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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    Jlowe managed it?
  2. Cracking game, first game been to since Lambert left! Do Venky’s get money from away games?? We was a lot better with Tomlinson! Our only weak player was Nyambe he was terrible. Good to see Mulgrew tell Downing off after Peterborough scored! Conway got better as game went on, Conway and Antonsson both need to practice there crossing can’t rememeber 1 cross beating the first man unless it went high over everyone! We never looked like losing. Will be getting tickets for Northampton!
  3. Lenihan has broken foot

    Explains why he wasn't sold!
  4. Transfers Part 3

    .....right back..... right back in the changing room....... ....classic
  5. Transfers Part 3

    Financially means nothing to us at the min never seen a penny of them sales of super bowyer. More money in venky pot what a hero. He should of scouted not managed. With his team that he scouted and a actual manager venkys pot would be a hole lot bigger. But then they would have to invest some of that money back into the club.
  6. Radio rovers

    With out sounding like I'm taking the @#/?... how do they get to and around Ewood and to the exact seat without a carer?
  7. Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    Pretty good I should think they could play another 3 games today the amount of effort put in.
  8. Rovers v Doncaster Rovers

    Don't get me wrong Tony did not help today, but some of his signings looked pretty exciting if wasn't for them and bennet I would of stopped watching. The voids he's had to fill look promising he needs money to replace the @#/? that he has been left with, Raya, Nyambe, Ward, Graham the list goes on!
  9. Thanks just did hopefully it keeps me as japan so can get every game!
  10. I'm an overseas fan for this game, I'm in tokyo so should be on around 11 tonight if worked it out right. Can I get it on my phone? Do you need a registered address overseas? Has anyone cracked how to get this in England?
  11. Transfers Part 3

    Bit like when we loaned out Orr, Goodwilly, best and tried to pimp out all the other rubbish we over paid for and paid stupid wages on because we couldn't sell them as no body else is that stupid to pay the full wages to get them off the books! Not saying this is the case and I hope he becomes a legend by getting us back to championship! Every loan is a gamble when your skint!
  12. Southend v Rovers

    Anyone found anywhere to watch the game online?