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  1. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Now this will be the last time I join in the Raya conversation as nobody will chance their stance - rightly, or wrongly (Wrongly - in the case of those who defend selling him for £3m) but... Raya wasn't perfect (for us and Brentford - see Playoff Final). But I guarantee you that if we would have played last season with Raya in net for 46 games - and not Walton - we would have had at least the 7 extra points needed for the playoffs... and then potentially a place in the Premier League. Heck, Walton probably cost us 7 points - on his own - after lockdown. I'm prepared for a ton of negativity to this statement but here goes "Selling Raya (to replace him with Walton) cost us a genuine chance at £200m." Fact. Not buying a LB and keeping Bell as a starter may do the same this year...
  2. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Our transfer activity screams uncertainty. It is like we identify a player (McGinn, Kipre, Garner, Reed) and make a "shallow/token" move... but then we delay and piss about pulling the trigger. It's not until another team comes in that we then suddenly decide we really want said player 100%, only for the player to (rightfully) take the "Fuck You" attitude to our recruitment team and move to the new (actually committed) bidding team. We didn't even get Holtby or Ayala in first time around when they had trained with us, only for them to go abroad after being teased, to eventually come back to us as their own Plan B. Last year Adarabioyo took about a month to complete as well for similar reasons. Seems very indecisive and, ultimately, detrimental, and is why we lack in some areas.
  3. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Told today that this is the plan, both being worked on. Optimistic. Ayala deal didn't happen originally because Waggott and Mowbray think that if a player/agent tries to negotiate during contract "negotiations", then they have a bad attitude and get blue balled. (*Agent was also originally asking daft money/bonuses*) Rovers are being very "take it or leave it" with contracts apparently this past couple of years... hence the amount of "near misses" we have experienced (Bauer, Reed, McGinn, Kipre etc). 🤞
  4. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Which team though? 🤣
  5. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Morning chaps. Here's to the last opening game of the season with Mowbray and Waggott "running" our football club 🥂🔵⚪ (🤞)
  6. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Happy for Chanka, he's a good lad. He got rather screwed by the fact the 18's simply didn't have a proper #9 last year and Chanka was played there as he had a bigger build than Burns, Brennan, Lonsdale, Gilsenan etc. Brentford had him for a trial and Sunderland were keen (pre-covid) so Cardiff is a good landing spot. He should revert back to an attacking midfielder/winger now. Does anyone know why Enzo Boyomo hasn't signed?
  7. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Oh one thing is for certain, excuses are coming.
  8. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    🙈 "Chinese Whispers" in full force here in my house 😂. I'm sure there will be a "bit in paper" tomorrow about Matt Phillips now 👀
  9. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    (Edit: Incorrect player) Not a priority by any means, and would be shocked were it to happen, but a good move in theory/hindsight if we ever get the CB and LB. But did I imagine SSN linking us with an interest in Matt Phillips? I've not seen it mentioned here. As far as right wingers go, I've always rated him, especially in this league. He is like a less hyped but better Tom Ince. Will be 30 this season so not a bad age and obviously has the Championship pedigree. No idea if they were talking loan of permanent. Would probably spell the end for Chapman (probs for the best - allow Dolan to take over as backup) and hopefully leave Gallagher and Brereton well away from that wing.
  10. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    WTF is going on on here...
  11. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Didn't Gresko only join on loan and play with Duff for 4 months? (Jan-May 2003) But your general point is valid. For me the example would be Warnock. Warnock was not a great fullback, terrible positionally and erratic and reckless in tackling, but Pederson did SO much defensively it allowed Warnock to impress more than he deserved IMO. Mowbrays system basically hangs his full backs out to dry. Expecting them to do everything - so unless you have Cafu and Ashley Cole as fullbacks, you're screwed.
  12. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    I'd be happy with him. Ironically us signing someone like Sarr as a second choice (Free Transfer) is basically the Championship equivalent of a Premier League team (WBA) signing Kipre as a backup for £900,000. Kipre to WBA is a no brainer for WBA. Less than a million and "cheap" wages for a 3rd, 4th or 5th CB. One you can keep and start for you next season if you get relegated.
  13. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    I know I made the joke earlier... But why don't we make a loan bid for Ryan Sessegnon at Spurs. Heard the other day Celtic fancied a loan and if you were Mourinho you'd surely rather loan out to top 10* of the Championship, where he is playing and tested every week unlike the SPL cakewalk (bar 4 games a season).
  14. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    If true.... that's another example of why you shouldn't wait 35 days into a transfer window to bid for the players you want. Sometimes you don't have to be best looking girl at the bar, sometime you just happen to be the only girl at the bar... the closer you get to the end of a transfer window, the busier that bar gets. ... Rovers are pretty ugly.
  15. Angry_Pirate

    Summer Transfer Window

    Go easy on Nicko... I fully expect us to sign Axel Witsel, Pablo Aimar and Pablo Piatti any day now!

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