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  1. A terrible result, we'd have been better off getting thumped as then it may have for the hand of the powers that be. Losing by the odd goal Mowbray will spin it as a good battling away performance against a top side where we just came up short and his backers will simply lap it up.
  2. Ewood Ace

    Academy & U21s

    The question is what was he signed for? He has been fit for the majority of his time here yet has barley ever even made the first team squad, its not like Mowbray didn't know what he was getting with Chapman. Sadly at the moment he has to go down on the ever growing long list of poor signings made by Mowbray.
  3. Ewood Ace

    Pricing at Ewood.

    That's what he has said but if he is so worried about reciprocal pricing then why are we going to be charging West Brom fans £28 when they only charged us £20 with no Waggott tax on the day. On Saturday Preston charged us £24 with no Waggott tax on the day yet they will be charged £28 when they come to Ewood. This is just Waggott trying to make a bit of money out of two well supported clubs in Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds fans after missing his season ticket target, again.
  4. Ewood Ace

    Preston Away

    My conclusion would be that Brentford have a much better defence than us due to the fact that they went out and got a big dominant centre half, in Jansson. With Raya last season it was one calamity after another in terms of points he cost us double figures easily.
  5. Ewood Ace

    Preston Away

    You could combine Raya and Walton and would still end up with a keeper who costs you double figures in terms of points for the season, both are poor keepers.
  6. Ewood Ace

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Nothing get's past our Tony.
  7. Ewood Ace

    Preston Away

    I first called for Mowbray to go after the Leeds away game last season as I felt that the same old failings were stopping us from progressing and that he wasn't capable of addressing them. Now 10 months on those same old failings are still happening despite him having had 2 transfer windows to address them but now they are seeing us go backwards and if something doesn't happen soon then we will find ourselves in a relegation battle.
  8. Ewood Ace

    Preston Away

    Who do we have though?
  9. Ewood Ace

    Preston Away

    Walton Nyambe Tosin Williams Downing Travis Rothwell Holtby Dack Chapman Graham
  10. Absolutely pitiful, if he doesn't get the sack after that then you have to wonder what will.
  11. Walton Nyambe Tosin Williams Downing Travis Johnson Holtby Dack Rothwell Graham
  12. Ewood Ace

    Corry Evans

    He's out of contract the end of next season so he will probably put in a handful of good performances at the end of this season and the beginning of next. Because let's be honest he is now incredibly in his seventh season at the club and he has only ever put a run of good performances together when he needs a new contract.
  13. One of the worst defenders I have ever seen. He always stands of his opponent and just let's him get a cross into the box unchallenged, it's not good enough from a full back in any team at any level but even worse in our team as our centre backs appear not to be able to challenge for the ball in the air. Plus his whole demeanour on the pitch is terrible he wanders about like he is out for an afternoon stroll and doing the team a favour by being there.
  14. Ewood Ace

    If Tony goes...

    Michael Flynn
  15. Ewood Ace

    West Brom Away

    Whilst the defence did alright against the likes of Boro and Hull, against a good side today it was shown to be very poor. That defence will get us no higher than mid table. Bennett was as terrible as ever but we all know he's undroppable, Williams' limitations at centre back were highlighted by a good side. Lenihan was poor against higher quality opponents which is a regular theme with him, Cunningham poor for their first goal but given zero help by Armstrong in the first half. Armstrong is not good enough for Championship football he's another Will Grigg he will score goals in League 1 but isn't up to it in the Championship. Ridiculous decision to start Gallagher over Graham and to then only give Graham 15 minutes or so when a goal was needed was another poor decision. Rothwell looks like his confidence has taken a big hit which is understandable at the end of last season he was playing well and brimming with confidence yet he finds himself back on the bench for the new season. Downing looked every bit his 35 years against a side with far more pace and energy than anything that we have previously played. Buckley looks like he has some ability but he is still a fair way away from being ready for Championship football, he's far too lightweight. A spell out on loan in League 1 or 2 would do a lot for him. Dack and Travis who combined for the opener were about the only to bright points of today. Travis good throughout, Dack was good first half but drifted in the second when playing as a false 9. Mowbray has played him in that role a few times now and he has never looked comfortable playing it, a stupid idea especially when we have Graham on the bench. Nearly 3 years into Mowbray's tenure the vast majority of players have been signed by him and yet he still seems to have no idea of his best 11 or best system. Until he is gone we will be treading water in mid table at the very best.

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