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  1. Rogerb

    Venkys 7 years on...

    Personally don't see Waggott lasting twelve months with these pearlers. It's pretty apparent he's getting twitchy on attendances. Suspect he bulled them up to Mrs in the summer
  2. Rogerb

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    It was only the once from memory. It wasn't like he was booed on a regular basis. It was a fairly typical Lowe performance with the game largely passing him by.
  3. Rogerb

    Rodwell signs

    There was a moment towards the end of the first half when we were under pressure when Rodwell passed the ball deliberately into touch deep in the Bolton half so the whole defence could move out and regroup
  4. Rogerb

    Bolton vs Rovers

    There was a stat given out on radio lancs on Wednesday night which was along the lines Smallwood had started 50+ games in succession he was available for don't know if that is correct but his appearance on the bench last night was quite a statement from TM about a player who had previously been a 100% starter
  5. Rogerb

    Rodwell signs

    Played a number of diagonal passes in that first half right on the money to Beno
  6. Rogerb

    Bolton vs Rovers

    The change to three at the back reduced the effect that Bolton's forward had in the air by him targeting Bennett in the first half. From 60 mins there was an element of bus parking think Tony has some Italian blood in him old school defend the 1-0
  7. Rogerb

    Bolton vs Rovers MOTM

    Raya plus his kicking was excellent today
  8. Rogerb


    Depending on Jennings winter he may be on England duty. Hameed who knows how he will perform!
  9. Rogerb


    Thanks for posting this Chaddy. Some degree of complacency here expecting to bounce back at first attempt but concentrating on youth. The old addage you will never win anything with kids springs to mind. Sounds like they are targeting a non test selected Aussie batsman as next summers overseas player
  10. Rogerb

    Championship 2018-19

    Rumblings of discontent on their forum with calls for manager to go and hemmings to sell up after yesterday's defeat!
  11. Rogerb

    Academy & U'21's

    According to the LEP Preston have forfeited because they can't raise a team
  12. Rogerb


    Jennings is 26. Which is more than his average this summer of just over 18 against India. However the fact Cook is retiring may give him another chance with the tour to Sri Lanka
  13. Rogerb

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Villa brought around 10000 for that cup tie at Ewood under Kendall
  14. Rogerb

    Championship 2018-19

    Another 11Million pumped into Villa at end of August to keep them going
  15. Rogerb


    Those 8 points could make all the difference

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