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  1. ewoody

    Blackburn Rovers flags for sale

    my latest flag design ..
  2. ewoody

    Blackburn Rovers flags for sale

    Here is my latest flag that's just arrived .. looks absolutely great in the light.
  3. ewoody

    Blackburn Rovers flags for sale

    😊 Flags still for sale !
  4. Up for sale are the following Blackburn Rovers 6ft x 4ft flags from my collection. Price £35 each .. inclusive of 1st class recorded delivery with tracking number. Flags cost £70 and come with with drawstring storage bag. Each flag below has 2 pics. To conclude sale, all correspondence via mobile phone (i.e) address of buyer, my bank details. If you would like to buy any of my flags, please send text to 07566 274416. Thanks for looking.
  5. is this ifollow free via a sky hd box, or is their an added charge to my subscription.
  6. here is a brand new 6 ft x 4 ft Rovers flag for sale .. £65. Cost £80.
  7. I have 2 further 6ft x 4ft rovers flags on order (will show pics once they arrive) not for sale though.
  8. Here is rovers 6ft x 4ft flag still for sale, price reduced to £55 .. inclusive of royal mail 1st class recorded delivery with tracking number.
  9. Do you reckon flag will look good with right side top & bottom in blue, so the flag is basically white/blue like the shirt. The lancashire badge should stand out against a blue background.
  10. thanks .. old darwen blue, this was also my favourite. ordering soon !
  11. What do you reckon to my 3 new flag designs ... White background around poppy badges will be removed prior to printing. Does Lancashire red rose badge look better on left or right of flag, bear in mind right side will be entirely a blue background. Flag No.2 will be a white/blue background to top and bottom.
  12. here is rovers 6ft x 4ft flag for sale, arrived yesterday from footballflags.co.uk ..

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