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  1. He was just calling for subs down the line. Did look like he was on the phone haha
  2. Chapman looks more like an old man every time I see him.
  3. Williams and Bell looking like they have plenty to play for
  4. I know he wouldn't get in to most peoples Starting 11s, but I love Johnson's shithousery.
  5. CD_93

    Summer Transfer Window

    No. Lewis Holtby. Missed the target from 12 yards.
  6. CD_93

    Summer Transfer Window

    That would have been a great goal, but I saw Holtby miss the target from the penalty spot in our last game.
  7. Play like this with Dack in and around the box and he'll have a field day. We miss him so much.
  8. Look what might happen when you actually take a shot or two. We don't need to score the perfect team goal. Just give it a blast in there when you get the chance - as Johnson had to do last time out.
  9. We need to stop this training ground stuff at corners and just get the ball in to the box.
  10. Welcome to Rovers, Ayala. Good luck.
  11. Perfect from Nyambe. Deserved an assist there.

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