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  1. CD_93

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    Jagdish Balaji Rao was present at the game on Saturday. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/december/rovers-welcome-special-guest/
  2. CD_93

    FA CUP

    Armstrong hat trick. Easy.
  3. CD_93

    Premier League Stuff

    Good team, Palace
  4. CD_93

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    God I have missed this Conway.
  5. CD_93

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    At least we should get a few crosses in, but Smallwood and Evans at home in this “response” match is sour.
  6. CD_93

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    Sharpe's predicted team: Raya Nyambe Downing Mulgrew Bell Reed Bennett Rothwell Dack Conway Graham
  7. CD_93

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Dack part of the back 3 now.
  8. CD_93

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Plenty of time for me to proved wrong at least.
  9. CD_93

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Even if Brereton was on he wouldn't get the ball.
  10. CD_93

    Wigan V ROVERS 28/11/18

    Might watch Villa / Forest instead. Some actual football being played at Villa Park.
  11. CD_93

    Premier League Stuff

    ...and relegated by three goals against. Funny how things work out 😂
  12. CD_93

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Not sure about 3-0 now 😂
  13. CD_93

    Premier League Stuff

    Huddersfield and Newcastle leading early. Cmon Southampton... cmon Leicester... EDIT: Southampton lead. The stars aligning early doors to sink the Dingles.

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