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    Watched video of the last goal by Fleetwood and find it harsh to blame Raya totally. Antonsson was the first man on the near post and he was smaller when he jumped than when he stood up. The club have never replaced Jordan Rhodes in this spot. Behind him Nuttall and Williams both allowed their man to get goal side of them. Raya spotted the danger and attempted to get across but he's no Filan when it comes to clattering men, which in this case was his own since they had lost their opponents. Chiefly to blame was Nuttall who if he had taken a proper position could have turned it out for another corner. To be fair we don't know how much time Nuttall has spent on the training field covering these situations. Tactically we were outplayed. Fleetwood play with a left sided midfield player who drops back to left back when danger threatens allowing the back four to slide across. To counter Nyambe should have been played in behind him but after the first twenty minutes he never went forward. Fleetwood also play two men upfront who seldom operate in the centre but play wide or run diagonally. There must have been many times when Mulgrew could have stepped forward. The ball was passed repeatedly from one side of the back four to the other, once three times in succession. It might be the classic way to draw out a defence sat deep but only if the defenders look up and find players breaking into space. Not sure the players look up. They certainly don't find space. Really thought Rosler taught us a lesson with his game plan and organisation.

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