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  1. Darren Brown


    Sincerely hope it is the current top 3 promoted this season - by far the best sides in the division, anything else would be a travesty.
  2. Darren Brown

    Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Hope Mowbray sticks this on the dressing room door!
  3. Darren Brown

    Celebrity Mastermind

    Rovers were a specialist subject on Celebrity Mastermind last night, former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron answering the questions - and getting them all right! They were from the years 1990-2000, which made it a little easier - if you didn't see it, catch up on the BBC I player.
  4. Darren Brown

    Shed Seven @ KGH - anthem songs

    Maybe you had to be there (KGH).... Calm down Yozzer
  5. Great night at King Georges Hall on Monday with Cast and Shed Seven on. I recognised a few faces from Rovers away trips this season, and couldn't help but think as the crowd were in full voice at the end that some of these iconic 90's anthems would make great match day music or even terrace songs; Getting Better, Going for Gold, Chasing Rainbows...
  6. Bury are being absolutely slated by their fans on the local rag after the Woking cup result, and the Chairman has even put an apology on the cub website this morning, saying it was unacceptable and a response by the players is needed. Surely Rovers will be able to add to their misery on Saturday, and not be the catalyst for their revival?....... :-0
  7. Darren Brown

    Matchday Programme

    Cheers Tyrone (like the user name!) very nice of you to say - much appreciated!
  8. Darren Brown

    Matchday Programme

    I may have missed the boat on this one, but I'd agree that the reason the programme is so poor is down to a lack of focus/communication from within the club, and probably the lack of anyone there giving a toss, I would imagine it is a nightmare trying to get info out of them in time for print deadlines. I bought one for the Burnley game, and won't bother buying another this season. And as others have said, I was really impressed with the quality and content of the Rochdale programme. I worked as the graphic designer on the Rovers programme from '98 (1st: pre-season friendly vs PSV) till 2005 (last: Tony Parkes testimonial) as a fan it was a pleasure to work on, I visited Brockhall, the media centre at the ground 'Drumhawk' it was called, for some strange reason, and once spoke to both Graeme Souness and Brad Friedel when they rang to alter their columns. I always put in the effort to make the programme the best I could in both design and content - sometimes researching info myself to put in, but sadly that seems to be missing now. It is a pity that some of the Radio Rovers staff could not have been retained in some capacity on this perhaps - or the club try to recruit Rovers supporting / locally based media agency to take this on board?

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