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  1. This transfer window will determine whether his time here was up or not. If improvements are signed then yes time was up. If we are watching Samuel/Brereton trying to operate out wide come August, then for me Conway would have been worth an extra year on the sheer basis he can cross a ball. In fact was probably the best crosser of a ball we have?
  2. Songman

    Early FA Cups to be reclassified ...

    Your a league above us, forget about us like we did you for the best part of 20 year. Watched the Everton game Friday night and could only hear anti rovers chants. It still really hurts you doesn't it....
  3. Songman

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Any significant increase in season ticket prices just shows how far out of touch the current setup are with the fanbase and the local area. Terrible if true.
  4. Songman

    Ben Brereton

    I thought his movement was pretty good, which hasn't really been noticeable when playing out wide for 10 mins here and there. Took the team 20 or so minutes to stop knocking that diagonal hoof they like to play to Danny Graham, but once they did Brereton began to get into the game. There's promise in my opinion.
  5. Songman

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    I really can't weigh up his desire to make so many changes to the team so frequently. Young Tyler Magloire did well for 2 games and doesn't even make the bench now, for me if your playing well you keep your place or at least make bench. The other lad is it Buckley? Impressed at Sheff wed, hasn't been seen since. There's a lot to be said for a settled team. Horrible thing to say, but the model you need to follow if not spending millions of pounds is that of Burnley 2013/2014 when Dyche was going 10 games at a time without changing his starting 11.
  6. Songman

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    If the required money is available in the summer to ensure we are competitive next season, would it be wise to trust Tony with it? Considering his sketchy as best transfer record.
  7. Not sure if Sam Vokes is fit, but if he is that's first goalscorer sorted. Nailed on.
  8. Songman

    Mowbray’s Future

    That's true, although he didn't have a nice 4 year contract there though.
  9. Songman

    Mowbray’s Future

    I've been noticing this for sometime now, and in fairness probably even long before Mowbrays reign. Being a Riversider I sometimes watch both warm ups, and the intensity of the opposition is 95% of the time way up on that of the Rovers players. The likes of Norwich and Leeds was probably about to the level we play during a game (when playing well).
  10. Songman

    Mowbray’s Future

    That Charlton game was a disgrace by Mowbray in my opinion. A tremendous following (3000?) down in the capital, feel good factor massive, league there to be won, and he practically forfeited the game.
  11. Songman

    Preston at Home

    Wish Mowbray would give it a rest regarding BB, the lad is 20 next month and has around 70 first team appearances under his belt with little sign of this amazing talent. On the game, unfortunately I think Alex Neil will have the beating of TM quite easily, high tempo quick passing like deepdale and we are done for. Rovers 1-3 PNE.
  12. Songman

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Not sure I'll be bothering watching Mowbray's football, will have to be a good summer window. Think of me what you will, but with a 3 and 1 year old there's better things to spend time and money on. Rather than something that for the most part doesn't entertain me.
  13. Songman

    Preston at Home

    In the mid 1990's Preston itself had only slightly more PNE than Rovers. Hence there bitterness towards us now.
  14. Songman

    Best Rovers Team Youve Seen

    Friedel Berg Hendry Nelsen Le Saux Bentley Tugay Sherwood Duff Shearer Jansen Subs Flowers, Moran, Flitcroft, Ripley, Dunn, Newell, Cole. Five or six captains in that line up, and a couple more on the bench. Goosebumps from the memories 💙.
  15. Songman

    Preston at Home

    Can't for the life in me understand why Rovers would request this kick off time. The pne police twitter account has confirmed that it is Rovers who have asked for early kick off.

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