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  1. ST holders are the heartbeat of the club, I had one for several years when I lived in Ossy. Even if I was back there I wouldn't buy one one because of life style changes but I would make an effort to see as many games as possible. Make season tickets easily available and reasonably priced for the faithful
  2. DeeCee

    Rodwell signs

    You can't expect a pro, approaching the end of his career, not to take all the opportunities/experiences available to him.
  3. DeeCee


  4. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    Pink Floyd - Money
  5. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    The Clash - Police and Thieves
  6. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    Blink 182 - All The Small Things
  7. DeeCee

    Nicky Marker and Ben Thornley

    I thought exactly the same when I saw it earlier but couldn't think of the name lol
  8. DeeCee

    Venkys 7 years on...

    There's all sorts of things that can be done, it just needs someone who cares to be involved.
  9. DeeCee

    Academy & U'21's

    Where have you gone to D'Margio our nation turns its lowly eyes to you, Wu hu hu
  10. DeeCee

    Nicky Marker and Ben Thornley

    Think he's saying that it's a decent legacy for any Club to have, notwithstanding that it's Manure.
  11. DeeCee

    Random Songs You Love

    This always reminds me of an Ossy lad (and Rovers fan) who passed away before his time. R.I.P. Johnny Booth.
  12. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    Ronnie Lane - The Poacher
  13. DeeCee

    Nicky Marker and Ben Thornley

    Hope not! I've never had blind faith lol
  14. DeeCee

    Nicky Marker and Ben Thornley

    I am "the original Chaddy Rovers" lol
  15. DeeCee

    Nicky Marker and Ben Thornley

    Maybe you were on our coach? Eddy Grants. We got a tramp with a bike pissed lol

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