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  1. markhayhurst

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Yes Venkys have taken from our club (Pride/financially etc) Indisputable as is the anger of fans. However, if we are to take from Venky's e.g more player investment/supporting manager then it is important to play a game....and not make them feel unwelcome. They took money from us so now to take money back from them...etc. If we are over critical we risk alienating investment etc. (keep anger internal)...so yes welcome them and then hope they invest.
  2. markhayhurst

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    A few observations from watching the game. 1) Rodwell has an incredible passing range/looked to be growing in confidence, but needed reassurance from Raya on ocashions on where to position for corners/free kicks. Still growing in confidence. was really controlling some passes and really opening up play. 2) Bereton looked like he will grow as a player. Really fought at the end when we went 3 goals down. Wish he had shown that determination earlier on. Good at holding up ball but trying to do too much resulting in loosing ball. Mind you Dack could have played a great ball through to him to run onto but chose to shoot from distance instead. 3) Reed great at winning ball and fought but not a natural at crossing ball or cutting into box (under statement). Meant at times lacked width going forward. Graham lacked service. 4) Dack completely isolated and playing deep in first half few runs but not really getting into or around box. When Bereton came on Dack moved more forward and left midfield exposed. Disappointed in how isolated he was and how little at times he was able to contribute. 5) Graham playing a thankless role and completely isolated up front in first half. 5)Bell lacked confidence going forward Team looked to be lacking crosses/balls from wing and pushing fast from midfield. no created much really.
  3. markhayhurst

    Bradley Dack

    Did anyone record soccer Am and got a link to video?
  4. markhayhurst

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    Are tickets still available for this as nothing on rovers website?
  5. markhayhurst

    Loan Window

    Goal keeper loan needed. Imagine Raya injured eeeek not a great thought.
  6. markhayhurst

    Loan Window

    Take Rodwell as example of this 🤣
  7. markhayhurst

    Loan Window

    Whoops 🤣
  8. markhayhurst

    Loan Window

    Marcus Maddison on lone to Fleetwood as on brother James Twitter feed
  9. markhayhurst


    That will come. They are both growing as players and in confidence too
  10. markhayhurst

    Loan Window

    We haven’t got a batty/ savage/ JJ type player if that’s what your trying to say with that long winded post.
  11. markhayhurst

    Loan Window

    I just don’t ( hopefully) see us paying 8 million out right. That money seems ludicrous for what we’ve recently been spending. More likely a still very high 6 million plus add ons etc. Either way I agree a huge huge gamble but if it wasn’t a huge gamble for a finished article of young age imo would have to pay 15 million plus. ( gamble of return on dev of this lad. Liverpool nearly reportedly paid close already) I’d much rather club buy or pay wages of a released but proven veteran at say £ 2-3 million. Each year for 3 years. But no return. Rest of squad added value subsidies thus area etc.
  12. markhayhurst

    Loan Window

    I’d imagine it’s more of a case of Graham is struggling with fitness ( ice on knee etc) and will struggle to carry whole team all season on own.. especially as season progresses. Next year certainly so we need to look beyond as a club and plan a head. Re: strikers of DG mold. Big, direct, ball holder etc they don’t come cheap and 6-8 million these days is not going to get you the finished article but maybe potential of. He could be a bargain in a few years... anybody suggest a cheaper more promising alternative to fulfil DG role??? As I say don’t come cheap and TM knows this.
  13. markhayhurst

    Loan Window

    All very quiet. Not confident anything will be sorted soon.
  14. markhayhurst

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    Maybe just maybe that was the point. Quality loans from premiership with view to buy. Maybe just maybe TM was playing a game and showing that loan players at Ewood might be a fruitful option “and we aren’t skint”. Ie we potentially have fund to pay wages or make perminant. IMO we are therefore a more attractive loan option don’t you think??

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