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  1. CambridgeRover

    Rovers vs. Wycombe - 19th Sept, 3pm

    Amazing game. Where the hell did Dolan come from. Magic Going forward we have all we need and Dack will come back at come point. Tidy up the defense and we could be on for a memorable season
  2. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    FREE RAYA Honestly one of the most annoying things in football is when fans of big clubs post "free ...". Does my head in
  3. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Arsenal tried, but Brentford are refusing to sell him.
  4. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    And whilst I feel like ranting. What is wrong with the culture around our team. Your new goalkeeper, only just come to the club, makes a fantastic save. Not one player in the defence, patted him on the back or showed any kind of interest. You can see Kaminski look around expecting some sort of reaction from our defence. I think he even semi-reaches a glove out looking for an acknowledgement. What sort of character do we have on the pitch?
  5. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    This was one of Mowbray's best interview. He was honest and progressive. He really sounded like the guy to take the club forward. For those who don't want to watch, the stand out bit for me was " Defenders? I've got no defence. We lost 65 goals, 67 goals. It is ridiculous. New defenders are coming and the players who have done the job in the team this year know they are coming. Why? Because they have shown that they can't do the job. In this league they haven't been able to do it." A frank but correct assessment of a struggling defence made up of Williams, Bell, Bennett, Lenihan, Mulgrew and co. Soon after though Mowbray was talking a different tune. In June, https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/17738118.rovers-boss-tony-mowbray-wants-strengthen-across-board/ , he said, "I did talk about the defenders towards the end of the season and when you look back we did concede too many goals. But there are reasons for that but I’m not sitting here worrying about that any more than other positions." What caused the change of heart? Hard to say, maybe some of the senior players didn't like his frank assessment? Reviewing the 2019 summer transfer window, the defence was changed in the following way. In : Walton (Loan) , Cunnningham (Loan) , Tosin (Loan) Out : Raya (3 mill Brentford) , Mulgrew (Loan to Wigan) , Hart (Loan to Shrewsbury) , Downing (Free to Porstmouth) , Wharton (Loan) , Rodwell (Released) A lot of departures, including academy product David Raya and fan favourite, but aging, Charile Mulgrew (behind the scenes trouble). However, no permanent transfer was made. The loan signings were a mixed bunch. Tosin was brilliant, Cunningham suffered a long term injury and Walton being poor. Bottom line the defence did improve, conceding 6 fewer goals. However, the loan signings were a short term solution to a long term problem. Now so far in the, albeit COVID-19 affected, 2020 transfer window we have seen the following transfers In : Kaminski (500 k) Out : Tosin ( End of Loan), Walton (End of Loan) , Hart (Released) , Leutwiler (Released) With the departures of the loanees and the release of Leutwiler, the club had no senior goalkeepers on the book. Quite rightly Kaminski, showing the first signs of our fledgling European network, was brought in and looked tidy in his first game. However, the defence is threadbare. A ramshackle combination of academy products not ready for full game time and the same players that two seasons ago Mowbray said "Because they have shown that they can't do the job. In this league they haven't been able to do it." He was right then and right now. Williams, Bell, Bennett and co are not good enough. It is a massive failure of senior management to be playing the same fucking defence that two years ago they deemed to be not up for the job. There is no excuse for it.
  6. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    What the hell are you chatting? No one is saying Raya is some mega bucks world class keeper. But the facts are, he was worth far more than the 3 million we sold him for and he is far better than any keeper the club has had since
  7. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Lenihan needs to be moved on with Williams. I think Lenihan could be the worst one out of the two
  8. CambridgeRover

    Bournemouth away

    That first goal really is pathetic. 7 players lined up on the box with only Armstrong and Holtby doing any leg work. I take it back, rewatching the second I think that one is the worst. 6 rovers players in the box marking 2 Bournemouth players, whilst two other Bournemouth players stand completely open ready for the layoff.
  9. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Mowbray dropped Raya for Leutweiller, for a while. Raya is going to Arsenal, Leutweiller is playing at Fleetwood.
  10. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    It really is incredible.
  11. CambridgeRover

    Bournemouth away

    All I can say is How the fuck is Bell still our starting left back? Dear God go and replace him Tony
  12. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    It is interesting the club never shut up about the wage and finance structure they have in place ........ After we fucking paid 5 million for that donkey Gallagher
  13. CambridgeRover

    Summer Transfer Window

    "We've invested heavily in our recruitment, almost doubled our recruitment budget," said Waggott. "We now have all the platforms and knowledge that you could possibly want at the club, and other clubs are looking at what we're doing with Stuart Harvey, our Head of Recruitment, and his staff." Jesus. Are we seriously holding ourselves up as a model example of player recruitment?? What planet is our management on? That sounds like something Steve Kean would come out with
  14. CambridgeRover

    Leicester away

    Does Nyambe look like he has put on weight?
  15. CambridgeRover

    Leicester away

    Buckley has oozed class since I have been watching. Hopefully this is his year to kick on

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