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  1. CambridgeRover

    Ben Brereton

    I have a really good feeling about Brereton. Given how young and hungry our squad is combined with the good training facilities we have, our club must be one of the best places for players to develop. If we can keep this group together and develop them we will have a bloody good team.
  2. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    Was that the season he scored 27 goals in 43 games. Rhodes was never carried. I don't know where this argument has come from but apart from his last season he was brilliant.
  3. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    Every day where Brereton doesn't sign is making me more paranoid there is a giant conspiracy and he isn't signing. When he finally gets signed I will be greatly relieved.
  4. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    Trying to mark Dack , Armstrong , Palmer and Brereton will be near impossible for most Championship teams. We will be a dangerous team.
  5. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    The hype is already building. When Harrison Reed was announced the top tweets were all wanting Brereton , hopefully he is given the chance to develop without too much pressure.
  6. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    Yes this makes sense. My parents saw Armstrong in Benedicts restaurant in Whalley the weekend just gone. Given that they might know each other from the England youth set up and Brereton was at Brockhall today for a medical it all ties together.
  7. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    Caddis, Hart , Downing , Conway , Whittingham , Gladwin, Nutall can go to clear up some wage bill. Most will be happy to see all these leave the club. Graham will need to be replaced but if legs keep going another year perhaps? Palmer and Reed can be replaced by other loanees. The only contracts I would be concerned for and would to wrap up quickly out of that list is Evans and Mulgrew.
  8. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    I agree he should be worth something around 20 million if he keeps playing well till January. Although he is fantastic he is not irreplaceable and if Tony was given the majority of that money to reinvest I would be happy. However, if that money isnt seen again it would leave us a lot weaker for the second half on the season.
  9. I thought Corry Evans wasn't good enough for League 1 and now he is currently one of our best performers.
  10. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    If we get Harrison Reed on a loan and Brereton on a loan with a view to a perm you couldn't have asked for a better window.
  11. CambridgeRover

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Was he good?
  12. CambridgeRover

    ROVERS v Brentford

    3 points are huge no matter the point in the season. Keep our momentum going
  13. CambridgeRover

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Caddis for anyone.
  14. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    It is all smoke screens and misdirection. Surprised some people are still under the belief we were ever willing to spend more than 4/5 on a player.
  15. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    The thing with Wes Brown was that his legs had gone. Even if he was mentally there he could never have contributed. Rodwell has the fitness but does he have the mental aspects and attitude required???

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