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    Most sports, was a county golfer playing off +2 at my best, currently playing crown green bowls and watching Lancashire cricket as often as possible


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  1. Back in 1996 I rang into talksport and told the nation that George Donis was going to a world beater and we would win the title again !! Only played around 20 games and he disappeared back to Greece
  2. Scratch Andy


    I agree in general, I think Lester will improve as he is only young and possibly Lamb and Parkinson is the shining light but the rest have been poor.
  3. Scratch Andy


    I agree especially with Jordan Clark leaving at the end of the season to join Surrey on a 3 year contract
  4. Scratch Andy

    Championship 2018-19

    Spoke to a mate this morning who is a Wanderers fan, he reckons Jason Lowe was MOM at Reading and he is a cracking player !!!!!
  5. Scratch Andy


    Great post, also just to add their goalkeeper was man of the match on their forums and got a special mention from their manager Neil Harris, which also backs up the stats page.
  6. Scratch Andy

    Ipswich away match thread

    Going to the game, already down here working and it is 22 degrees before 0800am !! (Don't forget your sunscreen) Can't wait, like a youngster on xmas morning. New ground for me and hopefully a Rovers win, COYB
  7. Scratch Andy

    Thursday deadline.

    Options are needed, look at Spurs they need to spend 30 + million for a bench warmer to cover for Kane They are in short supply which ever the level is, unless you throw crazy money at it
  8. Scratch Andy

    Thursday deadline.

    No Barrow came from Swansea
  9. Scratch Andy

    Thursday deadline.

    Hopefully would take both, it would bring versitlity and options !!
  10. Scratch Andy

    Thursday deadline.

    Got a mate who is a Swansea fan and ex player, helps out with training with Swansea under 16s and he rated Barrow very highly !!
  11. Scratch Andy

    who's going to Ipswich

    Thanks again DE looking forward can't wait
  12. Scratch Andy

    who's going to Ipswich

    Thanks JH
  13. Scratch Andy

    who's going to Ipswich

    Going Saturday, first time to Portman Road 63rd ground !! Working in London all week, thought it would be good to divert to East Anglia on the way home. Anyone know where the away fans meet for a pint before the game ? COYB
  14. Scratch Andy

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Thanks for the info, might be a bit rammed with our fantastic support.
  15. Scratch Andy

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Just got my tickets for Doncaster, told a few hundred left, is there an away pub that Rovers fans will use ? Also lad in front of me told no coach travel left. Asked regarding Charlton game being live at Ewood, advised announcement will be made Mon / Tues. Hoping for Wigan and Shrewsbury to slip up this afternoon !!! COYB

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