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  1. It’s not an overreaction mate. The countries who have been affected least by the virus are ones who acted quickest.
  2. He’s 19! It was exuberant and immature at most. Part of a young mans learning journey. Let it go.
  3. No, I think we’ll fall short.
  4. In the literal sense, no. But we do need a win to get us going again and lift the team. A minimum of 5 wins needed out of 9 games just to be in with a shout.
  5. Poor poor performance. The manager was too slow in changing the personnel and far too many players had an off day. Massive game week coming up. Anymore performances like Sunday and we’re done!
  6. Paul Mani

    Promotion next season?

    Crikey! So we’ve scored more goals than Fulham with those players and probably 5 x the budget!?
  7. Paul Mani

    Promotion next season?

    The post wasn’t about the manager. It was about not needing to spend £20m on 8 players. The manager and In particular his ability to improve the squad last summer on £2m net spend is relevant to that point. As was the development of young players mentioned... If the only thing you could see from that whole post was a ‘Mowbray love in’ I would suggest that you need to cool the Mowbray hate-in... PS - For what it’s worth, your point about the two cash signings not being automatic picks is actually relevant when discussing Mowbrays overall business in the transfer market....but we weren’t discussing that.
  8. This is the first thing I ever ordered for my daughter! 🤣🤣
  9. Brought a bloody tear to my eye that Stu! COYR!!!
  10. Paul Mani

    Promotion next season?

    We don’t need 8 players and we don’t need to spend £20m. Most on here derided the summer Transfer business and predicted failure. Many were ready to hang the manager because of how poor it was perceived to have been. We spent net £2m on fees in the summer and improved the squad significantly. The points, goals for, against, clean sheets and they way in which we’ve coped without Dack in particular are clear indicators of that. Walton, Tosin, Cunningham (although cut short), Johnson, Downing and Gallagher have played a pivotal part (some more than others). The truth of the matter is that the manager has shown he can improve us markedly without spending top money. IF he can get anywhere close to replicating last summer and improve us by the same margin with cheaper European buys, loans and frees then we will be in the top 6 and chasing promotion next season. (Assuming we don’t get a miracle this season) Im not saying it’s that easy. I’m just saying you don’t need to spend £20m to do it. Plus, you have to factor the likes of Nyambe, Travis, Buckley, JRC and Brereton who will be a year on in their development. If any two of the last three begin to effect our team like Nyambe and Travis then we will have improved significantly. The biggest issue, if we chase the playoffs down hard and either just miss out or lose in the final is that FINALLY the football world will take us seriously and I’d expect big bids for the likes of Lenihan, Travis and Nyambe in the summer!
  11. Congratulations @Ossydave hope you’ve had a bit of sleep ready for the big game pal! First time I’ve felt nervous today. As I’ve said before, my gut has been telling me that we’d prob just miss out by a point or two. But I’m just getting a feeling that things are aligning with the poor form of others and the games we have left to play which I think are right in our slot. We want to play high up and beat people on the transition. We don’t like it when people sit in on us and I can’t see any of the top teams coming to Ewood doing that because they’ll all want to win. An added bonus to the away fixtures is that most are played against weak teams who have something to play for (avoiding relegation etc) so they will come at us and the transition will come into play...I might be mad but I think only Reading at home has even the slightest possibility of someone sitting deep against us. Everyone else will have a go, and that’s where we’re most dangerous. I’ve had this overwhelming feeling that we’re going to win all three games in the next gameweek (Bristol, Wigan, Barnsley) for a while. I’m not sure why but it’s really strong so I’m going with it. But with that in mind I’m thinking if we can nick it today and then win those games then we’re well in with a chance. 12 points from 4 games would make US that team who’d gone on a last minute dash and made it...Which makes this real to me for the first time!
  12. Paul Mani

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I agree, but I think people could do with getting over the word ‘Agenda’ ultimately we all have them. The common one in here is that we ALL want Rovers to succeed. Which was my initial point. But there are also negative agendas that people have against the manager and certain players so why not just own them?
  13. Paul Mani

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I agree with both of your points. In particular Amari’i Bell BUT if Bell began to do well over a long enough period, got man of the match a few times and showed that he was in fact doing his job and I continued to want him replaced then I too would be guilty of having an agenda...which I guess I do because he has improved and yet I still want him replaced!
  14. Paul Mani

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I don’t think even the good lord could enlighten you buddy. Turn it in will ya 👍🏼
  15. Paul Mani

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I haven’t got time to babysit you pal. Just pay attention next time you’re at the match. 👍🏼 Im sure Mr Elite will ‘slide in’ to your DM’s soon. He loves you! ❤️

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