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  1. Raya4espania

    World Cup 2018

    IMO scholes got plenty of chances for england, in his preferred role too, but never looked that good in international football, esp against the better teams.
  2. Raya4espania

    Thursday deadline.

    I don't think it had anything to do with your request.. Edit- looked back, and the way you wrote 'ITK' Nicko comes across sarcastic.
  3. Raya4espania

    Premier League Stuff

    I've said what I said regarding chaddy, and its done now. I just admire his positive attitude and enthusiasm, that's all.
  4. Raya4espania

    Thursday deadline.

    I just hope TM can get his targets, whoever they are and whenever he can. Got to trust him. Agree, it seems certain Conway is being lined up for a coaching role.
  5. Raya4espania

    Premier League Stuff

    IMO he could regain a good reputation there IF he brings in the right type of players. The likes of shaquiri, arnautovic and Bojan etc aren't right for a Hughes team.
  6. Raya4espania


    Foo fighters were outstanding at Glastonbury.. Morrissey? Not for me..
  7. Raya4espania

    Premier League Stuff

    I don't think so. Viera was signed before his official appointment. I doubt garde was signed before then.. And stop being so aggressive. There's no need for it. I'm not your enemy. Edit- looked it up and it seems you are right according to the only online source I can find. I didn't 'make it up' though, I genuinely believed it from memory(not looking online!)
  8. Raya4espania

    Music Association Game

    One Direction - Drag me down
  9. Raya4espania

    Thursday deadline.

    I understand that, but we can make that decision for ourselves. I don't need you to point it out.
  10. Raya4espania

    Premier League Stuff

    Emery's first signing set to be a 34 year old left back. Wenger's first signing? A 20 year old Patrick viera.
  11. Raya4espania

    Thursday deadline.

    Why does chaddy get so much grief for posting updates? I CBA trawling through various online sites for Rovers items, so chaddys postings are very useful.
  12. Raya4espania

    nightlife in blackburn

    The club that used to be liquid looked busy when I passed on my way for a pizza on a Friday night.
  13. Raya4espania

    Thursday deadline.

    Not sure TM should be admitting letting players manage themselves. All OK this season just gone with the success, but next season, if it turns out a struggle, we may ask wtf?! Besides, if TM isn't in the dressing room for a player being late, isn't he late himself?
  14. Raya4espania

    Thursday deadline.

    If true, possibly he has spoken to TM and realised he wouldn't for sure be a starter. Or Rovers budget has enabled us to move for better targets?

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