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    Lancashire Telegraph

    Which is why I would never do it or expect to be asked. I have little tolerance for being censored on here on countless occasions never mind elsewhere. Not to mention I consider the LT to be garbage and wouldn't lend my writing to it. There's no extra prestige to it (or any prestige at all) as far as I'm concerned. It's no more relevant to me than what the average poster on here says. I hardly ever read it. Redundant concept in this day and age. Speaks volumes for LT's lack of creativity.
  2. Vinjay17


    Here's an excellent column from last month. Agree with virtually all of it. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7637111/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-Jeremy-Corbyn-believe-Britain-Dickensian-wasteland.html
  3. Vinjay17


    Legal tax evasion isn't illegal tax evasion. I know Jim has brought up Jack Walker's name in the past but how many people put millions back into their hometown community. Not to mention we don't know the full extent of people Jack helped. Charities, etc (something his family won't have continued) and not just sporting related. Perhaps Jack wanted freedom rather than handing it over to the government to spend on goodness knows what. Leona Helmsley should be compared to Jack's family who have never given a damn about anyone but themselves. Who have you ever helped? I was looking at the voting figures in Blackburn over past 70 years. The voting was a lot closer in the 1980's than it is now. In 1970 by which point Barbara Castle had been MP for 25 years there was a majority of just under 3000. Of course the last election saw Hollern win by a majority of just over 20,000. I notice that "Muhammad Ali" ran as a Social Democratic candidate in 1987. Anyway I know who's gonna win in Blackburn though if people going into things with that mindset they will never change. Plus I'm not voting for that clown Corbyn...and yes I know we are voting for the party seat bit it's pretty much a vote for the PM as well. Most people don't base their votes on who the local candidate is. They vote based on party and PM with the exception for me being 2017 when Duncan M ran. I've voted labour before too so hardly a paid up Conservative member.
  4. It was boring. I wasn't going to attend until noticing a couple of weeks ago that the Glasgow RAW taping had been cancelled. Should have known better. The only interesting thing was Walter's appearance and what resulted from that. It's funny that in this country Walter was kinda seen as a sissy name but now I associate it more with Walter White, Walter Kovacs (Rorschach) and now this Walter. I'm sure there was a train to Accrington (you live in Clayton right?) after 11pm. There was one that terminated at Blackburn and one that took a slightly longer route via Accrington. Not to mention didn't the RAW main event finish just after 10pm? From what we saw of the Fiend it wasn't much more than an entrance anyway.
  5. How the hell was it a knee jerk reaction to fire Kidd? He was lucky he got so long. More stable structure now than then? Ludicrous insult. Only good thing about this column is the predecessor was 100 times worse.
  6. Vinjay17

    Premier League Stuff

    ...and what was wrong with the controversy before VAR? Have to point out how well Leicester are doing at the moment. I doubt they will finish top 2 but certainly that Maguire sale hasn't hurt them in the least thus far. You have to question Maguire's decision to leave though obviously United were not his first choice. Hopefully their persistence with Solskjaer will be their downfall. It's a shame considering what Leicester went through a year ago that Maguire would leave but as always footballers are inherently selfish. It sums up United fans that they accused Leicester of disrespecting Vichai's supposed dying wish (from a man who wasn't even ill and died unexpectedly) for not backing down from their asking price. Speaking of unselfish...there was some speculation (in the Venkys London Ltd accounts) that King Power expressed some interest in Rovers before their attention diverted elsewhere. Now it's stupid to suggest they would have won the League title (if ever the phrase lightning in a bottle is apt that was it) but it's a superfluous statement to say they would have done much better than the Raos. I have to credit Vichai's son in the fine job he has done with his Father's legacy for the most part. He wasn't overheard badmouthing his Dad two months after lapping up applause from fans in the wake of his death. Some people are just an unselfish credit to their families and themselves. Others are just greedy pieces of trash.
  7. Vinjay17

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Michael Knight chairman of the Sydney organising committee. No mention of billionaire status though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Knight_(Australian_politician)
  8. Vinjay17

    Letter Torn Up

    That would be Greg Coar correct?
  9. Vinjay17

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

  10. Vinjay17


    https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1188909031403900928?s=20 Gone too far here. Call animal welfare. That dog has a right to privacy!!!
  11. Vinjay17


    Too busy trying to rape clubs of ambition than tackling something as minor as racism. 🙄
  12. Vinjay17

    The reputation of the club

    Speaking of Battersby haven't seen any updates on his legal issues lately.
  13. Vinjay17


    Guess if Trump had said Bin Laden was a bigger kill some people would say "oh you only care about American deaths. Racist. Baghdadi tried to build a country, blah blah."
  14. Vinjay17

    If Tony goes...

    Also Brian Clough and Bill Shankly.
  15. Vinjay17

    Football fans and mental health

    Not watching football that's for sure.

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