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  1. Seth Johnson the ex Leeds player was telling a podcast how him and Matty went out on England duty got pissed and he Marty pulled a sicky whilst Seth trained half pissed. Apparently both got suspended from England duty for 3 months.
  2. Bury is continually overspending this is now there 3rd insolvency event from 2002. Theyve overspent under Stewart day mortgaging gigg lane, social clubs to ripping punters of 9995k for parking spaces at the ground. Bury ran up a debt of 13 million in five years paying players 7 and 9 k a week in league one. It was a giant Ponzi scheme which the SFO are investigating especially the trails of bury, mederco, CBF, cashforassets. Etc Mederco (days company) now has 3 sets of administrators on the case. They’ve sunk p2p company lendy for 27 million. Built 3 blocks of student apartments and each failed a fire survey for occupancy now meaning the tenants have been evicted this week. https://bondreview.co.uk/2019/04/18/investment-schemes-run-by-former-bury-fc-chairman-collapse-administrator-predicts-total-losses-for-investors/ https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/17727819.collapse-of-stewart-days-empire-creditors-could-be-owed-54m-/ https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/jun/18/bury-inside-story-financial-ruin-winding-up-petition-loans-car-park
  3. Scotland1

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    We don’t have a style we look confused, unfit, unorganised and passionless. Hell staring at paper is more entertaining than Rovers. We are boring, we are predictable and if I was the opposition looking at our teamsheet there isn’t a Rovers player I’d be intimidated by or thinking “I’m in a battle” today. Mowbray like his team is gutless. 12plus like my “Bring back Hughes” post, that’s because they know he will identify a pattern of play and at least Instill some steel into this squad.
  4. Tickets were only on sale on Thursday for a matter of hours only.
  5. Scotland1

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    You need to ask yourself as does most fans... bar Dack a freak and who was known as a talent losing his way... what player after 40 signings has been improved by Mowbray?
  6. Scotland1

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Bring back Hughes
  7. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I was told something similar from a Wigan fan. He reckoned Mulgrew was on 18k and they were picking up the tab as there isn’t a loan fee involved.
  8. Scotland1

    Fulham Away

    It’s a disgrace but he can’t say he wasn’t warned.
  9. Scotland1

    Fulham Away

    BBC statin both sides look pedestrian
  10. Scotland1

    New captain

    Johnno. Lenihan was good for ten games at the end of last year, he cost us allot of games and doesn’t strike me as a leader. Johnno looks a warrior type. Him and Williams as back up for me.
  11. Scotland1

    Championship season 2019-20

    Not currently looking good for Big Club... 3-0 at Pompey still 30 mins to go. Youthfulish looing side, dark days ahead if they keep Clotet
  12. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Tosin didn’t just play right back he also played defensive midfield under Moore. His interview on signing here was he needed games for experience and he got 36+ in the league alone. He’s now saying I want to be accomplished and recognised as a good centre half. I like his directness and ambition he knows what he wants. I think the mixed messages from WBA fans from what I’ve read basically sum it up as he’s a centre back and good with potential, they seemed happy to replace the injured outbound Hegazi prior to his injury, but as RB or DM not very good as naturally it’s not his game. It’d be like playing Samba at those positions as looking at his videos he’s got the same attributes. Hes quick, athletic, quite imposing for a young lad, looks bloody strong. Just seen his heading stats which between him and Walton should stem the amount of conceded set pieces and crosses we had last year. Dosent look like he played for City pre season so 2 under 21 games between charlton and our next league game? Should boost him. Collectively no matter what side your speaking from the common thing is he’s not fit he can’t walk straight in and that is because rovers didn’t do or get there business done earlier in the window. It’s the same with Walton who as a keeper takes a while to build a defensive relationship, confidence in coming out and general communication with the back line. Its a gamble but manageable and reflective of how financially we have to operate to build. Lenihans injury record along with Williams ain’t great so Mulgrew was always likely to deputise at some stage. Competition breeds performances. To be number 1 you’ve to train like a number 2! WBA fans forum on Tosin thoughts - http://westbrom.com/forum/index.php?topic=22102.125
  13. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    🎣 Went fishing caught two! Happy Friday lads
  14. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I think Williams is better than Lenihan to be honest.
  15. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    No thanks couldn’t mentally hack it here first time round and whilst things were shit then under a Venkys and Coyle etc he slammed the club and rightly the owners. Hes bounced around since showing zilch bar millwall as a right back.

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