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  1. Vinjay

    Dunn joins (Blackpool) Barrow

    Yeah you said the same for that other renowned brain surgeon Woodgate.
  2. Vinjay

    Wigan Administration

    Have to wonder if Whelan's done this on purpose. Hypocritical git loves FUP perhaps this is all part of a grand scheme to get more clubs on board in future.
  3. Vinjay

    Blackburn Hawks

    I've been to the arena but not to any hockey games. Taken there when I was about 4 years old (probably because it had just opened) and a few more times in late 90's. Ice skating isn't a natural talent. Read up on arena some time back. They don't seem to host much other than ice skating. There was a WWE event held in the 90's and another wrestling show was scheduled couple years back but promotion shut down. Also the band Status Quo also in the 90's played there. Hawks don't play at the highest level of hockey now. In 95-96 they did. 1000 away supporters at Manchester Arena in 1995 for the first British top flight televised hockey clash on Sky. Looks like Blackburn arena packed against same opposition in 1996 too. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/6216650.manchester-storm-9---blackburn-hawks-12/ https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/6210523.ice-hockey-blackburn-hawks-4-manchester-storm-17---bracknell-bees-4-blackburn-hawks-2/ Name was changed to Lancashire Hawks for one season in 97-98 when they were owned by Thenodrog. 😉
  4. Vinjay

    Championship season 2019-20

    Yeah and you said Woodgate should be given time. Look how that's worked out. Who'd have thought a guy who smashed a glass over his head wouldn't be a rousing success.
  5. Vinjay

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Poison would be harsh to describe Mowbray Magoo. More like a stimulant that clouds people's brains. Either to the extent they are too numb to see his faults or numb to his management skills.
  6. Vinjay

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Since they haven't had any choice but to resort to video/phone calls recently maybe they will realise it's quite sufficient.
  7. Vinjay

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    That's been rumoured for some time. Big news at Rangers lately has been season ticket renewals and a deal with Castore who are major new players on the sportswear front. One of the major members within the corrupt UEFA cartel. Bayern, Man United, Juventus, Liverpool, etc. Real, Barcelona and Juventus have always been leading clubs (United, Liverpool and even Bayern not so much) in their respective countries so what are they so afraid of?
  8. Vinjay

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Stop mentioning that! Small town JH! SMALL TOWN!
  9. Vinjay

    Championship season 2019-20

    Some clubs still taking votes for goal of season early (or late you could say) even though there's not going to be any presentations. Always seemed strange to me and even stranger now.
  10. Vinjay

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Lancashire. I bet Leeds fans don't refer to themselves as "a club in West Yorkshire".
  11. Vinjay

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    You do know what site you're on right?
  12. Vinjay

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    More fool them. To use an apt analogy if you're growing a field of red roses and some of them are diseased what do you do? You prune them. That would sum up those who attacked others for abusing Kean. You could say it sums up the ones who defended the Walker family.
  13. Vinjay

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    ...and sheep expect to be shepherded. Sometimes the only way of showing support is to voice disapproval over the direction things are taking. That's what I did (largely because of the man who's support transformed the club but it's coming up to 20 years and I've had just about enough of posting here) but you run the risk of becoming broken beyond repair. Like me though that would be an extreme case. For those who want Mowbray gone there's plenty of people who share your view. If most of the fans share your views or stick to certain principles (Rovers fans shift their views at a whim and lack principle) then I think it's worth supporting. Then again most of the fans wanted Kean gone and still got hounded by thick scum who drove them away.
  14. Vinjay

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Marketable talent with big personality but sod any youth who just want a "stepping stone". Sod the academy it wouldn't be impossible to have a first team at this level without them and you could only sign players on bosman. Marketing wise that could be a plus if you only sign players on lengthy contracts (mostly 28 year olds on a 2 year cycle) and no release clauses. Only hire managers over 65 (who will likely have extensive network of contacts) so there's less chance of them leaving. Give them 5 year contracts and replace them at the end of that term. Danny Graham hasn't worked out so bad has he? Only reason Tiugay and Friedel were not sold was because of their age. You could say "well what if they hired a manager like Kean". Well make sure they aren't complete assholes and if it goes a bit stale then it goes a bit stale. Still need (better) owners who would invest just enough to be competitive at Championship level. Why should anyone try to break the bank on FUP especially when people aren't even incensed by it. Is that taking a risk of being a "yo yo" club between Championship and L1? Yeah maybe it is but your way isn't any better. If Bilbao can get by only signing basque players and Union Berlin reached the Bundesliga (for years they wouldn't even pay transfer fees though that's been relaxed) what's impossible if you try hard enough? If you get into EPL and people feel the squad isn't good enough due to such signing policies replace all of them. That might be seen as unconventional but so what? Telling owners how much they can spend is unconventional and if people submissively accept that then why couldn't they accept this? You can have a future if you dare to be different. I would rather have players like Graham than players like Dack who are constantly linked with moves away. OK maybe Graham does not have an "outrageous personality" but if you allow players freedom at the very least they might not come across as corporate puppets. Not that I think Graham comes across that way anyhow. If there was ever a time to be unconventional and creative it's now. An attitude where the club says "we refuse to be used as a stepping stone". Is that really so bad? The club is being "held back" by refusing to listen to me just like many posters on here. If you take risks on signing policies and it works you might attract more fans who are attracted to a club that "does things it's own way". Every single one of you should copy/paste this (perhaps without the bit about Venkys as people at the club can't do anything about them besides encourage) and send it to the club perhaps via Lynsey Talbot. Then post a screenshot (black out name if you want) to prove it. That's what you should all be doing but you won't.
  15. Vinjay

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    I haven't seen the game but it says that Leeds has 60% possession. That suggests being technically outclassed. Leeds and WBA are technically superior to most from what I've seen of them. I'm sure I recall Rowett admitting as such when Millwall lost to both of them. People can accept honesty whereas consensus here seems to be Mowbray is talking rubbish. Rovers and Fulham had a technical gulf over rest of the division back in 2000/01.

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