to pull in some big names i would love to see my business name next to the pitch at ewood park but just could not do it. If anyone good forward this on to Maron i would be great full as i would like to hear whats happening to the Jack Walker sign and if there was anything else happening that might need money, Sorry to go on had to many bottles of wine and hit a emotional point!!
  5. fenwindows

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    yeah did think that, but after Peterborough game I was thinking of buying half price season ticket and going as much as I can, but after days on days of head ache I chose not to. Today would of probably helped to tell me no tho. But all good things have to come to a end, what happens next few games with attitude is very important. I'm very disappointed in the lack of Venkys out stuff going on. I know times are good at the minute... sort of.. if league 1 is something to accept. But not matter what happens the club really needs to go to people who care, people who need success. People who feels the emotion that we all feel, not a bunch of idiots a thousand miles away that don't give two sh*ts.
  6. fenwindows

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    what a disappointment, but this record can not go on for ever and had to end. Was starting to feel like a burden! We will see what we are made off the next couple of games. They are very important after that result. I don't believe we cant win by play offs we only turn up against top teams, as sad as it sounds its like our FA cup final. We celebrated and quite rightly against shewsbury like it was Arsenal, but that's just the sign of the times! Thing to make it worse a lot of our ex players scoring today even David Goodwillie. Sorry if this has been mentioned ive had to much drowning my sorrows to much to read everyones comment!! Would like to point out I would of gone today but I am part of not a penny more. I did go to the Peterborough game and enjoyed it but only went as free tickets as my business sponsors a board at posh. I am nearly turned to go to a game but still struggling to pay to them. This game has not disheartened me, the lads have done well after such a poor start. COYB!!
  7. fenwindows

    Rovers v Charlton

    Jlowe managed it?
  8. Cracking game, first game been to since Lambert left! Do Venky’s get money from away games?? We was a lot better with Tomlinson! Our only weak player was Nyambe he was terrible. Good to see Mulgrew tell Downing off after Peterborough scored! Conway got better as game went on, Conway and Antonsson both need to practice there crossing can’t rememeber 1 cross beating the first man unless it went high over everyone! We never looked like losing. Will be getting tickets for Northampton!
  9. fenwindows

    Lenihan has broken foot

    Explains why he wasn't sold!
  10. fenwindows

    Transfers Part 3

    .....right back..... right back in the changing room....... ....classic
  11. fenwindows

    Transfers Part 3

    Financially means nothing to us at the min never seen a penny of them sales of super bowyer. More money in venky pot what a hero. He should of scouted not managed. With his team that he scouted and a actual manager venkys pot would be a hole lot bigger. But then they would have to invest some of that money back into the club.
  12. fenwindows

    Radio rovers

    With out sounding like I'm taking the @#/?... how do they get to and around Ewood and to the exact seat without a carer?
  13. fenwindows

    Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    Pretty good I should think they could play another 3 games today the amount of effort put in.
  14. fenwindows

    Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    Don't get me wrong Tony did not help today, but some of his signings looked pretty exciting if wasn't for them and bennet I would of stopped watching. The voids he's had to fill look promising he needs money to replace the @#/? that he has been left with, Raya, Nyambe, Ward, Graham the list goes on!
  15. Thanks just did hopefully it keeps me as japan so can get every game!

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