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  1. Ewood Ace

    Jacob Davenport

    Hope we aren't going to regret handing out a 4 year contract.
  2. Ewood Ace

    Ben Brereton

    You might not like it but that is how we have been playing for a long time now. What you seem to be saying is that Mowbray has spent a significant amount of money on a striker who does not suit our style of play.
  3. Ewood Ace

    Ben Brereton

    Then in that case he isn't going to get in the team as a striker. We are hardly going to change the way that we have been playing (and having success) just to suit one player. If he want's to start through the middle then he is going to have to adapt his game. It's a lot easier for one player to adapt his game than a whole team having to adapt their style just to suit one player.
  4. Ewood Ace

    Ben Brereton

    Why not get Brereton to adapt to our style?
  5. Ewood Ace

    Boxing Megathread

    What 13 months for Usyk beating Huck, Briedis , Gassiev and now Bellew all in their own backyards. Tonight he just had far too much skill for Bellew. Surely the heavyweight division beckons now as he has nothing left to achieve in the Cruiserweight division.
  6. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Armstrong and Palmer would probably be better of switching sides that way Armstrong could use his pace to get by defenders and then get his cross straight in. And Palmer playing on the left would be able to come inside more and affect the game by linking up with Dack.
  7. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Have you seen Evans this season? He's been fantastic. As for Rodwell he's got great composure on the ball and will start attacks of with his passing whereas Bennett is more likely to win the ball back and then give away again with a bad pass or a ridiculous long range shot.
  8. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Evans has arguably been our best player this season and Rodwell is an England international who has shown in his short time here the quality that he has. On what basis would you be picking Bennett ahead of them to play in central midfield? You could say that about all of our team Dack aside. I just don't think you can really judge Palmer until he has been given a decent run in the team. Palmer and Rothwell is another example of this as well both seem to get one start and then are back on the bench and reduced to short cameos at the end of games. Armstrong is being given a decent run now and is showing signs of improvement although there is still an end product lacking with him.
  9. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    People seem to have made their minds up early about him and decided that because he tries a few tricks and pieces of skill that he is a show pony who doesn't work. Whereas I think he is a bright play always looking to be inventive and create something, he has dramatically improved his work rate and he also wins a lot of headers long balls which given the amount of long balls we play is important.
  10. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    I've seen enough of him now to work him out and I think he's useless. Such idle defending for their goal today no way should their man have been able to get the ball over into the box. He's doesn't look cut out for this level of football.
  11. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    He was decent early in the season but I'd say excellent is pushing it he had one very good performance against Brentford but other than that he was solid nothing more. I don't think that he has done well covering for Nyambe I think he has been poor. I've said before about Bennett he works hard but he is not our best player in any position. He's quite clearly not better than Nyambe at right back. Bennett's best position is probably central midfield (although he was very ordinary in there today) but would you pick him above any of Reed, Evans, Rodwell or Smallwood? Not for me. And in the wide area's we have the likes of Palmer, Armstrong, Rothwell, Brereton and even Reed all of whom offer more than Bennett in the final third. Bennett will certainly have a role later on in games with his energy and work rate when other tire but for the starting roles I feel we have better.
  12. Ewood Ace

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Postponed now and rearranged for 19:00 (GMT) tomorrow.
  13. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    A shame that it took them scoring for Mowbray to make the subs though. If you play Palmer one game and then drop him then drop him you are unlikely to see much from him, players need a run of games to get into rhythm. Bell and Bennett have been poor for a while now (in Bell's case since he signed) but both keep starting. Armstrong has also been patchy at best although I thought both him and Palmer were two bright sparks today. We may well have a squad that can play excellent attacking football its just a shame that we don't play it very often. We're so conservative at home, today it took going behind to make some attacking changes, we play with more freedom away from home.
  14. Ewood Ace

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    Looking in doubt at the moment though with torrential rain in Buenos Aires.
  15. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Another poor performance at home, attendances aren't going to improve unless the quality of football improves 9 home league games and only one and a half good performances the rest has just been dour. Why on earth does Tony keep picking Amari'i Bell the man is utterly useless he hasn't got a clue what to do when defending or attacking. Bennett was shocking again at full back (we need cover for Nyambe in January) and he was only slightly better in midfield. He's been poor for a little while, time to be dropped to the bench in my opinion. Dack may not have been at his best of late but he has saved us again today. Graham is looking well of it at the moment, especially in front of goal. I thought that Armstrong and Palmer were both bright as were Rothwell and Brereton when coming on (a shame it took going a goal down for Tony to react with the subs). The one plus point is that we are now scoring some late goals of our own. But the simple fact is at the moment we are not scoring enough goals and to do that Tony needs to let the hand break of a bit (especially at home).

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