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  1. Ste B


    Which one was that. The one filmed in ossy ?
  2. Ste B


    I hope you didn't pitch in the river !
  3. Ste B


    He wont find anything if his typing is that bad !
  4. Ste B


    Did Alberts schloss in Manchester last night. Bang average. Far too big a room for food when it's full of pissheads.
  5. Ste B


    Yeah. Was a good day out.
  6. Ste B


    I hope there is some play on Saturday.
  7. Ste B


    Always had a soft spot for Stanley - mainly due to mates who watched them when they were totally in the middle of nowhere and who came out in the pubs afterwards. In the past, the people running the club were just normal guys like us, its almost like BRFCS running Rovers. They have clearly moved onto bigger and better things, mainly by luck from the Brett Ormerod sale and a cup game or two, but I dont begrudge them anything. In fact if they get promoted its as much of a shock as Leicester winning the league. Still remember them playing Crewe at Ewood a few years ago in the FA Cup.
  8. Ste B


    Trott and KP had at least 1 English parent..
  9. Ste B


    We have been on today but no rovers shirts in sight. There's a good few blues out here, most from Cherry Tree it seems
  10. Ste B


    It's not bad at all but it's bloody hot. Seen a few blues out here. And some of that lot
  11. Ste B


    I liked Blue Pills as well. Top 3.. BODY COUNT, Faith No More, Hype. Apocalyptica. Amazing.. Rise Against Didn't know.. Love Zombies Grub... Pulled pork / beef stand in main arena near that mexican Idiot thing I did.. Didn't wear a hat and burnt my scone. BTW - All over the BFS tours..
  12. Ste B


    Nowhere near sorted - I'm sure I'll catch you for a beer somewhere..
  13. Ste B


    Those who live in Glasshouses should NOT throw stones.
  14. Ste B


    Times not announced yet so don't read too much into it.
  15. Ste B


    New album isn't bad either - you probably should listen to it beforehand as they will play a few.

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