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  1. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    And so many good players to come in Lemar, Dembele, Fekir, Mendy, Kimpembe & Tolisso hardly played any minutes between them. Then you have the likes of Coman & Rabiot who didn't even make the squad.
  2. The other day you didn't want Maddison because he had no Championship experience. Chapman has no Championship experience. Armstrong only has bad experience 7 goals in 54 games. And in the last 2 years Gallagher has been relegated and stayed up on the last day.
  3. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    I doubt that we will every see a World Cup of the standard of 1970 ever again. That was a special tournament so many great sides and in my opinion the best England team to play in a World Cup.
  4. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    Varane or Perisic
  5. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    I'd put this tied for 3rd as the best World Cup that I have seen, with my first being in 1962. 1970 is the best for me the standard was incredible there were probably 6 teams in that tournament that would have won this World Cup. 1974 would be my second favourite just for that Dutch team, they were a joy to watch just a shame they didn't win it. And I'd put 1986 on a par with this there wasn't an outstanding team but very exciting games and Argentina won it thanks to an outstanding player in Maradona & in this World Cup there hasn't been an outstanding team but some very exciting games with a very well organised French team winning it.
  6. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    Ref get's in the way and the awards France a goal kick despite a clear deflection. Probably the worst refereeing performance of the tournament.
  7. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    The most frightening thing about this France side is that they aren't likely to be close to reaching their peak until the next World Cup.
  8. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    Not sure why people keep going on about Mbappe emerging as a new superstar in this tournament he has already moved for £166 Million as well as scoring in the Champions League round of 16, quarter finals and semi finals.
  9. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    France score their first legitimate goal of the final.
  10. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    3 times in one half Croatia have been on the wrong end of poor decisions. Firstly a dive by Griezmann for the Free Kick, Pogba was offside for the first goal (why did VAR not do anything about that?) and then of course the penalty that never was. Anybody get the feeling the powers that be want France to win?
  11. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    I was surprised he was appointed as he's been one of the very few poor refs in the tournament. I thought Mr.Kuipers or Mr.Faghani would have been given the final as for me they have been the two stand out refs.
  12. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    It doesn't come all the way from the corner Matuidi flicks it on.
  13. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    But VAR must have thought it was a penalty as he told the ref to go and look at it. And the fact that you can watch something multiple times and still disagree and the fact the ref spent 3 minutes looking at it suggest that it was clearly not a 'clear and obvious error.'
  14. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    3 added minutes there must have been a 5 minute delay just for the penalty.
  15. Ewood Ace

    World Cup 2018

    I was a VAR sceptic before the tournament but I was very much warming to it however that decision in a World Cup final has made me more against it than I have ever been. Not sure why this ref was given the final he has been one of the worst refs in a tournament that has had a very good standard of referring.

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