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  1. Paul Mani

    Summer Transfer Window

    I’m pretty sure we’ll get a keeper and a LB in before October 5th. Interesting to see how sales of Raya and King, internal sales / loan outs effect our ability to sign better players. The Rovers management team smell blood and they’re not going to want to bring squad fillers in. The next few signings could be the difference between going up and not going up. Go back and ask Tony!!!
  2. Paul Mani

    Derby V Rovers

    By the way...that first time pass with the outside of the boot from Holtby to Chapman who laid on the goal for Armstrong was absolutely filthy! 😍
  3. Paul Mani

    Derby V Rovers

    It was a tactical and playing masterclass. We were as good without the ball as we were with it. Shout out to Brereton who I thought had his best game in a Rovers shirt yet. He was strong, assertive and controlled. Threatened for 90 mins. Wish he’d got himself a goal. Dolan has a touch of Raheem Sterling about him. Seems to drift into those back stick tap in positions effortlessly and those feet...wow! Williams, Holtby, Kaminski, Johnson and Rothwell all very good too. The VERY exciting thing however is that we still have Ayala, Nyambe, Travis, Dack and Gally to come back into that team as well as Buckley, Butterworth and Vale etc banging on the door....😳
  4. Paul Mani

    Derby V Rovers

    Bang on!
  5. Paul Mani

    Derby V Rovers

    Dolan is class!!!
  6. Paul Mani

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes that’s right, cracking player in that league, no so in the Championship. Dack is very much the exception to the rule. Anyone who has been following Rovers over the past few years knows how big a gulf in quality that was.
  7. Paul Mani

    Derby V Rovers

    Unsurprising after a 5-0 win. Wonder if it’s Gallagher for Davenport on the bench? Ayala for Wharton?
  8. Paul Mani

    Derby V Rovers

    If Nyambe’s not playing then I think Mowbray has decided JRC is his preferred rb and is maybe tempting Nyambe and his advisors into pushing for a move? Maybe Nyambe has indicated he isn’t gonna extend?
  9. Paul Mani

    Summer Transfer Window

    “Of last weekend’s starting line-up, Rankin-Costello, Derrick Williams, Amari’i Bell, Bradley Johnson, Lewis Holtby and Joe Rothwell are all out of contract next summer, while long-serving duo Elliott Bennett and Corry Evans also see their deals expire.” Even if we need to spend some of the transfer cash on contract extensions I wouldn’t be rushing to give new contracts to that many of those. JRC, Holtby, Rothwell and of course Nyambe are the priorities....the rest are...meh..
  10. Paul Mani

    Summer Transfer Window

    Deleted?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bore off mate, I said that having watched Whiteman, considered the huge skills gap between league 1 and the championship and that I consider our midfielders to be good enough to start in any team in League I wouldn’t spend “that money on that player in that position” - It would seem from the several posters who are currently trying to correct YOU that you should maybe reflect on that. You’ll see that I specifically said that there were good League 1 players who usually get snapped up very early and that Dack is the epitome of an exception to that rule. Best to leave it now mate, yeah 👍🏼
  11. Paul Mani

    Summer Transfer Window

    That’s what I said other than my opinion of Whiteman in League 1 is ‘a tidy player’ not a good one because in the games I’ve seen he’s just been that.
  12. Paul Mani

    Summer Transfer Window

    But they were expecting / projecting it would open up surely? Not having any season ticket sales will change the landscape, surely?
  13. Paul Mani

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yeah....no I didn’t but why let the truth get in the way of a good story huh?
  14. Paul Mani

    Summer Transfer Window

    I think the manager sounds frustrated as the landscape around him changes. But bearing in mind the recent updates on fans not being allowed into grounds, it’s unsurprising if the landscape has changed?

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