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  1. Coyle's new job

    If I was an Oxford fan I'd be worried. Bellamy pulled out of negotiations yesterday. Perhaps OC agent has worked his undercutting magic again like he did when we we on verge of appointing Warnock
  2. Rovers v Wigan

    If you offered me a draw now I'd take it. Keeps us 6 clear of Wigan but as already mentioned they have games stacked up and will be playing twice a week from now till season end. If they win next Cup game add another to the mix and the minds also turn to Wembley. All that can affect the players and it will be tough to keep on winning which they need to do
  3. Walsall v Rovers

    Cheers mate
  4. Walsall v Rovers

    I'll be travelling from Tamworth by train. Going straight to Bescot. How far is nearest pub mate. 1st visit for me
  5. OK so apparently we are closing in on Joe Rothwell from Oxford. Also a midfielder. Dont know a lot about him but surely puts Lowe out of picture.
  6. Birmingham in talks with Lowe about cancelling his contract ready for his return. I'm hoping this is my mate winding me up but he's an avid blue nose and he usually has spot on info.
  7. Good interview that.
  8. Best for both parties that he does not play in the fixture in my opinion.
  9. We might be saved. Barnsley interested in Lowe