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    Summer Transfer Window

    They're both lemons.
  2. Atko's Engine


    There's surely only one isn't there? "Bouncebackability." Wonderful. Take a bow Iain Dowie.
  3. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    This thread was showing "hot" when I switched on to read whilst I was having my tea. Turns out it wasn't even lukewarm... ☹
  4. Atko's Engine

    Salary Caps

    It does seem rather draconian, but then maybe that's what's needed to give a chance for most clubs at that level to survive until crowds can return. I think, in these extraordinary circumstances, the top PL clubs & the PL itself should be doing more with their colossal TV& global sponsorship money to support these lower league clubs and show some solidarity until "normality" returns. But of course there's a fat cat's chance of that; some would rather pay 6 figure weekly salaries to 31 year old inconsistent free agents... (Arsenal/ Willian springing to mind).
  5. Atko's Engine

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    I looked him up on wiki, it looks like he only played 63 games in his whole career across 11 seasons. Theres also something in the MEN about him conceding 15 goal in 4 games for Rochdale whilst on loan from us. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/local-news/what-the-dickens-was-matt-doing-as-rochdales-1127141.amp He could actually quite possibly be Rovers worst signing ever, literally; certainly the worst one signed in the modern era, and by King Kenny of all people!!
  6. Atko's Engine

    Stuart Metcalfe :(

    I don't remember Stuart Metcalfe personally as I think he played before my time as a supporter, but I certainly know his name as someone who is part of the fabric of the club. My dad talks highly of him as do all those who've commented above. Such a shame when news like this is announced, albeit it revives find memories for so many. It sounds like no-one had a bad word to say about him. RIP sir.
  7. Atko's Engine

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    Matt Dickins anyone? Signed as cover for Bobby Mimms, played just 1 game for us though (v Wolves I think) and let a long range speculative shot from distance flap through his limp wrists and drop over the line near the end of the match. Think it cost us a draw iirc.
  8. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    Maybe he's looking to return home; I doubt he's likely to get a Prem move having looked at his stats on wiki. He does seem to tick many of our boxes and appears the sort we should be looking at, being a free agent.
  9. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    Does anyone know much about Mike van der Hoorn, who's just been released by Swansea? He's a 27 y/o CB, signed from Ajax 4 years ago; been a regular for them in the last 2 seasons besides a spell out last season with a knee injury. Came back to start in their play off semis. Seems a good age, and will probably have to accept a wage cut. Not sure why Swansea aren't renewing his deal though. Edit: Mike Adrianus Wilhelmus van der Hoorn - what's not to like about a guy with a name like that?!
  10. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    We did get one though, Cunningham, who most agree was a very good signing but sadly got a season ending injury half a dozen games or so after signing. So of course the extra year in Bell's contract would be triggered. Even if a new LB was signed in January, Bell would still have been needed as cover.
  11. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    I like JRC and think he is an exciting prospect. He certainly appears to have natural ability and a forward thinking attitude, and doesn't seem afraid of getting into dangerous positions and taking responsibility for a shot. However I don't think I've seen much to indicate creativity. His pass for Gallagher at Sheff Wed was sublime though. I'm hoping to see more of him in a more naturally attacking role next season and all power to him; he seems like a swashbuckling up n downer type to me rather than someone blessed with creative wizardry.
  12. Atko's Engine

    Premier League Stuff

    I think Howe will take a break from the game for a few months. He seems the sort who would be quite significantly affected psychologically by their relegation and need time out to take stock & pick the right challenge, rather than just jump straight back into it somewhere else.
  13. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yeah, Butterworth really seemed promising, I hope his injury doesn't derail his progress. JRC I like, have heard a lot more good stuff about his U23s performances. I'm not sure he's what you'd call creative though from what I've seen, in terms of unlocking tight defences. Dack, Holtby, Buckley & Rothwell all have that in their locker.
  14. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    Fair enough, that is quite surprising esp when you think of efforts like Samuel v Wigan & Barnsley, Davenport v Leeds, Holtby v Leeds, just 4 off the top of my head. But it still doesn't alter the fact that we finished 6th highest scorers, without playing 2 of the previous season's top scorers most of the time.
  15. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    I'd be genuinely interested to see that quote from Mowbray?
  16. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    Dack - if he goes, point accepted, but then we can look to replace. But he is our most creative player, and we missed him for what, 25 games? Rothwell - agreed he needs to find more consistency, but he has a style that frightens opponents. He's still worth sticking with imo, though I have wavered in that opinion over his time here. Holtby - think that's a massive exaggeration; he's a player without natural pace but has natural flair. Similar to Tugay in the respect, albeit a few rungs lower down the ladder. Buckley & BB - I think both of these showed more in the last 9 games than they did previously. They both have attributes to frighten defenders. Encouraging signs from both to build upon next season. But I get the apprehension. I'm not saying it's the bee's knees, just less of a problem than is often made out.
  17. Atko's Engine

    Summer Transfer Window

    If one of our main tactics was to use Tosin's passes through the midfield, then midfield will naturally create less opportunities surely as they're being bypassed? I think some of this bashing of our style of play is unwarranted. Yes without an incisive pass or sparkling dribble it can become ponderous against defensive teams, and plans B and C need to be developed to beat those types. But creating chances wasn't the problem last season, and despite some profligate finishing at times (particularly from Gallagher throughout the season & notably Samuel after lockdown) we finished 6th for goals scored. There's enough individual creativity in the squad (Dack, Rothwell, Holtby, Buckley, post-lockdown BB even) to continue to create chances through individual spark. Our problem was keeping them out, esp at the start of the season & post lockdown. As a unit, the defensive 5 was not solid enough, and the midfield too often failed to give them enough protection. Get a solid keeper, CB partner for Lenihan & improved LB, with decent back up in each position and a clear understanding of how the unit functions should injuries / suspension/ loss of form force personnel changes, then we can save 10-15 goals at the back which should be sufficient for top 6 . The issue is finding & building that 10-man defensive unit on whatever funds we have & promoting from within; that's the real challenge this summer for me.
  18. Atko's Engine

    Armstrong Signed

    Dack's a diamond geezer alright!!
  19. Atko's Engine


    I think I read somewhere on here that Armstrong is, too.
  20. Atko's Engine

    Danny Graham

    Sad to see an end to his career here, but also pleased that he leaves whilst he is in good shape and not as someone who as out-stayed his welcome. It sounds like he's genuinely enjoyed his time here, and overall he's been great for us during a v sticky period in the club's history. Please Danny, just bottle that enthusiasm & centre forward nous and pass it over to Gallagher & BB will you?! Good luck to him, wherever he ends up.
  21. Atko's Engine

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    9 hands in the picture, 9 likes for the post; that's uncanny!!
  22. Atko's Engine

    Luton Town away

    You'll never hear me saying Mowbray doesn't have deficiencies, it's clear he does. I just try to be even handed in my assessment of them in comparison to his qualities and consider that, overall, the pros outweigh the cons.
  23. Atko's Engine

    Luton Town away

    Theres a lot of hyperbole on here again tonight from some, to be expected I suppose, we were always on a hiding to nothing in this one. A couple of points. Walton is definitely NOT the worst keeper we've had. Fettis, Collier, Steele, Dickens all spring to mind. Granted he's not the best either & I'm not especially upset to see him leave, but to my mind there was absolutely nothing he could have done about any of the last 6 goals we've conceded (2 ogs, a pen, a top class free kick & 2 headers born from defensive mistakes). He might have made no saves in those games, but if there's no other shots to save he's not going to make any is he? I was disappointed TM wasn't more lively on the sidelines tonight. He doesn't help himself sometimes. I'm sure he does care & does want to succeed, but his lack of animation doesn't do him any favours aesthetically and adds to fans' frustration. The last 2 games have summed us up. Profligate in front of goal and too brittle defensively. Perhaps also unfortunate, but then you make your own luck. As a team, as a unit, we've conceded too many goals, especially since lockdown. Conceding in 2s and 3s won't achieve anything. If we can reduce that number next season by 10 - 12, whilst still scoring as many as we have this season or improving on it, we can be there or thereabouts. Recruitment this summer has to centre on GK, CB & LB. If we can get a solid back 5 who play consistently, there's enough elsewhere in the squad to be improved upon without recruitment, who can kick on offensively as there's plenty of room for improvement in the likes of Gallagher, Brereton, Holtby, Rothwell, Buckley. Hopefully with Dack back & Armstrong picking up this season's form, there could be a real potency about us if we can keep the back door closed. We'll see. I know I'm in the minority here. It promises to be an interesting summer, hopefully not a frustrating one.

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