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  1. 4,000 Holes

    Mick Heaton tribute

    ‘Easy’ – The Mick Heaton Story. On the 25th anniversary of his untimely passing, this is a great tribute by Rob Sawyer (who also wrote the Roy Vernon book ‘Blue Dragon’). https://www.toffeeweb.com/season/19-20/comment/history/39422.html
  2. 4,000 Holes

    Republic of Ireland 11

  3. 4,000 Holes


    Thank you, it means a lot. Really proud of this issue. Crossword possibly trickier than normal too - got to give a challenge to those who have crazy encyclopedic knowledge of the most obscure Rovers players out there!😆
  4. 4,000 Holes


    Haha, thanks very much for buying then! Initials are LB, ZK, JM and GF!
  5. 4,000 Holes


    Thanks for ordering from over there! And cheers for the feedback - never sure how easy or hard these quizzes have been - maybe it'll be SLIGHTLY easier next time. We'll see!
  6. 4,000 Holes


    Answers on page 46!😉
  7. 4,000 Holes


    Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of Issue 100 at the match yesterday. Including those posted out, 330 copies have been sold already which is absolutely superb for the first weekend. Feedback always welcomed! More will be available to purchase on Kidder Street before the next couple of home games and they're still online here too.
  8. 4,000 Holes


    Oops! Glad to say the play-off final is correctly referenced in our issue...
  9. ISSUE 100! It's only taken us 30 years to get there! We've put together a memorable 48-page special edition which celebrates this significant milestone and it's still just £1.50. To order your copy please visit our ONLINE SHOP, or to purchase through eBay CLICK HERE. Season subscriptions are also STILL AVAILABLE HERE for just £9.00 (includes P&P) which gets you all five issues from 97 to 101. If you prefer grabbing a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold outside Ewood before the forthcoming home games from an hour before kick-off (at the bottom of Kidder Street). Issue 100 includes: Interviews with the creators, All 100 front covers printed and catalogued, LOTS of memories (e.g. 'Flying Over You', 'The Thatchcard' & how we once duped Blackburn Council!), 'I'll Always Be A Rover' (an incredible take on a Billy Joel classic), Colin's Cheeky Bits!, Confessions of a Teenage Mascot, I Support Rovers Because..., From The Terraces, 'Who Were You?' #15 Richard Witschge, 101 Great Rovers Goals #7, Voice From The Valleys, Rovers' Own West Lothian Question, Fantastic Fergie, Just Look At Them Now!, Rovers-themed Crossword…. plus much much more! Thank you and here's to the next 100... maybe!
  10. If you need any more convincing to purchase this excellent book, then there are some great extracts included in Issue 99 of 4,000 Holes as tasters. It's the perfect Christmas combo for your coffee table!😉
  11. 4,000 Holes


    Thank you to everyone who has purchased Issue 99 so far - a fantastic 260 copies shifted over the first weekend. It's still available to buy via the links above and before the Christmas home matches. Feedback always welcomed too before we gear up for Issue 100!!
  12. Issue 99 is here! For just £1.50, we've got a bumper 40-page fanzine to keep you entertained over the festive period. It includes a concoction not to be found anywhere else, such as a celebration of goals scored AGAINST Rovers, a 1190-word homage to Bengali-Fodé Koita, an examination of cult Rovers stickers, the discovery of a Rovers fan in Zambia and an answer to the VAR offside problem – footballers minus an arm. There’s plenty of other stuff too including: Fan Column Bingo, From The Terraces, The Very Strange Rovers Job Advert, Rhodri the Dragon’s ‘Voice From The Valleys’, Saturday Kitchen Live with Tony Mowbray, Magnificent McEvoy, Tales from the Jack Walker Upper, the ‘Danned’ United XI and the usual Rovers-themed crossword. To order your copy please visit our ONLINE SHOP, or to purchase through eBay CLICK HERE. Postage is just 75p for first class delivery in the UK. Season subscriptions are also STILL AVAILABLE HERE for just £9.00 (includes P&P) which gets you all five issues from 97 to 101. If you prefer grabbing a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold on Kidder Street before the forthcoming home games from an hour before kick-off. Thanks.
  13. 4,000 Holes

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Simon is a thoroughly respected commentator on the Rovers from the fanzine's perspective. Massively grateful that he went to the effort of getting quotes from the likes of Terry Gennoe, Mick Rathbone, Mick Speight and other teammates for his wonderful 2000-word tribute to Kevin Stonehouse in Issue 97 earlier this season. This was followed up by another brilliant piece about John Lowey last month.
  14. 4,000 Holes

    Cringiest moments in Rovers history?

    Great call and possibly a forgotten event by some. From Issue 91 of 4,000 Holes: Rovers 1–1 Man United (May 2011) And so to the Nichtangriffspakt von Ewood – yet another shameful episode during the Steve Kean era which happened blatantly in front of our eyes and the Sky TV cameras as United won a record-equalling 19th league title at Ewood. That it should happen on the most significant date in our modern-day his­tory (14th May) is a further blemish as United were allowed to parade to the title without a single challenge made by Rovers. In the penultimate game of the 2010-11 season, United just needed a draw to seal the title which was achieved courtesy of a Wayne Rooney equalizing penalty in the 73rd minute after Brett Emerton scored the opener. But in the last ten minutes, there was bare­ly an attack or a tackle by either team – in fact for the final six minutes, United had 100% possession and over 150 successive pass­es deep in their own half. Both teams were happy with a point (United to win the league; Rovers to help the relegation struggle), but there was little pride in letting the game fizzle out like this, especially as champions should show why they are champions. The integrity of the game was also at stake as Wigan, Blackpool, Birmingham and Wolves all would have massively benefited from United getting a winner. Equally, Chel­sea were depending on a Rovers goal to keep alive their slim title chances. Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand were happy to play passes along the defensive line with Paul Scholes occasionally dropping back to join in with the lackadaisical proceedings, while Rovers’ lone forward Jason Roberts scampered half-heartedly to close each de­fender down in turn – if you can call it “closing down”. Of course, United were under direct in­struction by Sir Alex Ferguson who probably didn’t even need to give his Scottish ally Kean a nod and a wink for him to join in.
  15. 4,000 Holes


    Well over 200 copies of the new Issue 98 shifted already this weekend, so thank you very much if you have purchased and had a read - it really is appreciated!! Any feedback is always welcome too. More will be available on Kidder Street for £1.50 before the Forest match on Tuesday. Copies are always available online here too of course.😄

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