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  1. S8 & Blue

    Summer Transfer Window

    Good grief Lambert was shite and has the integrity of a pissed on paper towel. He signed Simeon Jackson and Elliott Ward, he dined out with our fan base on his first game at Preston - which we only got up for because as a fan base we were bored of GB, and then provided some of the most turgid and uninspired football that I’ve ever seen in my life. He took the money and did a premeditated runner as soon as his face was back on the scene. Lambert can do one. Suppose it’s not as bad as some on here saying that TM is worse than Kean but if Lambert hadn’t once had a few months in Dortmund on his holidays then he’d be managing blummin Blyth Spartans. Ask Ipswich fans if they want to swap for Mogga. You know the answer.
  2. S8 & Blue

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    Loved that sewer-rat wanker.
  3. S8 & Blue

    Summer Transfer Window

    You do know he hasn’t actually said that yet has he? If we want to get heated about made up things how about this - TM - “Delighted that Lionel Messi has signed for us, his boyhood idols. Now he just needs to learn how to play the wide forward role from young Ben and then if he gets his chance, I’m sure that he’ll do his best to take it.”
  4. S8 & Blue

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    That’s why I picked young Myles. A chip off the old leechy block.
  5. S8 & Blue

    New Kits 2020/21

    I’m massively surprised about that. That’s not the way it works in most places surely?
  6. S8 & Blue

    Smallwood signs

    I think their manager’s shite as well.
  7. S8 & Blue

    European Champions League 2019/20

    Europa League but this Copenhagen keeper is blummin amazing. Let’s find out what he has for breakfast and give it to whoever we end up with. Utd cheating their way through with a soft penalty, quelle surprise..
  8. S8 & Blue

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    Myles Anderson
  9. S8 & Blue


    How far was Starmer to the journalists?
  10. S8 & Blue


    And the timing is straight from the Cummings playbook. Imagine saying don’t visit other houses at 9pm Xmas Eve on Twitter! Some family gatherings will have gone to bed legal and woke up breaking the law. Muslim families just won’t adhere to it, and the narrative can then easily be spun on Facebook that it is “their fault” and not the governments litany of murderous fuckups. And absolutely NOTHING helps keep the “red wall” blue like the stoking of racial & cultural tensions. Whole thing stinks.
  11. S8 & Blue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Any other current Premier League managers that we could poach? 😂
  12. S8 & Blue

    Wigan Administration

    As is the way in many sectors. All I know is that if I were even the window cleaner at an EFL club I’d want cleared funds before I even moistened my chamois. Football clubs are chronically insolvent... Hence, option 4 please, with MASSIVE “solidarity payments” from this Super League. The only thing that Wycombe Wanderers and Man Utd have in common is the rules. And I know whose side I’m on. Salary cap. Ticket price cap. European Super League. And a healthy, viable, English Football League for the first time in history. No longer would REAL football, our shared cultural heritage, be affected by the whims of billionaires, oligarchs and despots. It will happen some day. Do it now.
  13. S8 & Blue

    Summer Transfer Window

    North west or no, some lower prem/parachute team will still be willing to throw the best part of 40k a week at Leighton Baines. Wont happen.
  14. S8 & Blue

    Summer Transfer Window

    If Evans has any residual value at all then we need to recoup and invest that (and his considerable wages) into someone that can play more than 20 games a season. He’s looked good at times next to Travis, and as an international with good pedigree he’d be easy to move on. But we never get five games in a row out of him. Lad’s got a glass back.
  15. S8 & Blue

    Elliott Bennett/Captaincy

    Fair point. I think Brereton does play the role of class clown and is a big target for banter because he’s a bit odd and daft. I think he embraces it. But a bit of Mickey taking for the cameras is all light hearted imo... making a “big deal” about BBS struggles could arguably be worse. And it’s what happens behind closed doors that really counts. Say what you want about Bennett (I think he’s absolutely babba) but I think his integrity, professionalism and relationships with the other players can’t be called into question. In fact, it’s part of the problem!
  16. S8 & Blue

    Summer Transfer Window

    Watched all of the Rovers Rewind events during lockdown. Nice to see stuff with fresh eyes. Every game Batty was on the pitch he absolutely bossed it. Quality footballer.
  17. S8 & Blue

    Smallwood signs

    They would both have been sent off after 20 mins in the Championship, absolutely crunching through anyone and everything that came near them. Good game and good memories.
  18. S8 & Blue

    Premier League Stuff

    I know what you mean, so unsurprisingly I like it. Say what you want about Pretty Green, but it’s not the worst gear out there - at least they think about pattern and cut and don’t just shove a stone island badge on Uniqlo level basics. Paisley away shirt - sign me up!
  19. S8 & Blue

    Elliott Bennett/Captaincy

    The bit where he was having a bit of a laugh with Brereton or was there something else? I think I know which bit you mean, but interested to hear your thoughts on it.
  20. S8 & Blue

    Smallwood signs

    Watching his “leaving interview” on ifollow, I got the impression that he genuinely believed in his ability to get back in the team. He got his head down, didn’t make a fuss, and even mentioned “that red card” that gave Travis the green light. Of course, everyone else knew the writing was on the wall with that cracking young footballer just waiting for a run in the side, but the fighting, belligerent and confident spirit is exactly what I would have expected from him. Can’t blame him for wanting to be a part of something he was previously integral to, and if Trav had got suspended and Johnson pulled his hammy then letting him go before the end of the season might not have been too wise. I really do think he was a little underrated here. Yes his game was legs, lungs and bruises and he was no progressive creative force but I think he really took care of the ball well, he rarely played a Bennett style stray pass to the opposition and he didn’t run into Rothwell trouble. A clever footballer who played to his strengths. He’s a fantastic player for the League One level and I hope he finds another team to help drag up. Finally. I really can’t explain how refreshing he was to me when he came in. He was a decent midfielder, he was better than we’d had, and he played with a tireless honesty and commitment that really galvanised supporters and set the tempo for the League One season. He embodied and illustrated the difference between years of mercenary strollers and a team that whilst somewhat limited, would put some pride back into playing for the shirt. Exactly what we needed at the time, and he leaves with my best wishes.
  21. S8 & Blue

    Smallwood signs

  22. S8 & Blue

    Championship season 2019-20

    Nearly broke my toes cringing at that. About time we retired Conor Mahoney's number.
  23. S8 & Blue


    Anyone not open to changing their opinion, doesn’t have an opinion. They have a belief. And beliefs are bullshit.
  24. S8 & Blue

    Luton Town away

    Hear me out on this - but just maybe he has a different opinion than you about what constitutes “good for the club”. ”True fan” bollocks is infantile and ignorant nonsense. Let it be known that I think he talks a fair amount of shite too btw
  25. S8 & Blue

    Luton Town away

    Say what you want about Chadders, but accusing him of not being a true Rovers fan I think would be a bit rich.

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