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  1. CambridgeRover

    Carlisle Away

    For me the team that played tonight should be the regular line up. Looked fantastic on the highlights. We need to play enough attacking players to unlock Dack and Palmer. If we play less as Mowbray is suggesting players get double marked etc
  2. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    Wow , holding the club accountable to their outlandish claims. How unrealistic of us to hold the club to it's word.
  3. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    I wouldn't mind if the club said that we have a limited budget and weren't expecting any major signing but the overhyping of the window, from Waggott in particular, and the club repeating the claim that we want "4 or 5 more" has left a particular sour taste in my mouth. The strange 4 million pound bid for Freeman, a position we are not desperate to fill, for me was a fake. I do not trust the club's management one bit. As I have banged on about a few times , if we had the money we would have spent it long before deadline day. The loan window is simply an excuse to mask the fact that the budget wasn't there but that didn't stop that idiot Waggott claiming we would sell 1,500 more season tickets based on some new signings.
  4. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    It is all well and good to not overspend on a player but some decent additions could make the difference between survival and relegation. If we go down no one will take solace in having some money in the bank.
  5. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    £700,000 for Edwards seems like a steal at this point. Could have bought him and Maddison for £4 mill comfortably. Tony obvious didn't like the look of either of them but Edwards sure seemed good for Ipswich against us.
  6. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    Waggott claimed we had a larger budget but we choose not to touch it in Jan. I see direct parallels with our current situation. A supposidly big budget but as we get closer to deadline day looks like it isnt there.
  7. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    Pure gut feeling. Might be wrong but don't trust Venkys at all. The funny business with the Jan transfer budget has made my wary of both Waggott and Mowbry
  8. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    The chance of a deal tomorrow must be very low. No money left.
  9. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    I still believe the club has no more money to spend. Will be amazed if we sign anyone.
  10. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    My theory that the club isn't going to make any more permanents is what I am sticking with. I just have this feeling that things aren't quite what the LT are reporting them to be.
  11. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    So it is a tactical plan to be making 3 to 4 signings in the last few days of the window?
  12. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    The behaviour of the club in the transfer market is not that of a club with 3.5 mill to spend on one player. I may be wrong but I feel this will be like Jan with some mythical transfer budget.
  13. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    I do not believe for a second we have the money to spend on McGinn.
  14. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    Spend 2.5 on maddison and 3+ on McGinn and that is money well spent.
  15. CambridgeRover

    Thursday deadline.

    Not really challenging . Williams was good going forwards but very poor in defence.

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