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  1. CambridgeRover

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Williams and Conway should have been shifted last year. Mowbray is far too sentimental to the League 1 team that took us up. Be fucking ruthless, if they are not up to it ship them out
  2. CambridgeRover

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Mowbray out I am afraid. But the problem remains higher up than him
  3. CambridgeRover

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    The fact that we are even playing Conway at his age is a sign of the poor squad management we have at the moment, and the horrendously ineffective January window. Edit: Right, which other player do I need to slag off to get the second
  4. CambridgeRover

    Brentford v Rovers

    Those subs are vile. Hope Mowbry has a plan there because it looks like we just gave in
  5. CambridgeRover


    Danny Murphy and Bradley Orr make Andrews and Lowe look like club legends.
  6. CambridgeRover


    Weirdest transfer the club has made in the last few years.
  7. CambridgeRover


    If we do get Assombalonga then we are aiming for promotion. That is the only scenario where it really doesn't matter if we pay him £40,000 a week. That salary is so small compared to the premier league money promotion generates. I would be surprised if Venkys were taking that gamble though. Realistically we can aim for the play offs, automatic promotion is too far a gap. There is the chance that the club are assuming Dack will be sold in summer and this is the replacement purchase with the hope that if we get promoted we obviously keep them both.
  8. CambridgeRover


    Good as signed then imo. Welcome Britt
  9. CambridgeRover


    Chapman and Gallagher would be great signings. Not too much cost, young and loads of upside. Assombalonga is by the far the best player we have been linked to and would change our season's aim to a playoff push this year. Still a bit dubious about the move due to the large cost and wages involved.
  10. How many losses until we reach acceptable panicking?
  11. The team has been broken since those shocking loses to Preston and Wigan.
  12. Sack Mowbry now. Shit transfers, shit tactics and shit substitutions!!!
  13. CambridgeRover

    Leeds United v Rovers: Boxing Day 2018, 3pm

    What the hell was he playing at???
  14. CambridgeRover

    Ben Brereton

    I have a really good feeling about Brereton. Given how young and hungry our squad is combined with the good training facilities we have, our club must be one of the best places for players to develop. If we can keep this group together and develop them we will have a bloody good team.
  15. CambridgeRover

    Loan Window

    Was that the season he scored 27 goals in 43 games. Rhodes was never carried. I don't know where this argument has come from but apart from his last season he was brilliant.

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