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  1. S8 & Blue


    None event. USA were atrocious so made it feel like an exhibition match, which it was, really. Would have been nice to see Rooney bag one though. Should be a very good game vs. Croatia. They’re a top side and the winner makes it to the final four of this Nations League thingy - the loser is relegated! 🤯🤯🤯 (I think)
  2. S8 & Blue

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Delighted. I’ve seen him say a few times that he’s fitter than ever, has gone vegan etc and aims to play into his late thirties. Working his way through the UEFA coaching badges as I recall too... He’s got “future Rovers manager” written all over him! 😍
  3. It’s this kind of quality content that makes me come back here day after day... And here she is ladies and gents, in all her tiny glory... Rather aptly for a PNE thread, she’s in a quite fabulous Tin Pot.
  4. S8 & Blue

    Danny Graham

    I'll unblock you then
  5. S8 & Blue

    Danny Graham

    Prove it 😀
  6. S8 & Blue

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    I know I wasn't alone in thinking that it was crazy how our managers had to fly over and bend the knee for regular meetings when contact via phone/email etc is more practical and is usually more efficient in getting answers. Started with snakey shit Kean I believe... but now even I get suspicious when they don't go over! Cards and budget close to his chest, even if it's the square root of bugger all, is always welcomed by me.
  7. S8 & Blue


    I believe you get £3 off matchday tickets too.
  8. S8 & Blue


    In the interests of balance, if you can't afford a £27 match ticket then you certainly shouldn't be buying one for £24. Like you say though it's not the point. I feel another reason it has been introduced is to encourage 1875 Club sales - a guaranteed, paid up front membership and loyalty scheme... a very appealing prospect for all types of businesses.
  9. S8 & Blue

    Premier League Stuff

    Not only that re: Wednesday - but they've done a similar thing as City. "Elev8 Sports Drink" and "D-Line Taxis" aren't real companies or products, but just fake fronts for Chansiri to "buy more sponsorship". You'll see those names plastered all over the house of cards that is Hillsborough.
  10. S8 & Blue

    Premier League Stuff

    The standard of the Premier League is massively overrated. Yes 3 or 4 teams are fantastic, but if anyone watched the Cardiff Brighton game, or any other mid-lower table clash lately you'll see it is absolutely bobbins. Teams so fixated on grinding out wins and terrified of losing for fear of falling off the gravy train. It's yawn inducing and I would much rather have a league where the majority of teams had something tangible to play for. Utd, City, Chelsea etc are operating on a different planet, in a different sport than the rest of us. The history and tradition for these teams has already gone, they're just tourist traps and advertising vehicles. Let them be focused on being global brands and give us a proper English league. Good riddance to the greedy gets! Maybe even the likes of Newcastle could win something for the first time ever! Doubt it will happen anyway, tbh.
  11. S8 & Blue

    Premier League Stuff

    Hopefully the big boys do bugger off with all their money to the Euro Super League. Bottom half PL and top half Champ as the top domestic club competition would be fantastic.
  12. S8 & Blue


    Looked immense when he came on. I had no idea how much we’d missed him.
  13. S8 & Blue

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Imagine if you did all that, and got there five minutes after the £3 surcharge, you’d have to turn around and go straight back home. Gutted.
  14. S8 & Blue

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Could we start a gofundme? I hate to see noses unnecessarily cut off faces. Should be about 1p each?
  15. S8 & Blue


    That’s the spirit. Ban those who went on at Donny too. They ruined everything. I guarantee you that if we’re in the play offs and have a home leg that takes us to Wembley you can further ban a good couple of thousand plus exuberant supporters. That’s what this thread is about, right?

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