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  1. Shrewsbury v Charlton

    Charlton having a few efforts on 60 min
  2. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Those were the days where your feet didn't touch the ground and you ended up 20 yards away from where you started off!

    Just an observation despite drawing the last two no one in league 1 has gained more points than us over the last five games. We are +3 on the shrews and +1 on the pie men over that period
  4. Legends Lounge

    Apparently so scotch rover says it's an IPA which he really enjoyed see my earlier comment of 30 march
  5. Championship 2017/18

    Scored Derby's winner at Preston over easter
  6. Rovers v Southend

    Hope to hear again from shrimper who talked a lot of sense back in august when this place was heading for meltdown
  7. Attendances

    Was referring to your friends chaddy
  8. Attendances

    When the family grows up you will return it's in your blood
  9. Attendances

    This would be the Bayer Leverkusen game of Thursday 22nd Feb 2007 kick off 6.05 pm I paid £15 for a seat in Jack Walker upper tier as a non season ticket holder
  10. Legends Lounge

    What is that a pint of looks pretty flat!
  11. Attendances

    Take your point but it's unlikely Sunderland will be in championship next season also villa and even Preston could be in play offs
  12. Premier League Stuff

    Just the kick off time not the day
  13. Gillingham complaints.

    The bigger picture is the three points anything that makes that more difficult to achieve doesn't help. Get the game out of the way first and then complain to authorities about the state of the stand and Trevor kettles lie in
  14. Gillingham complaints.

    I wondered about this earlier in the week. Is it wise to be winding Gillingham and their fans up for the rearranged game?