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  1. Suggestions on the Sunderland forum that they may be about to make 1M profit on this deal if so hope we have a sell on clause!
  2. We did however blitz teams in twenty minute spells which put the games out of their reach. I would agree we never totally dominated for ninety minutes.
  3. Parkinson talks about JL's exceptional leadership qualities !
  4. Rogerb

    Club Cash

    There was some value in the 1875 membership last season being exempt from the mark up on the pay on the day however this became less beneficial after Christmas when buying on the day resulted in being pushed out to the corners of the Blackburn end
  5. One of the few last season who stood out against rovers for me
  6. Mulgrew will be 33 during next season
  7. Rogerb

    Phil Jones

    I thought he made all the difference to stopping up on his return from injury that season Sam was potted
  8. Rogerb

    Phil Jones

    Are we still in line to receive 100000 for each competitive appearance Phil Jones makes for England?
  9. Rogerb


    Think it was more Mennies over which went for 20 towards the end of the Notts innings!
  10. Rogerb

    Connor Mahoney's contract

    Needs 10 appearances for the next 100000 so far managed 2 fa cup matches. Unless there is a dramatic upturn in form his contract will run out before he achieves 10!
  11. Rogerb

    Charlie Mulgrew

    Charlie included in Scotland squad for away games against Peru and Mexico at the end of the month. On that basis he may get a months rest at most!
  12. Hope not he is 30 now with his best days behind him. Not been the same since a major injury.
  13. Hadn't been in the Darwen end for donkeys years before Saturdays game (Legia Warsaw match I think). What was very noticeable was the poor state of the yellow paint on the edge of the steps. Just an observation.
  14. Are you going down the Sean Dyche tonight! Reached the dizzy heights of 7th. On that basis in the last twenty five years we would have the Dalgleish and Hartford and Hodgson and Hughes arms.

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