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  1. JayDee

    Players who never quite made it

    Remember it well. Was in Blackburn end and had a great view as it went in. I and many around me applauded that goal. I think even Flowers joined in. Possibly the best goal I've seen 'live'-certainly by an opponent.
  2. I also believe Sam Gallagher would be good to have back if financially viable but we may need to seek out options that provide better value in order to strengthen the squad as a whole
  3. When's TM back of holiday. That's the key date for our trading to begin. Still think Chapman is a high risk transfer given his injuries
  4. What will be will be boys. I expect movement on TM's return from holiday. Meanwhile just take rumours and gossip as just that. Under the current regime I don't expect to hear anything until the players have signed.
  5. Honestly no I can't tell you much about him. I can tell you Tamworth are awful so that says a lot imo
  6. I live in Tamworth now and this lad was playing for them 12 months ago in the 6th tier of English football. Avoid. By the way PAL back on form posting the inks first.
  7. Careful blueboy. I think Chaddy feels its his right to post links. Ok 'pal' 😉
  8. JayDee

    New Kits

    Haha Im stealing that one and I won't apologise. Love it
  9. Can a 30yrs plus defender not use his knowledge and experience Chaddy.
  10. I agree we shouldnt be signing Collins or Huth. Too injury prone for me but I'm not against signing a defender in their 30s as there are many out there playing at a higher level than we will be. And yet Chaddy you want us to offer 33yr old spring chicken Conway a new deal, who plays a position where younger legs are certainly required. I swear you make things up as you go along and forget what you've previously posted.
  11. JayDee

    Dylan McGeouch

    I don't no the players Chaddy no. However just cos a player comes from SPL doesn't mean they ain't good enough does it. Hendry came from Dundee and helped us win the league
  12. JayDee

    Dylan McGeouch

    Chaddy I have no desire to fall out with you or anyone, however as others have said you do yourself no favours. Only recently you have been repeatedly suggesting we make a move for Ben Heneghan,ex SPL Motherwell defender and current Sheffield utd. To my knowledge his last competitive games came in the SPL 12 months ago as he has failed at Sheffield(im sure you can verify this on transfer market). Please stop being so contradictory and people may just stop giving you a hard time.
  13. JayDee


    Just throwing it out there but maybe TM has played a blinder. He's just shown Venkys that take our main men out and we are pretty average thus emphasising the need to strengthen the squad this summer ahead of his India trip.
  14. I would imagine it is just rumours as they have never seemed keen on external investment previously. Where have you seen this info

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