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  1. Vinjay17

    Pre-season 2019/20

    I would rather avoid any public house especially in Glasgow of all places.
  2. Vinjay17

    Kits 19/20

    Copyright should be easy to monitor in this day and age. Surely there's no issues over ownership anyway? Even if there were does anyone think Venkys would understand? These are clowns who manufactured counterfeit shirts in India without Umbro's permission. I'm surprised they came back!
  3. Vinjay17

    Kits 19/20

    Don't see why anyone would want to change the badge beyond antagonistic reasons. It looks modern enough. Arsenal would be a notable example of changing a badge that didn't look modern enough. Rovers don't have that problem. It looks good in any format including computerised alterations or 3D never mind just on a shirt. I did suggest using "think big" on the badge in the past (and got laughed at because Jack's life motto was obviously so terrible for the club) but it could be incorporated into it while virtually looking the same.
  4. Vinjay17

    Kits 19/20

    ...though outside the club it became synonymous with success quickly as it wasn't used on the shirts until 1989.
  5. Vinjay17

    Premier League Stuff

    Even mentions Bruce's Dad as the reason Bruce went there. No Bruce went because he's an unappreciative clown screwing a guy who gave him a month's bereavement leave. Chansiri should have told him to sod off as most people get nowhere near that. In Thailand it's probably even less. Bruce may or may not know that but in his mind he's Steve Bruce and he's special unlike those peasants. 🙄 While Bruce is average at best by PL standards he's not incompetent enough that relegation is a foregone conclusion. That's nonsense. Certainly Ashley has taken them down twice and there's no disputing that but it does not mean it's certain to happen this season. If a takeover was truly imminent then they wouldn't have appointed Bruce (unless the new owners have no ambition) and UEFA haven't made it easier. Ashley isn't as bad as they claim (not that there should be a league table for bad owners) but they should be directing some of their ire at UEFA as well. OK teams can sometimes scrape 4th and get into the Champions League (yeah that's fair UEFA letting teams who finish 4th into such tournaments) but you need a long term plan beyond just scraping 4th and building from there.
  6. Vinjay17

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    ...and it's not as if nobody (albeit nowhere near enough) has condemned FUP on here is it?
  7. Vinjay17

    Away Kit - Poll

    Town crest has green on it thank you very much. Do some research. 🙄
  8. I don't care what the people in Bolton say or where the boundaries used to be. From 2001-2012 it would have made sense for Rovers to say "Lancashire" rather than the so called "small town" stuff. Not "Lancashire other than Bolton" which presumably is the promotional style you would have preferred? I'm not really bothered in general where Bolton people consider themselves to be but you have to look at things from what should have been Rovers point of view then and to an extent now.
  9. ...and as coldly harsh as it is wouldn't it make sense to promote Rovers advertising in the Bolton area? United will be in like a bunch of vultures. Of course in the Championship it's harder to have the "must see ourselves as Lancashire" mentality which disappeared around 17th August 2000 (albeit it as a Championship club but one that was equipped for promotion). Now Bolton isn't Lancashire as far as I'm concerned but if the club advertises in Preston why not Bolton too?
  10. Vinjay17

    Rangers fan here

    Have to blame UEFA for pretty much everything.
  11. Not sure what's worse for them the points deduction or Lowe. Leaning towards Lowe.
  12. Vinjay17

    Kits 19/20

    As long as it does not like a United kit (which the 2015-16 version did) don't have any issues with red on the shirt. As stated red for Lancashire.
  13. Vinjay17

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Pretty much saying that Maguire should go on strike to get a transfer. Very professional and respectful to their late owner that would be. 🙄 Sounds like a great attitude to have around. At least it's unlikely to be Ewood.
  14. Vinjay17

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    By telling UEFA and the EFL to piss off.
  15. Vinjay17

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    It was a joke about how much the town of Darwen is worth. Maybe not obvious?

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