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  1. Vinjay

    The Second Class - Rovers Hall of Fame 2020

    According to "4000 holes" on Twitter this year will see the induction of Jack Walker.
  2. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

  3. Vinjay

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Wasting my time suggesting this but would have been nice if fans of both clubs got together and organised an anti-FUP demonstration. If the EFL complained then throw their mental health "concern" back in their lying faces. If Rovers fans can get together with Blackpool fans to protest lousy ownership then they could do this as well. I'm too stubborn to not suggest this even though nobody is going to back me up.
  4. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

    People are saying complaints from Steve Gibson prompted this. It wasn't Jack's fault that they were deducted 3 points so if this is a way of getting back at him that's pathetic. Maybe he should have blamed his arrogant (and incompetent) manager at that time and ask if he would have done the same to Man United. I doubt it. Not to mention employing an absolute racist thicko like Jonathan Woodgate. So who the hell is he to tell people how to run things? Jackass.
  5. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

    Quite ironic. Rooney played most of his career at a club that was one of the strongest FUP advocates and now the tables have turned.
  6. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

    There were no good intentions. It was brought in because clubs like Man United whined to UEFA and two faced hypocrites like Dave Whelan backed them. If Jack had won more league titles they would have campaigned for the same thing then. Anyone who defends it on here has "FUP syndrome" kinda like "Stockholm Syndrome" with the club being held captive by bad owners AND corrupt rules. That clown at Accrington labelled Jack a cheat so yes that's exactly what pro FUP people are doing.
  7. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

    You have a point but I just can't look at it like that. What am I supposed to say "damn they should have spent the money more wisely because of those rules that label Jack Walker a cheat?"
  8. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

    People like that are poison and the reason others are at point of past caring. Good owners have been victims of FUP as well. Look at Leicester, Man City, etc. I don't see why all the blame for FUP seems to be getting directed at Venkys. If they consider getting a stadium sponsor for instance can't really blame them under such circumstances. They can try to seek a way round it so people should be hoping Sheffield Wednesday win their case against the EFL.
  9. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

    Have them because of a corrupt governing body.
  10. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

    Because it's a corrupt rule that causes maximum pain and suffering to fans. I wish...
  11. Vinjay

    FFP Trouble

    ...and the EFL has the audacity to run a mental health campaign while authorising UEFA's corrupt FUP nonsense. Guess I'll be the first to make a reference to Jack Walker on this subject as usual.
  12. Vinjay

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Flybe in serious trouble. Things were running smoothly years ago and then the Walker Family started their legal action against trustees including Mark Chown who later countersued. Bet many of the employees who are there now were also there then. Hope the Walkers are happy interfering in an airline business which was profitable and now several people could lose their jobs because of it.
  13. Vinjay

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    The FPP group are certainly credible people. If the club was to fall into their hands that might not be the worst scenario. Some people might wonder if they lent Sunderland 9 million expecting them to default on the loan. Even billionaires sometimes want to save money though it would seem more logical just to buy the club outright. At the very least FPP > FUP.
  14. Vinjay

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Now everytime a new manager is hired under this regime it will stand out if they don't get a flag. A new manager (with no prior Rovers connections) however should refuse on grounds that they haven't done anything to earn one. Whether Mowbray has or not is open to debate. If the club paid for the flag then yes it's clearly PR.

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