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  1. Bretton with his top off..lord help us
  2. I mean what a goal. I'd genuinely bite your hand off for a point now...
  3. Always said Raya was too short...
  4. Displaced Rover

    Tugay Kerimoglu goal with Andy Gray commentary..

    Are you possibly confusing it with McCarthy's goal in the replay against Arsenal? That had commentary from Andy Gray that was very much like you describe.
  5. Displaced Rover

    Winter Warm Weather Training Camp (Portugal)

    Well at least they're doing it on the cheap...
  6. Displaced Rover

    MGP Event

    Ridiculous. Pedersen always give his all for this club, he's well down the list of "milkers". He gave Rovers fans some great memories in his time and deserves the affection he gets.
  7. Displaced Rover

    MGP Event

    God that header still haunts my dreams, no matter how many times, it never goes in...
  8. This is bordering on Tottenham away for me.... Awful from 1 to 11...
  9. Typical Rovers performance when live on TV...dunno why I thought it would be different
  10. If we win we go 7th no? Given that Sheffield Wednesday should be getting deducted about 100 points for what they did I'm going to consider us in the play off places...
  11. Displaced Rover

    Who would we like to get in the FA cup draw?

    Probably Chelsea away, but only cos it's 5 mins walk from my flat, I wouldn't really enjoy the pasting...
  12. Displaced Rover

    Hull (A)

    Great performance. William's, I'm so sorry I've given you so much shit, clearly you've always been a very solid CB shoehorned at FB
  13. Displaced Rover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Doesn't matter. No such thing as a fixed position. This is Blackburn Rovers, if the gaffer likes you and you're the centre of the training ground banter, you're in team. #ForTheGoodOfTheGroup
  14. Displaced Rover

    Fulham Away

    4/5 good chances?!? Gallagher put a header wide and Johnson took too long to get a shot away and was closed down. What else did we have? Defensively we were a bit better, but for all the talk of us being a top 6 side offensively, we looked crap. With Mowbray here this is a relegation fight, with a competent manager, it might be top 12.
  15. Displaced Rover

    Fulham Away

    We didn't have a shot on target... We could've played another 90 mins and not come close to scoring. This team has bottom half written all over it (with the current manager in charge(.

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