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  1. Tormund

    Players who never quite made it

    Abou Diaby. Injuries killed him. Would have become world class.
  2. How do you know we are waiting for the last day of the window?
  3. At last, some sense. Great post sir.
  4. I agree. 47er that’s a poor post. Not one team has had a flyer. It’s very early days.
  5. I’d be all out to get Ben Godfrey from Norwich. Had a great time at Shrewsbury last season. Powerful type of central midfielder and at a good age. I’d imagine TM has noticed him.
  6. Don’t be so negative. We are Blackburn Rovers.
  7. Ladyboy has got to be a Bolton fan.
  8. Announce the imminent signing from four hours ago.....
  9. Start of last season I wasn’t DG’s biggest fan, I thought he was lazy and disinterested because we were in League 1 (maybe he was unfit who knows) but I have completely changed my thoughts on him for a while now - delighted to see him sign. Seems like a top person and a great player to have around.
  10. Tormund

    Players who never quite made it

    David Bellion
  11. At the end of the day, none of us know who we are after, who we are signing. We don’t know who TM wants. If a good player becomes available his age probably won’t matter. Can’t wait for the first signing so we can all settle down.
  12. Gotta love TM. We are in good hands.

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