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  1. This is the game I always want us to win as an immigrant to the Steel City with many annoying owl friends... What a great Boxing Day down Ewood this would’ve been ☹️ Anyway - I have watched a few of their games and have a bit of the inside line... They are genuinely awful, with a horrendous squad, batshit owner, and a dinosaur of a manager that can’t get a tune out of a mish mash of overpaid, under motivated players. They are as good as down without a whimper. Therefore - Rovers 0 Wednesday 1 🥳
  2. I’ll do the maths for the last 2 years for you in the morning. You think it puts us many places up? It doesn’t.
  3. You heard of net spend Ken? Is it not relevant how much we sold before he came in? And where that places us amongst divisional rivals over the past few years? Criticise Mowbray all you want, and much is justified, but this “he’s spent loads more than everyone” is not true
  4. Can anyone show me some data to counteract this then or are we just going to be happy with people making shit up?
  5. That was the argument for why we are at the bottom of the net spend table. That it happened before we are relegated so he didn’t have to deal with the fallout and the fact Venkys have asset stripped us doesn’t matter re: TM’s tenure. Thats bollocks.
  6. He’s been here 4 years. Look at the five year net spend table. We aren’t outspending anyone at the VERY LEAST
  7. Ok fair enough. He ain’t in the best 11 though is he? If that’s proof that he’s had a budget or squad situation better than most? Disagree massively. Criticise the tactics etc as much as you want, but ungrateful fake news helps no one. It’s Venkys that have us at the bottom of that table, and we have been lucky to have TM up to now
  8. 3 players. Evans is nowhere near, I really just can’t get the people saying ”He has been backed more than any Championship manager could dream of” It’s patently false - ignoring this does the argument for “Mowbray Out” no favours.
  9. He inherited a squad that was decimated and asset stripped. Does this not matter?
  10. Still doesn’t move us up much on the net spend table does it? My argument here is purely against the “he’s had loads more than other managers” He hasn’t. You admit he inherited an average champ squad that had 30m removed from it. Criticise Mowbray all you want, but to pretend he has had it easy or to overlook his achievements to date is frankly ignorant. This squad will be there or there about s. It’s early yet. He has earned the chance.
  11. I’ve posted the net spend. Read it. Your “I expect that” just isn’t true at all.
  12. Operating on one of the smallest budgets - Tony Mowbray has taken us from a shitshow to the point where we have a squad that could compete at the top of the division. He hasn’t had a budget that “other managers would dream of” He’s overachieved. He’s a victim of his own successes with you lot. Feel free to interpret those facts differently.
  13. Add in the next couple of years then. Where does that leave us?
  14. The post you initially queried shows the amount of money we have spent pretty much wholly during the Mowbray era - at the VERY least it shows the job he had on his hands. Everyone ignores this and pretends we should be doing better because he’s spent loads. It’s just not true.
  15. Dunno? What do you think? Context and truth is important in this discussion for me. Doubt it will change anyone’s mind to see the facts but hey ho
  16. Thought he was false 9 😂 Xmas drinking...
  17. Just seen the league table. Astonishing how good our setup is tbh. Commendable from all involved - an academy to be proud of and to be excited by.
  18. He didn’t exactly light it up. Couple of good passes but fairly anonymous. He squared up to a 12 year old for a naughty challenge. That was good. Nowhere near fit imo. Chapman came alive second half just to make me look a div. Reckon we could make decent money on Dolan if he never played another first team game. Shitloads of potential.
  19. On the “laddishness” of the podcast... I listen to/watch them all and there was something different about this one... They are usually guys pushing 40 or above, played at a lower level, who are a bit more worldly wise, been through some trouble and are now happy within themselves. But some of the stuff that Marshall was coming out with seemed to be taking the hosts aback... He’s only 29 and a far better, far more recent player than most that they get on - for him to be talking so candidly about how he has pissed it all away with no regrets was a bit jarring. The p
  20. Pretty certain that Chapman isn’t going to make it with us. The difference in effort, bravery to want the ball, and the pure desire and workrate between him and Dolan is very noticeable when they’re on the same pitch.
  21. You’re a better man than me if you can tell WHERE he is playing. Didn't know that “big head” Gary Bowyer ended up at Derby reserves... thought he would want a top job now whatever the level.
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