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  1. markhayhurst

    January transfer window 2020

    IMO Mowbray is a team manager. Our problems as a club go way beyond that. We have no recruitment/infrastructure it’s easy to blame TM but in all fairness considering his remit he’s doing above and beyond what should be expected. TM shouldn’t be a scape goat for this situation iMO it’s lack of investment and direction beyond his remit that is to blame. I can’t and won’t blame him for this and neither should fans in all consideration he is doing a fantastic job.. who would be in his shoes
  2. markhayhurst

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    To be fair Davenport did aok briefly when came on. played some intelligent balls/didn't waste.
  3. markhayhurst

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Yes me too...but perhaps if he didn't pull those white socks quite so high he would look mildly more elegant on the ball???
  4. markhayhurst

    January transfer window 2020

    Grant Hanley on the bench consistently at Norwich. Not saying we should sigh him but he's not fulfilling his potential needs a move/rocket up his arse.
  5. markhayhurst

    Preston (home)

    Main observation from todays match: left bemused and frustrated by Gallaghers positional play. I.e Armstrong firing across the goal and Gallagher strolling forward and not anticipating a shot/attacking the far post to meet the ball. No predator instinct or making runs putting defenders under pressure. When Graham came on he immediately charged straight at defenders pushing forward into the box. Okay no contact but the intent to get on the end of a ball/or draw a foul was clear. I'm bemused why something so clear in his positional play isn't corrected. Instead he seemed to be confused between swopping with Armstrong into a wide roll/rotating and caught between two positions. (Mowbray tactics??). Or is this just me......
  6. markhayhurst


    Three Scenarios: 1) He’s injured 2) City have recalled him 3) We’ve an incoming defender lined up for January and have sent him back to City. ** most likely Scenario 1 *** least likely Scenario 3
  7. markhayhurst

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Do or die 🤣
  8. markhayhurst

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I knew the answer, but thought it would spark discussion re: all things Venkys etc. I guess the fact that people recently are making this rubbish up is indicative of the mess Mowbray is currently making of things.
  9. markhayhurst

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Fake news?? PSG owner Nasser Al Khelaïfi wants to buy Blackburn Rovers Anything in this... https://sportsrecents.com/en/blog/?p=109
  10. markhayhurst

    Bradley Dack

  11. markhayhurst

    Bradley Dack

    I posted a picture of Travis having trained in the gym
  12. markhayhurst

    Bradley Dack

    Oh lord....:
  13. markhayhurst

    Bradley Dack

    Let’s contrast this with Travis... you tell me which sends out the more professional message
  14. markhayhurst

    Bradley Dack

    Personally I wouldn’t be posting this all over social media. Suggests a huge lack of awareness but hey hey if it keeps Olivia ticking her social circle posts
  15. markhayhurst

    Bradley Dack

    Good to see Dacky is training hard during the internationals

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