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  1. Refereeing standard in this country is a joke. How is Travis the one on a yellow but Birmingham should have had 3 bookings
  2. I think the opposite. He slums around because he knows no one is watching. He might as well be setting his own salary with Venkys incharge
  3. Don't get your hopes out about Mowbray going. Venkys/Waggott won't sack him unless it becomes a Coyle level performance. Even then I wouldn't be sure he would be sacked. Are any of our owners even watching??????????
  4. Johnson off and Mowbray out. He can't organise a defense no matter the men
  5. Gallagher never scores or assists, he is a passenger. He can run all he wants but he isn't paid to be an athlete he is paid to score goals which he never does
  6. Going nowhere, so many players aren't up to the standard Lenihan and Gallagher never want to see them again. Tactically outclassed
  7. Gallagher doesn't justify his place apart from Tony praying to god he turns into a player and doesn't look like a waste of 5 million
  8. Lenihan nearly gives away a second goal and he has the fucking cheek to turn round and try and lay the blame elsewhere Lenihan is a discount Hanley I.e. walking pile of crap
  9. Rothwell should just tell his agent get me out of here. Mowbray hates him and will never play him properly. Best player today
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