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  1. DeeCee

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Think it's fair to say it's shit or bust this season with players contracts, a dwindling fan base and possibly pressure from Venkys being factors that will influence our future. Play offs an absolute minimum.
  2. DeeCee

    iFollow Thread

    Your lucky
  3. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird
  4. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    Bruce Springsteen - I'll Work For Your Love
  5. DeeCee

    The State of Ewood Park!

    7/10 must do better
  6. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    David Bowie - Lady Stardust
  7. DeeCee

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Mowbray didn't grant Holtby paternity leave, he was entitled to take it as in the law
  8. DeeCee

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Holtbys entitled to his 2 weeks paternity leave just like anyone else and I personally wouldn't begrudge it, management failure to put out a competitive side without him.
  9. DeeCee

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Worst case scenario should have been a point yesterday, we got nothing, what does that tell you about the state of affairs? Piss poor in every way.
  10. DeeCee

    Final League Position 2020-2021 - Poll

    Top 2 in my heart, top half (probably) in my head
  11. DeeCee

    Music Association Game

    T. Rex - Ride A White Swan
  12. DeeCee

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    Wouldn't have Evans anywhere near the team.
  13. DeeCee

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Never want to see Evans in a Rovers shirt again ditto Gallagher, at least the new signings (bar keeper) should all walk into the side. As posted previously we got what we deserved SFA. Incidentally why was Holtby out?

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