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  1. I went for the first option but not knowing how long Williams is out brings into play other options. I would change as little as possible, and Mulgrew might be the best option if it ends up being Stoke & Swansea at home with Williams unfit. But then TM took Carter to Charlton so he obviously sees something there, and there's Magloire too...
  2. Atko's Engine

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Good luck to you and your missus, hope all goes well. Have you thought of Tony / Toni for a name?! 😂
  3. Atko's Engine

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    In my view, every fan needs to forget the issues of the past for now & just get behind TM & the players. That doesn't mean don't objectively criticise his decision-making going forwards, but let's not colour it with prejudices from the past. No major changes will happen now & we wee with the willy we've got, as Souey so eloquently put. The end of the season will be the time to drill into the detail of where we succeeded and failed & how we can learn from that. However we've got here, whether people think it's because of TM or in spite of him, this represents our best chance of the playoffs in years and I'm pretty sure everyone on here would have taken this position back in the summer. It's a short, 13 game season from hereon in So let's embrace it, embrace each other (virtually, of course!), get down in force to watch this team home & away where possible and be as one to help do our bit as fans to give this tight knit squad the added confidence to go on & achieve something that would be fantastic for our great club that's suffered so much adversity this last decade. Tubthumping over!!
  4. Atko's Engine


    Ok, so I got the key personnel wrong but other than that I'm quite proud of myself! That's a great result & performance in squalid conditions against a team with a full house behind them, momentum from a big win in midweek & where no other top 8 club has won (I think). It's great to hear how well the lads all played today, I think TM has really worked hard to instill a bit of a siege mentality in the squad, and a sense of not feeling sorry for ourselves over injuries & missed transfer targets. However his outward persona sometimes comes across, I think he is passionate about the game, passionate about his job here & truly cares for & understands the players under his wing. He's done a great job using the injuries as a way to bring fringe players into the fray, and has blended youth with experience fantastically well (perhaps out of necessity but still). He might be too honest at times, somewhat naive when dealing with transfers, or try to over complicate things; but one thing I think he stands out as a top skill is his man-management, and he gets repaid for his loyalty in situations such as this. Hopefully they get a good rest this week, maybe get a couple back from injury and put in a repeat performance next Saturday to lay to rest the ghost of last season's result there.
  5. Atko's Engine


    Gonna go with a gut feeling of a Rovers victory, 0-2, goals from AA and Downing, assists from Buckley & AA. Think we'll do enough to keep a clean sheet, we just need to ride out the 1st 15 mins to quieten the big home crowd.
  6. Atko's Engine

    Championship season 2019-20

    Our comfortable 3-0 victory is looking a better result on the back of this! Who'd have thought Hull had 4 goals in them based on what we saw?!
  7. Atko's Engine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    I think we'll have to agree to disagree on most things, otherwise we're at risk of boring the pants off everyone else! At least we can both respect each other's point of view; let's just hope that I'm the one that ends up being proven right! 😁
  8. Atko's Engine

    Rovers v Hull

    We'd missed out on Warnock the summer before, when Coyle was (laughably but not in a funny way) preferred. It wasn't a choice between Warnock or Mowbray when Mowbray was appointed. If we had got Warnock in instead of Coyle that summer (like Cardiff did), maybe we would have got promoted (like Cardiff did) not relegated that season, and we would all be none the wiser about Mowbray. But then isn't it just as likely that we would also have been relegated again (like Cardiff were) and currently sat in 8th place in the Championship, a whole 2 points ahead of where we currently find ourselves (like Cardiff are). Imagine how dark it would be on here now if we were in Cardiff's position, having been in receipt of Premier League riches for a season plus 3 seasons of parachute payments ?!
  9. Atko's Engine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    I don't think many on here were disappointed with us signing Whittingham or Johnson, but they did/have proved disappointing and TM admits as much. Walton is not as bad as people make out (as proven on Saturday); his main weakness is that he's on loan not ours. Samuel I accept has flattered to deceive, but then he didn't cost much & is coming back from a year out injured. Arguably his 1st 2 windows (which included Whittingham & Samuel) were successful as all his signings combined helped achieve the only acceptable aim of an immediate return from L1, some being more crucial than others of course. He can't reasonably be expected then to start building a squad capable of reaching the Championship playoffs when starting the season in L1! Last season we consolidated, comfortably in the end. This season there is still decent chance of improvement despite awful unforeseeable injuries throughout the team, and disappointment in both transfer windows. The reason we're not closer to 6th is because of 2 poor results at home to Luton & Charlton back in August; had they been victories like they should have been, things would be a lot brighter. Without wishing to tempt fate, that type of result seems to be behind us. So I think there's plenty of scope to say he's progressed the club significantly, and that's not even mentioning the increased value of the squad now compared to when he arrived & the behind-the-scenes technical improvements at Brockall, both if which should bear fruit longer term in terms of sustainability.
  10. Atko's Engine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    I've probably read each of those comments on here in the last week to be fair. I get the frustration re Gallagher & Brereton I really do, but to focus on those 2 signings alone and say TM deserves sacking for them ignores the value he's made on Dack & Armstrong. And who knows, if either one of Gallagher or Brereton notches 10-15 goals in the next 18 months we might get most of that money back, because that's how crazy the market is. Do I think that will happen? Probably not, but look at Che Adams for example; he's 23, had 1 good season in a very average team that came from nowhere, and he got a £15m move...
  11. Atko's Engine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    I think he's settling for second this season! Joking aside I wasn't attempting to compare TM with Pep, I was responding to Roversfan99's comment about City fans not accepting 17th place. Of course Pep is one of the best in the game & way above TM in stature, though I do wonder how he & others like him would manage at a club lower down the divisions that didn't have such an array of wealth & talent at its disposal.
  12. Atko's Engine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Yes be upset, of course. But let's get some perspective & proper context into how it's expressed; we've just gone 4 games undefeated, 2 wins & 2 draws, despite tough injuries sustained in 3 of those games. We've gone 4 months undefeated at home. To then lose narrowly to Fulham is no disaster. Thing is, when we win games or go on winning runs there's too many who argue it's in spite of Mowbray: "OK so we've won, but it's only 'cos he listened to us fans. He won't win the next one 'cos he'll pick his favourites again or spin his tombola, so he's taken us as far as he can and he's only in it for his pension". But when we lose games it's because of him, even when (like yesterday) he's picked an 11 that most people thought was decent; "it was inevitable we'd lose today with him in charge, he can't set up a team to win games, that's why he's taken us as far as he can". Every defeat is followed by "he needs to go", how on earth can that be rational when we've had more wins than defeats? Why can't people accept that in football, not everything goes to plan and that there's stuff that goes on behind the scenes that we're not privy to but which will be absolutely at the heart of his decision making? Yes I'm sure City fans are concerned at the moment; they've put up a meek defence of their title having also endured a poor summer transfer window and injuries to key players, just like us. They're much further away from their target than we are from ours, yet even though they've lost a quarter of their league fixtures (not that dissimilar to Rovers' record of having lost a third of ours), their fans aren't calling for Pep's head.
  13. Atko's Engine

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    I've read up until page 17 of this thread then got frustrated at all the OTT criticism again. It was always going to be a tough game against a pre-season favourite in good form, even without our injuries, so why are people upset when that's what plays out? I don't buy the theory that we set out just to avoid defeat. Yes we worked on trying to nullify their potency, but that's not the same thing. We were actually the better team for the first 15 mins I thought. But overall it was a poor game, from both sides, shorn of any real quality. Neither team did enough to win it IMO; they passed it around more fluently after that initial spell, but mostly without menace. But for Travis unluckily playing Bryan in on the left when trying to intercept his pass, it would have finished 0-0. We could have drawn or won had Lenihan's goal been given (which looked fine to me but I've not seen a replay). If we'd have got the lucky deflection that Bryan got, or the offside decision goes our way, we win the game and are cockahoop like Fulham were as they knew they were given a tough game. It was those kind of fine margins that made the difference on the day. The criticism I do agree with from yesterday is Gallagher out wide (which generally doesn't work and for which TM understandably gets criticised; maybe Bennett would have been more effective there seeing how Chapman is clearly out of the running) & Johnson, who I thought was a liability & overall I've been so disappointed with him, as I think we all are. Tuesday's game is massive. Win and we're still well in the playoff hunt. Draw or lose and away at Charlton becomes must-win to keep hope's alive. I'd like to see Davenport in place of Johnson, and either Bennett, JRC or Chapman in place of Gallagher. Perhaps rotate Gallagher, JRC & Armstrong by playing Gallagher up top, JRC wide right with Armstrong in a free-ish no 10 role. Let's try to be optimistic eh? We're far from out of the playoff hunt but listening to many on here you'd think we were knocking about in 20th place.
  14. Atko's Engine

    Academy & U21s

    Thanks Chaddy. So pretty experimental then. Good experience for the younger ones hopefully.
  15. Atko's Engine

    Academy & U21s

    I see from the Boro website that the U23s were beaten last night 4-1. A Mols penalty (or Mocs as they call him) put us 1 up early on, but that was as good as it got. No wonder there's no mention of it yet on Rovers' website... There's no comment what the Rovers team was, has anyone any ideas? I'm guessing (hoping!) it was a young one given it was a cup match that we're already through in, esp with all the first team injuries we have.

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