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  1. Atko's Engine

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    I got mine too yesterday, ordered online. I hope my £319 is enough to kick off some transfer action...
  2. Atko's Engine

    Championship 2018-19

    Leeds specialise in "odd" managerial spells, so he'll probably fit right in - for a couple of months at least...
  3. Great deal, really pleased with this, seems to please everyone too which is quite a feat!!! A very positive start to the summer's activity.
  4. Atko's Engine

    World Cup 2018

    Clearly it wasn't a very good one, but at least you got it Oldgregg!! And in my defence it was very early on a Sunday morning.
  5. Atko's Engine

    World Cup 2018

    Tripper worries me too; I just can't see him staying on his feet long enough to make a lasting impression... 😁
  6. I'd worry if Graham went, who we could get as a replacement. He's been a crucial goalscorer for us in his 2.5 seasons, but not just that, his hold up play & game awareness has really shone through. He's also highly respected by the squad as a senior pro, as mentioned by Mowbray in his latest interview on the Rovers website. How often did Dack sing his praises last year season as being instrumental to his own performances? Whilst I'm not saying keep him at any cost, I do think a 2 year deal for him should be stretched to, at a fair price for someone who had proven his worth to date. Most of us already agree we need 1 first team ready CF this window, which will be hard enough in itself to find w/o doubling the task.
  7. Atko's Engine

    Charlie Mulgrew

    This I agree with, & with a proper recruitment team in place there could be more. I think Mowbray & Co are shrewd enough to spot them. Previous managers have signed some great 30+ players in the twilight of their careers at value for money / free (Moran, Gale, Short, Tugay etc.). Most of the rubbish ones were on Kean & Coyle's, but they're not proper managers like MacKay, Kenny, Souness & Hughes.
  8. Atko's Engine

    Championship 2018-19

    Terry has left villa..... And so it begins, unsurprisingly https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44308522
  9. I wouldn't object to this per se, though GK changes would not be a priority for me so the finances would need to make sense, esp if he's our first signing of the summer. Don't want a sizeable chunk of our budget squandered on a non-priority signing. I guess if it happened Leutweiler would be listed & Fisher sent on loan to L2. Everyone would think they could win, with Raya & Fielding confident of ousting each other, Leut moving somewhere he's more appreciated & Fisher getting valuable first team experience.
  10. Atko's Engine

    Charlie Mulgrew

    Both true, and accepted. It just amused me to read the start of this thread and compare those initial legitimate concerns (esp as he was a Coyle signing) to how we now view him. I suppose looking back at threads for Whittingham, Murphy, Best, Etuhu etc. might provide similar enlightenment but the opposite way round. I'm not going to check as it would be too depressing. (OK, maybe not Best)
  11. Atko's Engine

    Charlie Mulgrew

    I'm a new poster on here, but just looking back at some of the comments on page 1 about the madness of CM being given a 3 year contract in 2016 tickled me... Hindsight eh?! Just goes to show that all our well-reasoned & principled speculation about this season's need for signings of proven Championship quality, youth over experience, need for pace etc can turn out to be complete guff!! 😁
  12. If that's true and he signs for us, I may have to change my ID!!!
  13. Atko's Engine

    Championship 2018-19

    I remember getting the board game Wembley as a child; I was overjoyed until I realised Rovers weren't a feature in it and I had to use a spare name slip to write our name on. Shameful, considering we'd won the darn thing 6 times!
  14. That's what you get for appointing Steve Bruce. There are few less inspiring, motivational & creative managers around at this level than him IMO. Admittedly tho, Villa have had a habit of making bad managerial appointments in the last 7 seasons that's enough to rival Venky's!
  15. I think that's right, though I really don't see us pushing for promotion this season and don't think any fan should expect it either. I get Stuart's point above in that we must strengthen in terms of the starting lineup and cover, and of course those with parachute payments are better placed than us before a ball is kicked. But we had 1 very, very bad season that saw us relegated, but don't forget even that was only on GD with a v high points score that most other seasons (every season?) would've seen us survive relatively comfortably. Most of us would I think agree that the current squad is better than that one (if loanees are replaced like for like) and, crucially, more confident & united, so we ought to be relatively confident of consolidation. We have a good, honest respected manager who is planning ahead, who can attract good players both permanent and on loan, and great facilities for players who want to improve to come here and do so. The atmosphere about the place is less caustic than it was 24 months ago, so our only main disadvantage in money. Of course that's significant, but on average once a season recently (Cardiff, Bournemouth, Burnley) have achieved promotion from this division without spending huge wads. We have to believe there's no reason why we can't join them over the coming 2/3 seasons if we apply ourselves correctly, which we seem to finally be doing (touch wood).

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