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  1. Yes quite correct. Comes of using a childhood memory that he had so many caps and only one First Division appearance. He played the season after promotion until he got injured. Have asked Kamy to amend wording.
  2. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    So you think this is worse than making a totally wrong statement and labelling six players as insignificant and worthless.
  3. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    Would enjoy seeing you stand up in a few bars in LIsbon I could name and calling Nuno Gomes crap.
  4. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    Only of keyboard warriors like you. Would you tell Edinho's father, a fair footballer himself, to his face that that his son was a Portuguese no mark. And if you're including Nuno Gomes in that group it demonstrates nothing other than a complete ignorance.
  5. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    Henley yes, Lowe was from Leigh but his family were long standing Rovers' fans.
  6. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    Strange that you continue the thread with no admission that your original statement was entirely incorrect.
  7. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    Interesting that your response is an attempt at legal pedantry rather than any attempt to justify the veracity of your original statement.
  8. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    What I was alluding to was that he is a small keeper with lightning fast reflexes. TM said that he wanted a big man to dominate the area. That's not Ramos.
  9. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    You'd have trouble if JA opted for litigation. Nuno Gomes signed after his agent (his brother) trawled him around Europe looking for a last big contract. Nuno Gomes recommended Fabio Nunes which brought his agent Marco Correia de Oliveira in contact with Shebby Singh. He convinced him that because of the low compensation calculations for young players in Europe it was financially advantageous to sign young Portuguese players, which was how the next three players arrived. The final one, Nuno Henrique, was Shebby's attempt at free lancing where he was conned by Academica. Anderson was well off the Ewood scene by then, apart from pleading for a new contract for his son.
  10. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    If they were interested in a Tondela player it was probably the goalkeeper Claudio Ramos. He's one of the best in Portugal and out of contract in June. However he's very similar to Raya which would tend to discount this.
  11. The Axe

    January transfer window 2020

    Given the laws of contract I'd be interested to know how you arrive at the savings you quote.
  12. Own goals were seldom assigned by reporters. Crompton's contributions are taken from newspaper reports which state that he had the final touch. As far as I can gather one of the reasons is that he often tried to protect the goalkeeper and tried to block a lot of shots. It was well known that before he trusted a new goalkeeper he would spend a lot of time covering him.
  13. The Axe

    Current Goalkeeping coach

    Goalkeeping coaches (and the goalkeepers they coached) Terry Gennoe 1991- Jun 1997 b. Shrewsbury 16 March 1953 (Bobby Mimms, Tim Flowers, Matt Dickins, Frank Talia, Shay Given, Chris McCrone) Roy Tunks Jul 1997- October 2004 b. Wuppertal 21 January 1951 (Brad Friedel, Alan Fettis, Anthony Williams, Chris McCrone, Gary Stewart, Alan Kelly, John Filan,Tim Flowers, Michael Bingham, Alan Miller, Ryan Robinson, Keiron Renton, David Stevenson, Peter Enckelman, David Yelldell) Kevin Hitchcock October 2004-June 2008 b.Camden Town 5 October 1962 (Brad Friedel, Steve Drench, David Yelldell, Peter Enckelman, Richard Lee, Frank Fielding, Jason Brown, Bjorn Bussman,Guunar Nielsen) Eric Steele June 2008-August 2008 b.Wallsend 14 May 1954 (Jason Brown, Frank Fielding) Bobby Mimms August 2008-December 2012 b. Bulmer,York 12 October 1963 (Paul Robinson, Jason Brown, Mark Bunn, Andreas Arestidou, Bjorn Bussman, Jake Kean, Frank Fielding, Matt Urwin, Chris Dilo, Seb Usai, Gergorz Sandomierski) John Keeley January 2013-November 2015 b. Plaistow 27 July 1961 (Jake Kean, Seb Usai, Gergorz Sandomierski, Matt Urwin, Chris Dilo,David Raya,Simon Eastwood,Paul Robinson, Jason Steele,Ryan Crump) Laurence Batty November 2015 –Jun’16 b. Westminster 15 February 1964 (Jason Steele, David Raya, Simon Eastwood, Ryan Crump,Andy Fisher) Phil Hughes Jul’16-Feb’17 b.Belfast 19 November 1964 (Jason Steele, David Raya, Andrew Fisher,Josh Powell) Ben Benson Mar'17- (Jason Steele, David Raya, Andrew Fisher, Charlie Albison, Aaron Dillon,Oliver Byrne,Jayson Leutwiler,Christian Walton,Joe Hilton) Benson played in goal for a couple of junior teams in the Carlisle area before deciding to become a coach, specialising in goalkeeping.
  14. The Axe

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    In those nine years with the club sinking inexorably all we have received in the way of communication are reports on how things are improving and how the future is bright. Only Lambert has ever dissented from the party line. The consultation meetings are a waste of time since it only gives a platform to those with a vested interest to propagate further spin. Hats off to those who attempt to put them on the spot but the cynic in me tells me that evasion, obfuscation and lies will prevail.
  15. Is it our overseas scouting network? Think I recognise the picture on the right, it's the Dutch scout.

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