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  1. CD_93

    Millwall Away

    Post-lockdown Brereton has shown more fight than the lot out there first half, tbh.
  2. CD_93

    Millwall Away

    Why don't you do everyone a solid and mute it? Rude.
  3. CD_93

    Millwall Away

    😳 You never know which Rovers are going to turn up against teams down at the bottom. It's not impossible that Luton's attempt at survival could come down to the last game. Has red flags all over it.
  4. CD_93


    Possibly the only time we'll be in the Top 6 this season.
  5. CD_93

    West Brom at home

    Really unfortunate. Our game to win. Credit to the players for that performance though. Walton especially for keeping us in it until the end. More of that from Gallagher and he can stay out there.
  6. CD_93

    West Brom at home

    This game deserves a last minute Rovers winner which would once have taken the roof off Ewood.
  7. CD_93

    West Brom at home

    Gutting for Davenport.
  8. CD_93

    West Brom at home

  9. CD_93

    West Brom at home

    Armstrong and Nyambe off. Lmao.
  10. CD_93

    West Brom at home

    He comes ready-made for Mowbray
  11. CD_93

    Championship season 2019-20

    What a weekend at the top we have coming up. All top 10 playing eachother.
  12. CD_93

    Wigan Administration

    Nonsense. It was an away win so we were robbed of Warren's Chinese order.
  13. CD_93

    Cardiff away

    You can't complain when all three strikers trusted in the starting line-up score. Fair play. Brilliant win, tonight. Superb winner. Typical Rovers. Can they do it again?
  14. CD_93

    Cardiff away

    We're putting passes together I haven't seen us try all season. But we have no idea what to do in the final third.
  15. CD_93

    Cardiff away

    Harry Chapman & Not included in the Squad Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

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