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  1. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    Whitehall isn't a CB, despite playing there recently. He most definitely sees himself as a midfielder. I wouldn't loan Buckley out either, I'd take the mythical £10m (with add ons if possible) and PMSL for the next 5 years... like Forest are doing with Brereton.
  2. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    Now that's not strictly true, I believe Mowbs is putting all of his, and the clubs resources into making multiple clones of Elliott Bennett as we speak. I'm more worried that excluded "some" of Sam Harts wages, nothing and no one else has left, and we've also regained £15k+ on Mulgrew a week. Are other clubs really going to get to deadline day and think... "oh shit, we need to go get (Richie Smallwood, Dominic Samuel, Ben Brereton)!" Emrace what is (not) to come (or leave) the next 6 months....
  3. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    I'm sorry for bringing up the wage of Harry Chapman... Mulgrew is on £20k for what it's worth and Wigan were supposedly paying 60% - 80%. (Can't remember what I was told.) It is depressing that Chappers is on more pounds per week than we have season ticket holders. So about 1/6 of all ST sales go on his wages for the year alone. No wonder we are racking up dept, and fringe players never want to leave without golden handshakes.
  4. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    Harry Chapman is on £10k a week.
  5. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    He is on the contract of his life. And he knows it. For perspective, Harry Chapman is on £10kpw, says it all about some of the daft wages Uncle Tony dishes out. Yes, he is on £10k.
  6. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    I've never seen him play, but I can guarantee he is better than Smallwood.
  7. Angry_Pirate

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Sheffield Wednesday away was (originally) this years "bucket list" must go to away game for me, as I've never been due to many factors - Night game, on TV, Stag do's, other plans etc. It makes me angry that I didn't for 1 second consider going today and that I have had zero motivation to go to ANY away game this year so far (usually get to 6-8 away games). For this, I 100% blame Tony Mowbray and his management, playing "style" and mentality. Hope those that go today enjoy a surprisingly good performance and we get a positive result... but I can't see it.
  8. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    Can you guys keep an eye out for my interest, I've lost all mine for the remainder of Mowbrays reign and especially this (transfer) window. Not even 3 weeks into January and just like last year it already feels like the season seems over (in both directions). I genuinely fear that if Mowbray sees out this season and begins the next one, we will be relegated (again) in May 2021.
  9. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    We laugh, but the amount of truth in these jokes is sobering.
  10. Angry_Pirate

    Player of the year (so far)

    😂😂 next.
  11. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    I agree, no massive problem selling Evans as I dont think we will get a better buyer for him ever again with his ex NI manager new at Stoke. Say we pull some magic and get towards £1.5m I'd be thrilled if it meant we could build elsewhere. I realise it will be less. But we cannot go back to Smallwood. That's my huge fear.
  12. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    Please do not sell Corry Evans Before we have shipped out Richie Smallwood, I beg you. Imagine selling Evans allowed the worse of the crab twins getting back into the team just in time for a stupid contract extension and us being further stuck with a L1 plodder.
  13. Angry_Pirate

    January transfer window 2020

    Scott McKenna is a name I plucked out of total thin air during the summer. 😂 Could fit the TM and Venky philosophy of selling our best (fit) player for circa £8m-10m (Lenihan) and replacing him with a player for a few million less which can go into the black hole/debt fund. I do think there could be some decent defenders north of the border and the SPL should be a market we look at more seriously. Look at what we missed out on with John McGinn. I know, for every Goodwillie there is a bad one... but McGinn, Van Dyjk, (Mulgrew) etc prove that league has splatters of quality which translate well, especially for clubs like ours, in this league. McKenna, Souttar, Ajer are all in that bracket for me.
  14. Angry_Pirate

    Ben Brereton

    The sad reality is we entered last summer potentially only a few players away from competing for top six... As it stands now, (because of our manager/transfers/loan dependency) we are potentially only one or two more players (sold or injured) away from relegation fodder (thanks to selling Raya and Dacks injury so far). The blame starts, and finishes with Tony. (He's spunked £15m+)
  15. Angry_Pirate

    Ben Brereton

    Fact with Brereton is that Mowbray (Rovers) put him in that creek without a paddle the moment they panic bid for him a 4:45pm on deadline day last August. Forest probably couldn't believe their luck, and STILL played us like the fools we were and managed to get sold of a player who wasn't in their plans for 10 times his value. Had we bid for Brereton either a week or two earlier, or waited for the next window, we would probably have saved 80% of the fee and 100% of the expectation. Poor lad didn't ask to be bought for £7m by an incompetent managers "transfer strategy."

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