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  1. Good post, thanks for your comments, nailed on. You were right about your young left back, he played well. Eliasson the winger looked sharp too I thought, you have some good players and I’d imagine you will be top half this season.
  2. No way was Bell a 2 out of 10. Worse players than him today.
  3. Trouble is with Dack, people will look into his social media actions more than others because of his lifestyle. Who knows, Corry Evans might have a bottle of whiskey a week but we’d never know about it.
  4. So to reflect, don’t panic just yet. Poor result, but like I’ve said every team will get a drubbing at some stage in the season. We’ve only lost one, we are not bottom of the league. We beat a good Brentford side last week. On another day we could beat Bristol, the league is so unpredictable. We’ve still got a great spirit, the lads will be gutted, but you know they will come back all guns blazing.
  5. Adam, nobody is defending this performance. Second half has been terrible. What are people’s expectations this season? I think every team will get a thrashing in this league, like Villa yesterday. I hope fans aren’t expecting a promotion challenge.
  6. First drubbing out of the way anyway, should hopefully kick them up the bottom.
  7. Dear me. We’ve made Bristol look like world beaters.
  8. He proved it in this league with Huddersfield in their promotion season.
  9. Amazing the different views people see. Thought we played well apart from the first 15 minutes.
  10. Coming into it more now. Looking good going forward. Bristol there for the taking.
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