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  1. Scotland1

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I don’t want Rhodes back. Refused to play for the club against Newport and repeatedly wanted to move whilst his uncle constantly undermined us with his tapping up. No thanks we’ve moved on
  2. Is he fit? He’s got tomorrow to drive down surely if so. Benno almost gave a penalty last night again down that left side.
  3. I’d go Walton Nyambe Lenihan Tosin Williams Evans Johnson AA Holtby Downing Gallagher
  4. Scotland1

    Bradley Dack

    Lucas Neill loved a booking at Xmas and just in general 😂
  5. Nyambe had his worst game in the past few weeks. He backed out of challenges and didn’t fancy himself going against Roberts. Given his pace and build he never backs himself, it was a typical Nyambe game and he’s the one player what genuinely boils my piss given his attributes, just dosent do enough for me and I’d look to replace him ASAP. Arma I can see what you mean but you don’t make them mistakes coming in wide. Attackers don’t come in wide looking for the ball unless the lads behind are not getting it forwards, which is hence my scoring tonight the defence let some down. Simply put we got out done in the midfield central battle. Rothwell from both sides was probably the worst player on the pitch. Looked a freebie from oxford tonight. I don’t settle for performances out of faint hope ill-decision or eclipsing ourselves. We were shite tonight and got away with it. Ring the changes Tony tonight was below the same standard certain players have set as a minimum and they must learn.
  6. In a better way than i could describe THIS!
  7. Ayew man of the match. A touch above this level. He’s on another planet. Walton 7 did well I never hear him shout or look commanding he scares me. Nyambe 6 offers and looks like offering much in reality he’s in consistent and shows why he’s not trusted he’s seconds behind everyone thought wise. I’d look to improve on him as he won’t improve on himself. Lenihan 6.5 he’s a clogger he’s no better than anyone else at this level he’s another who can’t think of the football sequence before his actions. Forced ayew out wide or we’d regret it. Tosin 7 he’s a level above it shows but tonight was sloppy. You can see he wants it on the deck, is it me or does he show frustration when we give it away easily!? Downing 6 one game to many caught short a few times. Maybe he’s not a left back but wasn’t the worst. Rothwell 4 Poor he may have not have played the lad looks exciting on the ball but he’s a game changer. Bench for me. Travis 5.5 looked tired lathargic always taking an extra touch tonight and it contributes to a slow build up. Evans 6 Tidy but non recognisable from the last few games. Not brave enough to put a stamp on the game. Looks like he doesn’t believe it himself and I’m sorry but purple patch over. Arma 7 inconsistent I want him to run and go at things but he loves coming inside too much, best player in the first half for me. Dack 5.5 not up for it tonight, never a sending off but didn’t influence. Instead of being man marked Swansea pushed up a level higher knowing we’d not get in behind. Graham 7 took goal exceptionally well and it shows he needs games consistently
  8. Whilst I agree they had lovely one touch triangles they were there for the taking we looked shit and given there wage bill and squad they looked just the same as us. Dreadful game by a dreadful ref
  9. We are playing no mans land football either if your shutting shop get Johnno on or if we aren’t going get fucking Holtby on
  10. I didn’t think Tom Carrol was a red let alone dack the ref on both sides horrible
  11. Not making the most of the extra man stretch them out get holtby and gally on now!
  12. He could do so much much better he’s so hesitant

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