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  1. Rogerb

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    The bit about the team playing with an identity got me. TM bigging up Bielsa as a top coach clearly doesn't see himself as one with those comments
  2. Can see this lad as a midfield playmaker in future years with his ability to see a pass.
  3. Rogerb

    Letter Torn Up

    Attendance thread p133
  4. Rogerb


    A question for Waggott was it really worth it?. Lowest home attendance this season despite the 3 game bundle offer. Speculate on numbers but say a thousand walk on didn't turn up today because of the price. If kept to normal pricing for example at 28 pounds that is 28000 lost. Wednesday brought approximately 3000 and charged over the odds at 40pound 3000 at 12pound using the base price of 28 pound is a gain of 36000. So overall 8000 pound up on taking. How many more would Wednesday have brought at 28 pound. Add in the spending of stay aways and additional Wednesday support on the concourse. Looks a spectacular own goal to me as well as antagonising further parts of your home support.
  5. Rogerb

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Wednesday fans bemoaning Westwood for his position for Tozins equaliser proving this point.
  6. Rogerb

    Character (or lack of)

    Would suggest a loan or purchase he is reluctant to play. Rothwell and Tosin would be my bet. Unlikely to be Chapman as he had him in the building before. Kasey Palmer and the young lad from wba last season are other examples
  7. Rogerb

    Championship season 2019-20

    Nobbers will be gutted if that happens 😂
  8. Rogerb


    Club cash t & c on club web site redeemable against retail items in roverstore
  9. Rogerb


    I've come to the conclusion us fans are an inconvenience.
  10. Rogerb

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    The fact Brighton keep Steele as third choice keeper while shipping Walton out on loan confirms where they see the pecking order of the quality of keeper. It was Mowbray who moved Steele on only to now have a keeper considered worse by a Premiership club as his first choice keeper. Are we going to see a further down grade come the summer?
  11. Rogerb

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Owls talk says Wednesday have 220 left in upper tier so waggott may have to open the bottom tier why he didn't he put them in their in the first place. Two lots of stewarding costs etc eating into his Profits from the ridiculous pricing.
  12. Rogerb

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Perhaps if he leaves it to the players to sort it out on field we might improve because on Saturday second half we played deeper than the first presumably under instructions from him at half time and he must have been happy with this because he did naff all to get us further up the pitch Stockley is hardly a speed merchant
  13. Rogerb


    As of first thing this morning Wednesday have sold 2612 source Owls talk
  14. Rogerb

    Mowbray Poll

    Wikipedia have him at 137 games for Rovers . Lasted 140 at wba and 153 at boro. Seems to have reached a similar stage as in the past when the wheels fall off
  15. Rogerb

    Preston Away

    Jim Arnold's grandson I think is on the books of Northampton Town. If he is any where near as good as Jim he will be an improvement on the present encumbent.

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