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  1. Rothwell were wonderful tonight and he's finally off the mark with that goal. Surely Mowbray has to give him a run in the starting 11 now.
  2. iSeeRed


    He were always controversial and pretty annoying but he did start a lot of different conversations. This thread so far has gone through small periods of transfer speculation and then reverted back to arguing over Brereton.
  3. iSeeRed


    I've been away from this forum for a while, what happened to Chaddy?
  4. iSeeRed


    Is Ben Gladwin still on the books?
  5. iSeeRed

    Ben Brereton

    I reckon the money would have been paid at the time we signed him. The whole loan until January thing just seemed to be a formality to get around the new transfer rules.
  6. iSeeRed

    ROVERS v Brentford

    I did attend the Reading game and as I sit in the Riverside stand I only got a proper look at bell in the first half, in which he was dreadful.
  7. iSeeRed

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Bell is not good enough in my opinion. Palmer in for Armstrong then. Perhaps your right about Smallwood.
  8. iSeeRed

    ROVERS v Brentford

    What I'd go for if fit.
  9. iSeeRed

    Loan Window

    Connor Whickam from Crystal palace according to Nixon.
  10. iSeeRed

    Thursday deadline.

    Dack close to new deal http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/07/06/por-dack-agrees-new-rovers-deal/
  11. iSeeRed

    Thursday deadline.

    Perhaps he just didn't want to show off.
  12. iSeeRed

    Thursday deadline.

    Seen us 'linked' with Chris Brunt on a free. Most likely bollocks but would anybody be interested?
  13. iSeeRed

    Thursday deadline.

    Yeah but the other fella was saying we needed two right wingers.
  14. iSeeRed

    Thursday deadline.

    No, but I wouldn't put him on the right either: or in the team at all. I would play Bennett down the left and Chapman down the right.
  15. iSeeRed

    Thursday deadline.

    Two birds one stone.

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