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  1. Atko's Engine

    Middlesbrough (H)

    That challenge was right in front of me in the Riverside; the determination he showed to get back in and defend like that was fantastic, and it was rightly given a standing ovation by many. Was just typical of his overall performance I felt, deffo a MOTM contender.
  2. Atko's Engine

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Really pleased with yesterday, it was far from perfect but it was all about showing desire & passion and above all getting 3 points. They did, they deserved it, and a clean sheet to boot. Everyone played their part. Bar one almost costly flap I thought Walton did well. Bar a couple of wayward passes, I thought Bennett had his best game a RB, defensively & offensively. Lenihan & Williams were excellent, let down only by their average distribution. Cunningham was solid, knows his role as a LB, I felt far more confident with him in that area of the park. Likes a tackle too. A definite upgrade. Downing was cultured, calm & composed, without being exciting. Stuck to what he knows and is good at, exactly what he was signed. Travis & Johnson look a great pairing. They're both mobile, tough, strong, offensively minded whilst savvy (cynical, in a good way) defensively, & Johnson is in the air. Another huge plus over last season. They will pick up suspensions though. Gallagher must be a Rovers fan, his effort & desire phenomenal, & offered Bennett great protection which I assume is why he stayed wide. He was a real handful for their RB throughout. His performance at Brentford on relegation day was excellent, and this was on a par but without the goal. Graham & Dack linked up well without tearing it up, both worked hard and clearly each one benefits from the other being in the team. A good if unspectacular showing. Cool as you like penno from Graham. I thought the subs didn't work as intended, Armstrong was not as effective as his pace was nullified by Boro not pushing up to high in search of a draw. Rothwell & Buckley were sound & showed good game management, Buckley should've worked the keeper after great play by Gallagher. Overall a confidence boosting win against a team that you'd expect we'd have to mix with if we're to push towards the playoffs. People sat they were poor, but they scored 3 goals in the first game and by all accounts should have beaten Brentford. They'll be there or thereabouts come the end of the season. I don't get this obsession with scoring goals from open play. I think I said this last season, but who cares? Whilst they're obviously nice to purr over, they don't count more in terms of points. It's our use of the ball in open play that leads to the free kicks, corners, penalties & own goals; that'll do me! Bring on Hull, a point or 3 there will do just grand. We have nothing to fear there.
  3. Atko's Engine

    Middlesbrough (H)

    He was totally inspirational to anyone. Rags to riches through honest hard work then giving something significant & tangible back to his hometown for the masses to enjoy. RIP Mr Blackburn (Rovers). Hope the club mark the anniversary of his passing appropriately at the game today.
  4. Atko's Engine

    Championship season 2019-20

    I think Berg & Appleton might disagree Stuart. It's daft sacking managers 3 games into a season, end of. Hudds caused their own problems on this one as Siewert should never have been appointed in the first place, or he should have been sacked in the summer.
  5. Atko's Engine

    Championship season 2019-20

    Mercer needs to find a new bet now. Maybe he'll go for Rovers to beat Boro by 3 or more goals today?! Whilst calling for Mowbray out of course! 😁
  6. Atko's Engine

    Academy & U21s

    Theres no point in TM mollycoddling young players and saying they're ready for the 1st team when, as Tuesday showed, many of them are not (at least consistently) despite their obvious talent & ability at U23 level. A bit of tough love can help keep their feet on the ground , though I accept there can be a fine line. He clearly rates them as prospects or he wouldn't be playing them after having watched many U23s games. I've not seen these comments he's meant to have made deriding the academy, but the evidence in the squad (not only his brooding of many U23 players but also the fact of not signing another CB indicates a belief on their ability to step in as cover when required this season. As for the new manager, I am very confident they will look to another young, progressive appointment in the Johnson mould in view of his success. I'm not sure how obvious or experienced he was as a candidate when he got the job, so whoever's comes in we'd be sensible not to judge a book by its cover. Theres clearly a good crop of players there and a good coaching staff to work with, so that should at least ensure that the quality of candidates is right up there.
  7. Atko's Engine


    A few of my of observations from comments & highlights. We cannot play Evans & Smallwood together ever again. One or both need shipping out by hook or by crook, with a "thanks for your service" in Smallwood's case and a "well that's been a waste of talent" in Evans' case. Grayson sounds the more promising of the two CBs, but made an awful error for Oldham's second goal. Boy we need to cut out individual schoolboy errors in defence. Cunningham sounds promising. Buckley is not ready for first team football, too lightweight. Downing needs not to play on the right. He looks like he's determined to succeed here though, his reaction to scoring was pleasing. Nyambe needs game time at RB to get his confidence, same with BB as striker who needs a fluke to get going. But its doubtful they'll get that without injuries to Bennett or Gallagher. Dack and Graham are immense for us, but i do agree with TM that we do need to find a way to move on from the "get it to Graham to knock down for Dack" approach, even though it worked again last night. We need more fluency, incisiveness & variety in our approach play. Rothwell & Chapman key to that. I don't think we can or should read too much into that game. Wholesale personnel changes (like most managers) render that pointless. But the never-give-up attitude is nice to see, people bemoaning a lack of late goals from us should be pleased. Other Champs teams struggled last night, we were not alone. And since time immemorial we've struggled in this type of game against inferior opposition. Think at home to Crewe Alex years ago or, even worse, Trelleborgs... (sorry to remind folk). We got the win; move on, huge game on Sat against a demoralised Boro, let's show our mettle against them & get 3 points.
  8. Atko's Engine


    I'm not sure ChrisPriceBaldSpot would agree with you there Paul!
  9. Atko's Engine


    That was a bad goal, I guess we lost it on half way. Who was the defender who stood off & let the guy get to the 18 yard box? And where was Leutweiler??
  10. Atko's Engine


    Sadly not, it's bath night for my daughters tonight and as I'm playing footy tomorrow night I couldn't get 2 passes in succession! I'll be there on Sat tho. Give 'em cheers from me, and enjoy those dregs!
  11. Atko's Engine


    Fans eh?! 🤣
  12. Atko's Engine


    Butterworth is injured I think.
  13. Atko's Engine


    I take it you're halfway through your pre match pint Stuart and bemoaning the fact that half of it has gone, rather than looking forward to the other half that's left?! 😁 A blend of youth and experience is what most managers look for in their team isn't it? Buckley can offer drive and spark can't he, and Downing the crosses? Shame I can't be there tonight but I'll be keeping a keen eye on things from deepest darkest Cheshire! COYB!!
  14. Atko's Engine


    TM certainly trusts his squad (as he should), as he'll be sure to want to avoid a bad result & is leaving himself open to huge criticism if his wholesale changes backfires. Quite brave really.
  15. Atko's Engine

    Mowbray Out.

    Nope, I won't. I'd say by then that we need to have around 5 wins and a couple of draws and to see good performances in order to be able to say he's on track & think positively about his performances & choices. 17 points from 12 games is near play-off challenging, so only slight improvements would be needed going forward from there to make us realistic top six material, be that through coaching or good use of the Jan window (learning from last season). If he's not in that ballpark, then he'll have little defence.

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