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  1. I'm confident about tomorrow, though not complacent. We have enough about us offensively to cause any team in this division problems, so if we can keep it tight at the back then we have every chance.

    I'd be bringing back Nyambe and move JRC forward to replace Dolan, with a view to bringing Dolan on 2nd half against touring defenders.  I think away from home against a strong opponent JRC will have a bit more steel about him and allow us to take early control of the game. I'd stick with Bell just for the sake of balance, but really do think we badly need a replacement.

    No changes elsewhere for me.

    I'm going for a 3-1 win inc a brace for Armstrong, Derby to follow in Forest's footsteps with 3 defeats on the bounce as I think they'll underestimate us based on what happened there in March.

  2. Just now, tomphil said:

    Hmmm but if the big money signings had done what they were signed for and stepped up it should have balanced out. Not sure we could hang our hat on being in the play offs off the back of Dack alone, fit or not.

    The main issue for me is when we had chance to just go for it with sod all to lose after lockdown we simply didn't. That's how he works and there is no reason to think this time would be any different so that's why i'd just like to see a fresh approach. We are bustling with youth now and with Dack to come back, a new keeper, possibly the solid centre half we've craved and Brereton another year on there's no reason not to have a go.

    It's not shit or bust there isn't that kind of pressure but there should be a little bit applied from above now with the backing he's had.

    Agree to a point, but it wasn't just Dack was it? I'd argue that Cunningham was as important a loss, given that in his absence we had Bell and then, when he was injured along with Del, right-footed Bennett or JRC.

    Left back is the 1 position we still all crave to be improved on now.

    We also lost Evans & Holtby at similar times too remember 

  3. 5 minutes ago, tomphil said:

    Marginal gains, very welcome after relegation but  now is the time to put the foot on the gas a bit more to show significant improvement because as we well know it can go backwards very quickly.

    Marginal last season yes, perhaps, but that's in the context of suffering several long term injuries to key players at key moments. That's not the only reason we missed out on the 7/8 points needed for the playoffs granted, but in my mind it was surely the most significant.

  4. 8 hours ago, tomphil said:

    Every fooking window we have this from him even if he has the opportunity he's terrified of pushing it and upsetting the pecking order.

    And yet at the end of each full season he's been here, there's been improvement in our league position from the previous season ...

  5. 50 minutes ago, Mike E said:

    Chucked £20 out tonight, sod the bet. Feeling in a good mood. £5 each to:

    Diabetes UK

    Alzheimer's Society

    MND Association


    I'll do the same again if we finish above Boro come the season end. Screenshotted this post with an alarm as a reminder :)

    Fantastic Mike E, I will do likewise & I'll double it in May if you win the bet, but please do remind me!! 👍

    Edit: Done

  6. 47 minutes ago, Mike E said:

    I'm deaf myself :) Deaf services have been stripped to the bone by Conservative austerity policy, with Deaf and SEN Schools closing, and even the century+ old East Lancs Deaf Society closing its doors last year.

    Deaf children need help now more than ever, lest they get left behind by lack of access to education.


    Great cause. Shame it won't make any money out of this board membership though, as I'm with JoeH!

    I'll chip in a fiver though too at the end of the season if Boro finish above us. In return, can you agree likewise for Alzheimer's Society? No worries if not as I realise it's likely to get expensive for you!!


  7. If Dack truly is a PL player in waiting, then he ought to be able to adapt his game enough to be capable of having an impact in a 433 provided he's given the right role in it.  I agree with the principle that as a club, we should be playing a system that suits the majority of the squad, especially if the club has designs to cash in Dack's chips in the next 12 months.

  8. None of the promoted teams fates will be decided by how they do against the like of Liverpool, Arsenal or Leicester.  They will stay up or not via the results they get against each other & the likes of Aston Villa, Newcastle, West Ham, Burnley etc. Win more of them than they lose, and any of the 3 promoted teams have realistic prospects of survival.

  9. Feeling bizarrely positive about today, mainly from the point of view that I don't think we've anything to lose. We're away at a team relegated from the PL (albeit in transition themselves), with us having a definite weaker back 4 than last season + a completely unknown keeper, I think that's preferable to Wycombe at home, for example.

    That said, there are stats to suggest that a Nyambe / Lenihan / Williams / Bell backline can perform well; let's hope they've worked hard this week in training & formed a good understanding with Kaminski. And that they defend better than West Ham did!

    Offensively I'm confident we have enough to trouble any defence, and sufficient depth to make changes tactical if required. With Gallagher injured we're just missing a big man up front, but he's no DG so maybe not such a bug miss.

    Could be an end to end thriller! Hoping for the win, won't moan too much at a defeat, a draw I think most feasible.

    Let's go! COYB!!

  10. 7 hours ago, rigger said:

    Well I have had a shit week, being made redundant, and at my age unlikely to get another job. But the Rovers are going to make my weekend enjoyable by a) winning and b) keeping a clean sheet.

    PS. I will settle for either.

    Sorry to hear that rigger, I hope you are able to find something soon. There are plenty of businesses recruiting for whom this virus has turned into an opportunity, perhaps you can get fixed up with one of them. Fingers crossed anyhow.

    In the meantime, at least you have this board to read to keep your spirits up...

  11. If Sharp leaked it, then surely there was something to leak, I.e. a bid made for a player that had been accepted by those to whom he was under contract.

    Saying that the club have manufactured bids for players just to give the impression we were trying is utterly nonsensensical. 

  12. 2 hours ago, 47er said:

    What fan pressure?

    There is inevitable pressure to perform in front of fans in a stadium, even if those fans are supportive of the player's efforts (which I think is what you're driving at).  I acknowledge that the Rovers fans have generally been supportive of him on matchday but, with no fans in attendance currently, I suspect it makes it easier for a young player low on confidence & who's trying to justify a huge price tag, to perform better.

  13. 27 minutes ago, 47er said:

    Triumph of hope over experience. Clutching at straws. You want to believe it.

    But there's an emerging body of evidence that he has something effective to offer the club, so let's support the kid & give him a proper chance to prove himself.

    Defenders hate forwards running at them and turning them inside out, he has that type of style and I think is growing in confidence to be able to show that ability more frequently. He could be one of those players where lockdown has done him a favour by taking away fan pressure.

  14. 3 hours ago, Darrenbot said:

    The only 2  that came into my head straight away were  Rooney against Portugal in 2006 and Ray Wilkins against Morocco in '86,both World cup thats probably why they've stuck in my mind.

    Not Beckham v Argentina? That's the most (in)famous isn't it?


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