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  1. DeeCee


    The same Starmer who, when at CPS thought it wasn't a good idea to prosecute Jimmy Saville. Just saying like.
  2. Might be wrong but back in the day could only keepers capped by England wear a yellow jersey?
  3. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    T. Rex - Cosmic Dancer
  4. Off thread but how much would Shearer be earning/be worth in today's football climate? 🙄
  5. DeeCee

    Celebrity Deaths

    I agree. Died of Corona virus.
  6. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine - Rhythm Is Gonna Get You. (plenty to go at there 😁)
  7. DeeCee


    I'm still working, security for South West Water, I treat everybody that I meet as though they have the virus, keep 2 m apart, I bike and walk my dogs for exercise, keep 2 m apart, go shopping when necessary but only when necessary, where we live has very low incidents of CV and hope it stays that way but can't be blase, this is serious shit, some people don't realise/understand/care, scary really 👎
  8. DeeCee

    Football League Suspended

    Players full pay, club employees given wage reductions, looks like the business model in most cases. Should be the other way around. 🙄
  9. DeeCee


    Is this the political thread?
  10. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    The Patti Smith Group - Because The Night
  11. DeeCee

    In case you didn’t know (eBay)

  12. DeeCee

    Football League Suspended

    Why not wait and finish the season whenever and then make next season a short season which can be planned when this season's games are underway again?
  13. DeeCee


    On a lighter note
  14. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger

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