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  1. DraytonRover

    Music Association Game

    Smokey Robinson - I'll Second That Emotion
  2. DraytonRover

    Lee Makel

    Was with us in King Kenny's time but hardly ever played. My fault as put him in my Fantasy Football team when we signed him! Moved onto Huddersfield I think. Very lightweight midfielder - good skill - just not tough enough
  3. DraytonRover


    1.76m is actually 5 foot 9 - still not that big though!
  4. DraytonRover

    Your best 5 and worst 5 Rovers games!

    Best Roves 3 Charlton 1 74/75 season - first game after being taken to several Lancashire grounds by my Dad. Guess it was the kit!! Rovers 7 Norwich 1 - memorable for my Dad's comment at half-time about Shearer "alright he'll do" - this after not being convinced he was worth signing!! Bury 1 Rovers 2 79/80 - watching the terrace roof moving as '000's of Rovers sang "10,9,8 more minutes to go and we'll be in the 2nd" Burnley 2 Rovers 3 - standing on the Bee Hole End at Burnley trying to look miserable (just pips the 2-0 in 2000) Rover 2 Man Utd 0 93/94 - watching Pallister panic as the ball sailed over his head and Shearer smashed it past Schmeichel (Sorry I know this makes 6 but couldn't leave this one out!) Rovers 4 Derby 2 - play-offs. Best performance I've seen 'pound-for-pound' by a Rovers team. Worked with Derby fans at the time who were honest enough to admit that 4-2 flattered them and it could have been 6 or 7 easily Worst Palace away play-off final 2nd leg - nuff said (and our car got clamped by the Met!) Chelsea FA Cup SF - Pederson's miss and thinking that might be nearest I get to a Rovers FA Cup final Preston 1 Swansea 3 - couldn't get to Bristol! Rovers 0 Wigan 1 - watching Jack's dream being trashed Rovers 0 Stoke 2 2010 - only 2nd game I've ever taken my Stoke-born wife to!! Still haven't heard the last of it :-)
  5. DraytonRover

    Noel Brotherston

    Always struggled in the mud of autumn but became unplayable on the frosty pitches in winter! One of my first heroes at Ewood - might have been partly because he was bald like my dad!!
  6. DraytonRover

    Glenn Hoddle

    Firstly the belief in the idea that someone is punished for a previous life is purely an act of faith. But even if you believe that, it only works as a 'punishment' for sins committed in a previous life if the person alive now was aware of those sins they committed in a previous life. Clearly they aren't and therefore it would be the same as being sent to prison without knowing what you had been sent there for. There is no point in a punishment if you don't know what is for as it can't stop you doing it again. Also as what is deemed 'wrong' changes through time, people would be punished for what is now seen to be good and not punished for what is now seen to be bad. Unless of course you subscribe to a view that these things are laid down form the dawn of time and never change. From a philosophical and logical point of view the whole theory is b**ll**ks.
  7. Not one of mine but from my late Dad. He was complaining that Alan Shearer wasn't worth the money and his record wasn't good enough. Half way through the 7-1 thrashing of Norwich he turned to me and said 'OK - he'll do' Never one for over the top praise my dad!!

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