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  1. S8 & Blue

    Stoke City home

    Wow. Stage couldn’t be better set. Rovers 0 - 2 Stoke
  2. S8 & Blue

    Championship season 2019-20

    Tbh, Boro probably would for big Tone
  3. Don’t know if this is an unpopular take - But I think Rafa did a bog average job at Newcastle and never stopped crying about it.
  4. It’s all a bit of fun. He got a glowing and heartfelt chant and round of applause when he came out for the second half. And I’ve been clean for years thankyouverymuch.
  5. The away end were making sure to remind him that he’s one of our own. Especially when he gifted us the pen.
  6. S8 & Blue

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Lambert didn’t improve on results in the Champ Vs Hurst after he was appointed. But still had the Ipswich fans eating out of his hand till now... Five year contract, the lot. Strange folk, they inexplicably hated Mick McCarthy too. At least we know Lambert’s brand of football is exhilarating and expansive. 👀
  7. S8 & Blue

    Championship season 2019-20

    You’d think that Cowley needs to get a promotion out of League One at least before he can be considered a Championship level manager. The PE teacher style might have got Lincoln a decent cup run in League 2 but this looks a massive big step up into a club with high expectations and high earning players. Paul Hurst had achieved more for god’s sake. Just seems a naive and ill considered appointment for the situation Huddersfield were in. He talks a good game, and it’s easy to fall for all the PR and exciting storied hype without considering the inexperience or track record. Who’d do that? *cough* Paul Ince *cough*
  8. S8 & Blue

    Championship season 2019-20

    I think Ipswich and Hibs may be as much to do with geography as anything. Put yourself in TM’s shoes. If you, as a Rovers fan, had 3 young lads living miles away from your work in Blackburn, and you were (probably) going to get a pay rise to manage the club that you’ve always supported therefore enabling you to see your family everyday, and stay at home etc... He wouldn’t be able to turn it down surely.
  9. I’d be more disappointed in our goalkeeper for doing it tbh. Was stupid by Raya.
  10. Good post. Although he didn’t impact the game as much as we’ve seen, I thought Downing did play a part in weathering the storm just by getting his foot on the ball, safely popping it about and being an option. Was only in brief flashes though. Did think we were naive with most of the lofty balls and goal kicks. Was too bloody windy. Play like that then we’ll win a few though. Still 1/4 the season left.
  11. Decent lot their supporters, chatty and welcoming. Still absolutely blind to the decisions though - they thought they were hard done by!
  12. Yup. Robbed. Can’t be disappointed with the team, the attitude, mentality, or the manager. ”We’ll put a decent point IN THE BAG and move on” Still many positive signs.
  13. Crazy to see some criticising Walton for the Watkins goal. It’s leathered into the postage stamp beautifully. No one is saving that.
  14. S8 & Blue

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Yeah but did you know that Lambert played for Dortmund? Should've kept Hurst!
  15. S8 & Blue

    Championship season 2019-20

    Unfortunately, I think he might, with the right guarantees and contract.

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