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  1. Was linked early pre season? Has he not moved onto Bolton? Bar pace he's shocking.
  2. Are you trying to be funny? If you digest the post I made you'd see the relevance made was in regards to the overall quality Norwich are assembling on the quiet.
  3. Pretty said my own thoughts there
  4. Rhodes got promoted 12 months ago no? Oliviera looks set to stay, big man and finisher combo. Pukki as back up. Ivo Pinto the best RB in the league for me, with Passlack on loan who qualified last year on loan at hoffenheim for the CL. If Moritz Leitner ex Dortmund prodigy can get going again under Starke they’ve enough compliments on Hanley, Vrancic and Wildschut to get 6th.
  5. Then and Norwich. Wilson is a player.
  6. Good to see us scouting Mols and Rays came from cornella
  7. You sign him for 10 million on a four year contract that amortinises at 2.5 million a year on his transfer fee alone. Wages signing on fee and a small loan fee for a 3million package is blinding business
  8. They purchased the guy in the Championship for a million plus? Let’s not deride another team. It was thoroughly insulting. 300k offer and no wonder they’ve now taken the perverbial Stance of 2 million!
  9. Patrick Bauer 300k bid is exceptionally disrespectful, if I was Charlton I’d be livid.
  10. Scotland1

    Pre Season Matches

    Was our new sponsor on our shirts yesterday?
  11. Unless he’s the pacy winger in lieu of Chapman.
  12. Scotland1

    Championship 2018-19

    One player and his bonus who was out on loan last year. Ben Amos. Sounds like Wheater will be available soon as he seems to be the ring leader.
  13. Yeah left back on the bench and right back at home

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