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  1. markhayhurst

    Walsall v Rovers

    Conway very much at of favour or injured. Not even making bench now???
  2. markhayhurst

    Walsall v Rovers

    No Dack-Ill
  3. markhayhurst

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Hold on: Before the match this was the team selection many said would/ should be picked. Payne would have been kicked off the field today. Conway did not play badly in fact one of more attacking players on field( admittedly could have tracked back more but definitely legs were working.) Many said that Plymouth would be a test. It was they worked hard and were organised, had few chances and took them. in all honesty it was a very even high paced match. As for sack Mowbray. Comments like that don't really deserve an answer..... pathetic after our recent run and top additions to the squad. I expect Plymouth to be in the playoffs we played a strong side today.
  4. markhayhurst

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Payne would potentially have been kicked out of game by a physical Plymouth side with definite height advantage. Armstrong inaffective I can see why Payne wasn't played. Evans did aok when came on.
  5. markhayhurst

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    Well there's got to be some criticism we lost. Dack far too deep. Graham too isolated up front on own. Conway great coming forward but right side of pitch exposed at times as didn't track back enough. Felt Nyambe made great moves but one or two too many passes instead of surging into box or taking shot. He could be a real handful with a bit more self belief.Armstrong and Bennett ( aside from first 10 minutes) largely inaffective.
  6. markhayhurst

    Plymouth Away - 3rd February 2018

    All criticism of performance aside I think Plymouth worked very hard/ looked a very organised side. Just 7 points of the play offs for them. I wouldn't fancy playing them again. Their centre backs today looked exactly what we are lacking.
  7. markhayhurst


    Prediction. Payne in starting line-up instead of Conway?
  8. markhayhurst

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Re: Lowe. IMO he would be a very good addition for the position we are in now League 1. He has premiership and Championship experience. Has been a captain, has a good disciplined work etiquette etc. He is not one to unsettle a dressing room. IMO considering our current position as a club he is a cut above many players in this league. I would welcome Lowe as an addition to our squad any day. I have no idea considering where we are at a club why this would not be welcomed. I feel he could make a positive contribution/enhance the squad. We are hardly a premiership side!! reality check for some people????
  9. markhayhurst

    Plymouth v Rovers

    typos altered ha ha
  10. markhayhurst

    Plymouth v Rovers

    OK here's a brief quiz to have a go at based upon interest in earlier trivia. 1) Which x 4 players have received red cards for Rovers so far this season? 2)How many consecutive game appearances did brad friedel appear? 3) How many goals did Simon Garner score for Rovers? 4) Who did Rovers record their biggest win against and what was the score? 5) How many goals conceded was has our biggest defeat in our clubs history ? 6) What is the largest transfer fee paid and for who? 7) Who has played most games for us so far this season? 8) Who has received most yellow cards for us so far this season? 9) How much did we reportably receive for our biggest ever transfer fee? 10) How old was the oldest player ever to appear for Blackburn Rovers? 11) who did we play when we received our record ever attendance?? and for a bonus round. A) Who is going to be the first to score against Plymouth? B. What is the final score going to be? C) How many corners will Blackburn get?
  11. markhayhurst

    Plymouth v Rovers

    mind you it was written in 2010
  12. markhayhurst

    Plymouth v Rovers

    According to this article anyway "Ardiles is one of only three ex-Rovers players to have played in a World Cup final, along with Dino Baggio and Youri Djorkaeff" http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/8204746.My_World_Cup__Osvaldo_Ardiles__Argentina__1978__1982_/
  13. markhayhurst

    Plymouth v Rovers

    First name starts with a D
  14. markhayhurst

    Plymouth v Rovers

    Yes to Youri Djorkaeff. I wasn't thinking of the German centre half from Liverpool.
  15. markhayhurst

    Plymouth v Rovers

    Hugely looking forward to this one. Plymouth V Blackburn was the first ever Rovers match I saw. The date was 26th March 1988 and I was 8 (30 years ago. How times flies). We lost 3-0 that day. We were in League two and the attendance was 12,359. Our manager at the time was Don Mackay. In the team that day was a certain Ossie Ardilles. Who was tearing Plymouth apart until they kicked him out of the game and broke his leg. A certain Nicky Marker featuring in this. A bit of Rovers Trivia. Ardiles is one of only three ex-Rovers players to have played in a World Cup final. Can you name the over two? In the squad that year Alan Ainscow Midfielder Steve Archibald Forward Ossie Ardiles Midfielder Simon Barker Midfielder Simon Garner Forward Howard Gayle Midfielder/Forward Terry Gennoe Goalkeeper - - Colin Hendry Defender/Centre back Keith Hill Defender/Centre back David Mail Defender John Millar Midfielder Chris Price Defender Nicky Reid Defender/Midfielder Scott Sellars Our record against Plymouth to date. Games won: 19 Games drawn: 11 Games lost: 19

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