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  1. Premier League Stuff

    I haven’t looked at the odds, and I’m not having a go, but if it’s Rodgers I will mail you a £20 note. You can look hold me to that. Would love it to happen, would be hilarious.
  2. Rovers v Peterborough

    Crikey. I think what a lot of people have lost sight of in the post FM world is that the players at your disposal should determine the formation just as much as the other way around. Trying to build a side around some vague nuanced concept of a desired formation that might work or really might not; rather than just getting the best footballers on the pitch and getting the best out of them is absolutely crazy imo. Of course it matters for recruiting in the right areas and in terms of defensive solidity but to advocate changing what works for us now completely and replacing 50% of our starting eleven with the likes of A.N. Other-Regista just seems barmy. But crack on lads.
  3. Rovers v Peterborough

    Chapman is probably the missing piece in this conundrum that we are having with 4-2-3-1. However, this formation suits our best player more than any other and we should stick with it. With who we have available, I would probably rather have Conway start in place of Antonsson and Payne, but let’s not discount the fact that we have 90 points and that we can only beat the teams in front of us - all of the personnel that have been picked have served us pretty bloody well. We’ve had 3 strikers + Dack on the pitch at some point in the last few games, and I’m convinced that our attacking players are far too good for this league. Seems like a decent strategy to me. Is 4-4-2 still even a thing?
  4. Elliot Bennett nominated Player of the year

    I voted for him on the Twitter thingy. Does he have his own song yet?

    They can do what they want. They HAVE to win their next two whilst hoping we don’t beat Doncaster. Im looking for Wigan now.
  6. Rovers v Peterborough

    Never a handball for me. Also thought Williams did well with Antonsson in front of him, who seemed quite clueless.
  7. Rovers v Peterborough

    I’ll do myself a favour and not read the thread back to half time.
  8. Rovers v Peterborough

    Easy this. Up at Donny, you heard it here first weeks ago.
  9. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Think the end holds 3,300 but if that sells out they will give us a bit down the side so can have up to 4,000ish. Would love for us to take that many.

    I see it similarly, although I think we will paste Posh and their reaction will be to take points off the Shrews Tuesday. We will beat Donny and an hour of Benno fist pumps will mean I miss the last train back to Sheff. Taxi to the Dev Cat which is open till 1. Recover in time for Friday ready for the weekend in London. Booshka.
  11. Charlton away April 28th

    We'll be up by then. Spidey senses.
  12. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Yes. Even if they win on Saturday, if we win tomorrow, we could go up on Tuesday with a win (if they don't beat Peterborough Tuesday)
  13. Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Win tomorrow and it doesn’t matter what Shrewsbury do on Saturday, we could go up at Donny. I think.

    Sounds like the grounds burning down too
  15. Rovers v Peterborough

    I do not give a monkey’s how. Let’s just win.