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  1. Rogerb

    Championship 2018-19

    Would expect a fair number up from Hereford for Saturday's game of First v second do Chorley Council not want them to put some money in the local economy! All very nimby
  2. Rogerb

    Loan Window

    Could be argued it lasted up to March
  3. Probably Coyles last match!
  4. Rogerb

    Championship 2018-19

    Stoke sign Tom Ince from Huddersfield for 10 M rising to 12 M bonkers!
  5. Just to add Bamber Bridge amateur rugby league club carried the coffin. Took about an hour and a half in total walked back to the Hob Inn for a pint before catching the bus back to Whittle
  6. Rogerb

    Championship 2018-19

    Villa currently losing 5million a month according to Birmingham press
  7. Rogerb

    New Kits

    Saw the new kit on a couple of youngsters this morning with no sponsors logo. Looks far better it's the black 10 that ruins it
  8. Rogerb

    Blackburn v chorley fc

    Chorley pitch not ready due to lack of rain
  9. Rogerb

    World Cup 2018

    Tremendous respect to Uraguay from a nation of just over 3million ( less than Scotland) serial acheivers at the world cup!
  10. Rogerb

    Thursday deadline.

    Suggestions on the Sunderland forum that they may be about to make 1M profit on this deal if so hope we have a sell on clause!
  11. Rogerb

    Thursday deadline.

    We did however blitz teams in twenty minute spells which put the games out of their reach. I would agree we never totally dominated for ninety minutes.
  12. Rogerb

    Thursday deadline.

    Parkinson talks about JL's exceptional leadership qualities !
  13. Rogerb

    Club Cash

    There was some value in the 1875 membership last season being exempt from the mark up on the pay on the day however this became less beneficial after Christmas when buying on the day resulted in being pushed out to the corners of the Blackburn end
  14. Rogerb

    Thursday deadline.

    One of the few last season who stood out against rovers for me
  15. Rogerb

    Thursday deadline.

    Mulgrew will be 33 during next season

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