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  1. This is very much a performance from a team who have lost faith in the manager. It has stank for 70 odd minutes.
  2. Absolutely not. Two sitting midfielders is needed in 4-2-3-1. If you want Dolan in its Rothwell or elliot who have to make way
  3. Did it work second time? I'm gonna hold out till ko time and see what happens
  4. Taking everything into consideration. Firstly we were never gonna win the fa Cup. Secondly the league is our priority and being knocked outta the cup early doesn't bother me. Don't get me wrong I would have much rathered a win today. But to me our priorities lie with the league this season. And ultimately Mowbrays job
  5. Very good post. Sums it up perfectly for me. Anyone mentioning Mowbray and kean in the same sentence is bang outta order.
  6. I've been a massive Mowbray fan, and still am to a certain degree. I'm not going to start shouting for his head on the back of a pointless cup game. If I trusted our owners to fire him now and replace him with a really ambitious manager I'd probably say go for it. And I'm talking a mark Hughes or Eddie howe. Someone who would really bring the club to life again. The fact is they won't and we would end up with another journey man and could end up worse off. I think he probably deserves to see out the season and see how the second half pans out. No doubt that is a good squad and any
  7. So you don't think we can get promoted but you do think we can win the fa Cup 😂😂😂😂
  8. Absolutely insane to even consider risking Lenihan for this game. TK Douglas Downing Carter Grayson Lyons Travis Rothwell Dolan Gally Dack
  9. Happy New year to all Rovers supporters all over the world. We may not always agree but we have one common denominator... A love for our famous club
  10. If the venkys sacked now. It would be ruthless and would show that they have ambition and desire for the club.
  11. How unrealistic would it be to bring sparky back
  12. I've backed him to the hilt. But certain things tonight has me thinking has he lost the dressing room. That was as toothless rovers performance as I've seen. The V's have backed him to the hilt. Surely they will demand better results than what is currently happening
  13. No chance is this team going down. But that shouldn't even be getting discussed. Currently we are massively underachieving
  14. I thought the commentary said Nyambe was injured.
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