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  1. Ewood Ace

    West Brom Away

    Whilst the defence did alright against the likes of Boro and Hull, against a good side today it was shown to be very poor. That defence will get us no higher than mid table. Bennett was as terrible as ever but we all know he's undroppable, Williams' limitations at centre back were highlighted by a good side. Lenihan was poor against higher quality opponents which is a regular theme with him, Cunningham poor for their first goal but given zero help by Armstrong in the first half. Armstrong is not good enough for Championship football he's another Will Grigg he will score goals in League 1 but isn't up to it in the Championship. Ridiculous decision to start Gallagher over Graham and to then only give Graham 15 minutes or so when a goal was needed was another poor decision. Rothwell looks like his confidence has taken a big hit which is understandable at the end of last season he was playing well and brimming with confidence yet he finds himself back on the bench for the new season. Downing looked every bit his 35 years against a side with far more pace and energy than anything that we have previously played. Buckley looks like he has some ability but he is still a fair way away from being ready for Championship football, he's far too lightweight. A spell out on loan in League 1 or 2 would do a lot for him. Dack and Travis who combined for the opener were about the only to bright points of today. Travis good throughout, Dack was good first half but drifted in the second when playing as a false 9. Mowbray has played him in that role a few times now and he has never looked comfortable playing it, a stupid idea especially when we have Graham on the bench. Nearly 3 years into Mowbray's tenure the vast majority of players have been signed by him and yet he still seems to have no idea of his best 11 or best system. Until he is gone we will be treading water in mid table at the very best.
  2. Ewood Ace


    Nuttall was signed on a free and he played most of his short career in Scottish League one, he was brought into the under 23's with the aim of developing him there. Chapman has already played a decent amount of football in League 1 and is an under 20 world cup winner, he's nearly 22 now and I highly doubt that he came here to develop in the under 23's . Also Chapman was brought in for a fee and if he doesn't play much this season then he will and he does leave next summer as you suggest then we are unlikely to make much if any of a profit for a player who will by then have hardly played any football in 3 years.
  3. Ewood Ace


    I don't think that the signing of Chapman is at all comparable to the signing of Nuttall.
  4. Ewood Ace


    The biggest mystery to me is why Mowbray signed Chapman in the first place. During his loan spell he spent the majority of the time on the bench and that was in League 1, between him going back to Boro and us buying him he barely played any football as he was injured most of the time. Finally he is a proper winger and Mowbray doesn't play with them.
  5. Ewood Ace

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Graham has already scored and Rothwell has only had one start, whereas Gallagher has started every game.
  6. Ewood Ace


    A very very dour game of football, that certainly isn't going to have people queuing outside the ticket office to get their season ticket. Whilst the defence is looking more solid that for me has had an effect on our attacking play. Travis and Johnson are doing an excellent job in protecting the defence but they are offering us little going forward, the one time there was a forward run from midfield Johnson should have scored. We are passing the ball along the floor and keeping it more now but it hasn't helped our attacking play it helps our defensive play because we see more of the ball and the play doesn't get stretched so much but it does not help our attacking play as everything is slow and predictable. Mowbray has been here nearly three years but I still don't know what job he want's his wingers to do and more worryingly most of the players that play out there don't seem to know either. Why is Chapman not even making the bench? He would have been an ideal sub to bring on today instead we move Bennett further forward and he was poor as usual. Also I know neither were great today but why when we need a goal to win with 20 minutes to go does he decide to take of his two biggest goal threats. Rothwell and Dack don't play together enough, whenever they have done I have been impressed with how they have linked up, particularly towards the end of last season. I still don't think Mowbray has a clue what his best 11 is.
  7. Ewood Ace


    I think it is becoming a bit of a myth that Graham is only suited to direct football. He is a far better technical footballer than any of the other striking options. Not to mention when he plays he also brings the best out of our most creative player. Also you don't play and do well in a Brendan Rodgers team unless you can play with the ball on the floor.
  8. Ewood Ace


    Surely Graham has to start this game up against two big strong centre backs in Morrison and Flint.
  9. Ewood Ace

    Hull (A)

    Still not convinced by this new style of play, particularly against the better teams. We don't have the players to pass out from the back and it results in us giving the ball away in dangerous areas and better teams than Hull will punish us. We also still don't seem to be clicking as an attacking unit, we have two target men in Graham and Gallagher so let's play to their strengths.
  10. Ewood Ace

    Hull (A)

    I thought they were the worst side that we played last season and they weren't much better this season.
  11. Ewood Ace

    Hull (A)

    As well as Downing played, I thought Travis was superb tonight and should have been man of the match.
  12. Ewood Ace

    Hull (A)

    I must say and it is not something that you say very often in English football but the ref tonight was excellent.
  13. Ewood Ace

    Hull (A)

    The penalty save has certainly done wonders for Walton. He looked much more confident and authoritative after it.
  14. Ewood Ace

    Hull (A)

    If he can't get a game after Bennett's performance tonight then he is never going to.
  15. Ewood Ace

    Hull (A)

    Bennett has been atrocious tonight.

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