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  1. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    Missed his post match radio interview; anyone able to share a link or tell me where to find it? Thanks.
  2. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya


    Perhaps all posters should understand the meaning of ‘confirmation bias’ before considering what other people write?
  3. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    Just decided to go tomorrow night. Driving. Anyone got any thoughts/advice on best route? Plan to leave circa 12 noon.
  4. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Ben Brereton

    It’s all about fitness. He was blowing very quickly. Just needs to reach the required standard for fitness and then the real player can be seen and judged properly. He appears to be a confidence player too. Carrying a price tag is easier for some more than others and he’s going to find it hard to show what he’s got when he’s (a) unfit (b) being brought on to do cameos. If we’d have had a like for like for DG to bring on yesterday, woukd we have seen him instead. Probably. TM is doing what he’s paid to do. Buy talent for now AND his future plans. Give the manager and the player time to prove themselves. Getting on Brereton’s back will not help only hinder.
  5. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Not read every post in detai; apologies if I’ve missed any of the below: - Players...don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention our promotion winner Antonsson and has Jason Wilcox has a mention? - Dirty Leeds...Elland Road is s shocking ground and horrible place fo go; their fans aren’t the nicest (home and away) - Sir Matt Busby Rememberance...their orchestrated ‘protest’ in the minute science at Ewood including Don Revie RIP banners and the Munich song is etched in my memory. Remember: an electric atmosphere and huge swathes of Ewood chanting, “Leeds scum”; Strachan & McAllister gesticulating to their fans to shut up and thanking to the BBE to applaud our supporters.
  6. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Rovers vs Villa - post match discussion inc. MOTM Poll

    Where as a David Platt went from strength to strength after his debut goal against us, after signing from Crewe?
  7. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Rovers vs Villa - post match discussion inc. MOTM Poll

    Did the ugly stuff well. There is a marked difference in his attitude and work rate to what it was a little over 12 months too. We certainly need a player from his mould as soon as possible for back up. Dack had a glorious moment in the final third on the LHS in the first half and his goal just proved how good he is as an innate talent. Thought Villa did a good job on him and did well to keep him fairly quiet. That said, the number of free kicks he wins is important. Nyambe gets better and better. What is interesting is he isn’t being targeted by opponents quite as much in the way he was last season, which he deserves praise for and I hope Bell will grow in stature and confidence in the way our no.2 has. If Nyambe can improve his aerial presence we have a truly appreciating asset on our hands. Reed was superb (other than the free kick). Looks like a dynamo. Love the way he looks forward and seeks to use the ball quickly. Villa felt his presence for sure. Whilst my family and I left gutted at their equaliser, there were loads of positives in the performance and much to be optimistic about when you compare where we are now in comparison with 2 years ago. RIP Owen Coyle Three cheers for Tony Mowbray & Mark Venus
  8. http://www.skysports.com/football/bristol-c-vs-blackburn/preview/392605
  9. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    It would be interesting to see how the average value of PL clubs has increased year on year since 2010. I suspect it’s rather a lot!
  10. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    On the money (no pun intended).
  11. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Bradley Dack

    And £15m then was quite different from £15m now. More evidence the club is being better run too. PS I remember where I was when he heard Shearer had gone; rather like people remember where they were when we beat Burnley 5-0 (😂) and JFK and Diana died. i was walking past the fitter’s workshop in the factory where I worked. Sun was shining through the roof lights. Gutted yet perversely proud that our name was attached to the world record fee. Still would rather he’d stayed. No single player has ever given me such confidence just by seeing his name on the team sheet. Legend.
  12. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Dominic Samuel

    The event that causes an ACL injury so often look innocuous unlike the injury itself. Hope he’s on the mend soon. 40 years ago he’d probably be finished.
  13. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Ben Brereton

    Totally. I remember thinking “WOW. That’s why we broke the transfer record.” He was so explosive.
  14. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    Ben Brereton

    Agree in part. Smashing the British transfer record was the most exciting part initially for a player that was much talked about and had played for England. That said, his 118 appearances and 23 goal record for Southampton isn’t what got us excited. It was his potential. Remember the BBE singing Speedie’s name in our first home game in the Prem against Arsenal. They played a goodbye message from him to the fans. I remember the chant morphing from Speedie to Shearer as Alan ran out on to the pitch. We never looked back from there. Also remember Speedie getting arrested on S’oton’s pre-season tour (to Channel Islands?) and seem to recall 4,000 holes putting posters up around the old BBE turnstiles saying “We’ll spring Speedie.” Happy days!
  15. Speedie's Gonna Get Ya

    ROVERS v Brentford

    A day for soldiers. One for all and all for one. Fascinating isn’t it, how a game can be enjoyable when your team lacks attacking quality on the day but does the defensive, pressing side so well it’s enjoyable.

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