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  1. Scotland1

    Championship season 2019-20

    Do a Holtby or samuel have an apartment near the radisson in Manchester CC.
  2. Scotland1

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    Lighting will strike twice it’s a good economic model look at forest and olyimpiakos, buying club can offset wages and fees to help selling club avoid ffp
  3. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window

    That not fair? After his splurge last summer. Weve FFP rules to comply with, that is the reality, Time people get used to the fact that we have to sell.
  4. Scotland1

    Championship season 2019-20

    Which have also been relegated. I’d be off tomorrow
  5. Scotland1

    Championship season 2019-20

    I know it’s hard to imagine why he’d want to move to a better location what’s warmer, more affluent and better pay. Staggering 😂
  6. Scotland1

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    “Craig (Honeyman) I’ve got 30 million, yeah I know they’re stupid they keep giving me more money, anyways about that shit goalie you have how much am I bidding for him”?
  7. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window

    Good job our stadium is too big for us 😂 about time we had a full house at Ewood 12 thousand 😂
  8. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window

    I reckon it’s Cardiff
  9. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window

    Apparently someone has offered Barnsley 2.5 million for Caley Woodrow.
  10. Scotland1


    We can’t be that far off being the lowest
  11. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window

  12. Scotland1


    That was the lad I recommended last year
  13. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window

    It’s only ever high stats against a select few teams too. More often than not most teams out possession us. This crap style of play is why we average less than 4 shots on target a game recently. If we can’t hit the target we won’t score.
  14. Scotland1

    Summer Transfer Window

    Mowbrays football and this possession Nonsense is eye poking, its turgid. Crap and boring you name it. It’s not like Barnsley’s Stuber football which is actually decent from far lesser players. Mowbrays is as pointless as Paul Inces triangles it’s so slow it’s like watching my way to death.
  15. Scotland1

    Armstrong Signed

    Or he could look at Jarod Bowen and think yes please!

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