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  1. chemosabby

    A tricky jigsaw

    Early days,some decent performances,but a lot of questions posed. Defensively a settled back 4 ok so far but little quality for back up. Organisation of midfiel/attack much more complicated and imo will take 10 or more games to sort,undoubtedly with some experimentation in training and games. How Mowbray sees the style and relevant make up will obviously not be to everyones liking as can be seen from the very varied opinions on here as to who to play and where.The limited resources will dictate to some extent as injuries happen. Guys like Smallwood have been criticised lately yet he was a game changer when he arrived. His distribution is poor but he contributes in a different way. Palmer talented but possibly a luxury,decent bench material at his point imo. It will take a fair few games for the likes of Travis,Rothwell,Bennett,Bell,Evans and others to nail down a position and keep it. Mowbrays thoughts , injuries,results,performances, and lady luck are the moving parts for a while. Let's all go to see the optimist for a while and enjoy a positive ride till the picture unfolds a bit more.
  2. chemosabby

    Carlisle Away

    like wigan at home
  3. chemosabby

    Hull away

    I totally agree. He's obviously talented but has much to learn at the same time. Finding his best position will be crucial or else he will just become an also ran. target man could work,let''s find out
  4. chemosabby

    Thursday deadline.

  5. chemosabby

    first impressions

    i was at the ipswich afternoon. the place has improved from my last visit 25 years ago. a rainy night then, a boiling afternoon now. didnt expect much, especially after the early goal but was pleasantly surprised. witnessed resilience most of all. generally decent team performance,personally liked nyambe lenihan and smallwood. palmers miss was crucial,and felt he was a bit off it.could have said he was a bit of a show pony but that would be unfair for a 20 minute game. definitely needs a bit of steel or else thats what he will turn out. hopefully wrong. a real shame about the late goal,bloody hell how many times have we said that. would have taken the point beforehand. slightly better than ipswich i felt. more about us.right winger who works hard crucial. could be transformational...again v impressed with nyambe...hope he keeps that level up. mixed up long balls and interplay and probably had a bit more success with the former. targeted their left back correctly. we should beat them at home comfortably. if i was playing we would.COYB

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