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  1. chemosabby

    Hull (A)

    Gallagher is not a bloody right winger !
  2. chemosabby

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    the jigsaw pieces are still in the box. this is part of a next season team.in another 10 games there will be some sort of a settled side. we arent going up or down.. next season imo we will be contenders.
  3. chemosabby

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    i've seen worse line ups. Good bench if needed. Fancy we,ll have enough to get through,if not comfortably,by a couple of goals in the end. i,m optimistic.
  4. chemosabby

    A positive outlook

    Given the changes ,due to injuries and a thin squad,a really great result. If additions come in and everyone is fit there are some difficult decisions. On the positive side we ought to be able to put out a strong bench, which for me is always an indicator of a good side. Most folk looking at todays selection and bench would think we were in trouble,but the effort and management got us through. Things can only improve with more availability but it will still take a fair number of games to establish a definite starting eleven. The back four just need to stay healthy and Williams is good cover. Midfield wise I suppose it's horses for courses,but it will be good to have competition. Tactics will be crucial as there are any numbert of ways to approach a game. Weseem to be a positive work in progress,and whilst no doubt there will be setbacks,it's difficult to see a starting eleven and bench as threadbare as today at 2 o clock.. The management seems to know what it's doing though,and the future looks ok. it's certainly going to be interesting,given the wide variety of opinions regarding crucial positions and tactics.What a great result today!
  5. chemosabby

    ROVERS v Brentford

    we play better against stronger teams
  6. chemosabby

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Still think we'll play better against better teams. That theory about to be tested !!
  7. chemosabby


    I was struck by the similarities to the Milwall game. Early doors we seemed to concede quite a bit of space in our half and lacked the numbers to hold good posession. We could easily have been 2 down against Milwall at half time. True we made a couple of openings as we did last night but for me it's a worrying trend. Granted the second half was better ,as it was v Milwall,but there's a definite pattern emerging. Personnel aside,we will have to get bodies capable of holding,winning posession and playing secure balls on Saturday, or else
  8. chemosabby


    the squad is obviously too thin.....apart from Dack!
  9. chemosabby


    The bench looks piss poor....but this is footy...let's see
  10. chemosabby


    there are no must wins.like there are no !must lose. maybe some must draw. i'll predict a draw !
  11. chemosabby


    i fancy us to do better against the tougher outfits. Don't know about tonight with their newish line up,would take a draw. But reckon we'll win Saturday.
  12. chemosabby

    Hull away

    the jury forme is still out on who is guaranteed a midfield place,but it's great to have a few options against different team setups. No doubt a few harder games coming up but a real positive start.The back 4 staying injury free is crucial and back up is needed. Hopefully a good performance on Wednesday will cement a good start and set the tone. 15 points from first 10 games would be great. 5 in the bag.
  13. chemosabby

    A tricky jigsaw

    Early days,some decent performances,but a lot of questions posed. Defensively a settled back 4 ok so far but little quality for back up. Organisation of midfiel/attack much more complicated and imo will take 10 or more games to sort,undoubtedly with some experimentation in training and games. How Mowbray sees the style and relevant make up will obviously not be to everyones liking as can be seen from the very varied opinions on here as to who to play and where.The limited resources will dictate to some extent as injuries happen. Guys like Smallwood have been criticised lately yet he was a game changer when he arrived. His distribution is poor but he contributes in a different way. Palmer talented but possibly a luxury,decent bench material at his point imo. It will take a fair few games for the likes of Travis,Rothwell,Bennett,Bell,Evans and others to nail down a position and keep it. Mowbrays thoughts , injuries,results,performances, and lady luck are the moving parts for a while. Let's all go to see the optimist for a while and enjoy a positive ride till the picture unfolds a bit more.
  14. chemosabby

    Carlisle Away

    like wigan at home
  15. chemosabby

    Hull away

    I totally agree. He's obviously talented but has much to learn at the same time. Finding his best position will be crucial or else he will just become an also ran. target man could work,let''s find out

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