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  1. Ewood Ace


    Look like a lot more than 6000 to me. But we know that accuracy isn't the New York Times' strong point, remember the Iraq War.
  2. Ewood Ace


    You don't need official figures to know if it is a big crowd or not. I didn't read the official attendance at Ewood last night but by using my eyes I could see that no one was there. Just like I can use my eyes and see that Trump is getting big crowds at his rallies. There are plenty of things you could fairly and truthfully attack Trump on yet you decide to go on crowd size. Strange.
  3. Ewood Ace


    You have to love this forum one minute I'm being accused of being a supporter of the President of the biggest and most powerful country in the western world. And the next minute I'm being accused of hating the west. Of course neither are true but sadly there appears to be little place for nuanced views in todays society.
  4. Ewood Ace


    Except I don't hate the west.
  5. Ewood Ace


    Your letting your hatred of the man obscure your senses. I don't see why you are arguing something that is patently clear to everyone which is that he is getting big crowds at his rallies just like he did in 2016. Now it may mean nothing come the election but in 2016 it was an early warning sign that the Democrats and media missed of the red wave sweeping over states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania. All presidential candidates have rallies but I have never seen one get the mass crowds that Trump consistently gets and to deny that they are big crowds is just churlish.
  6. Ewood Ace


    Now you are changing the argument. I'm talking about the crowds that Trump consistently get's at his campaign rallies.
  7. Ewood Ace


    But they aren't are they. I know you don't like Trump but why say something that everyone can see is not true?
  8. Ewood Ace


    There was no danger of that as they chucked people into care homes to make sure that wouldn't happen
  9. Ewood Ace


    Your seem to think that I am Trump supporter, you are wrong. I just don't believe that he is any worse than many of his predecessors and in a few ways has been better but if I had a vote in the upcoming election I would not vote for Biden or Trump. You seem to think that I am a fan of G.W Bush again you couldn't be more wrong. I think that he is probably the most evil man to ever occupy the White House and the only place he should be occupying now is a court in the Hauge being tried for the deaths of over 1 Million Iraqis. You also seem completely unware that the drone attacks were not in Iraq but were mainly in Pakistan and then in other countries such as Somalia and Yemen. Bush in 8 years authorised around 50 and before then no President had used any so are wrong yet again to say drone attacks are a longstanding US tactic, it was under Obama that it became a regular tactic as in his 8 years he authorised over 500. You talk about IS and how evil they are but then completely fail to acknowledge that Obama was arming and providing support for very similar people in Syria and Libya.
  10. Ewood Ace


    Jobs don't matter to tree huggers.
  11. Ewood Ace


    I remember people saying last time that the crowds attending the rallies wouldn't have any impact on the result but what those rallies showed and what the media missed was the red wave swopping over states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania. All presidential candidates have rallies but I have never seen one get those mass crowds that Trump consistently gets. Biden doesn't hold them because it gives him less chance of cocking things up, his whole campaign has basically been say and do as little as possible and hope it is enough. And that is probably a very wise idea by his campaign team, even Obama previously said 'don't underestimate Joe's ability to f things up'. An evil man more like thanks in no small part to him Libya has turned into a failed state where terrorism and slavery is rife and thousands are dead or displaced. What is great about the drone attacks that became common place under him? When he was commander and chief he authorised over 500 drone attacks killing between 400-800 civilians (Bush authorised around 50 in his 8 years), in Obama's last year as president the US dropped over 26000 bombs. Also remember the US torture centre at Guantanamo which he pledge to shut yet when he left office over 40 people were still being held there including 26 indefinite detainees. Lets not also forget he supported the ruthless Saudi government in its attempts to destroy Yemen. He armed and backed dangerous terrorists in Syria, in a failed attempt to force regime change. He also along with the EU planned and supported a extreme right wing coup in Ukraine. A very evil man.
  12. Ewood Ace


    I don't know about that looking at the incredible size crowds he is getting. I've never seen anything like the crowds that he consistently gets.
  13. Ewood Ace


    Now that is a world class testing system and how you stop the spread. https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1204853.shtml
  14. Ewood Ace

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    That was over 12 years ago now even Owen Coyle has got promotion from this division more recently.
  15. Ewood Ace

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    He's best suited to not being on the pitch.

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