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  1. BankEnd Rover

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Does anyone have player ratings? How did Rothwell play?
  2. BankEnd Rover

    Brum FA Cup

    And I was the one laughing when we signed Downing. Lads quality and I bet he feels like he’s playing with a bunch of school children.
  3. BankEnd Rover

    Preston (home)

    This will be the end for Mowbray. I now predict a 3-1 defeat. Nobbers need the win if they’re to get in the playoffs. We will be nowhere near so I fear a hammering. I would take it if it’s enough to get rid of TM.
  4. BankEnd Rover

    Brum FA Cup

    Been praying for 18months. That little winning run we went on didn’t change my opinion on him. We need a fresh face and NOW is the perfect time.
  5. BankEnd Rover

    Brum FA Cup

    Actually speechless. It’s so hard to even watch us. I actually don’t rate any player on that pitch other than downing. I have a massive love for Rothwell but he’s really been on awful form. Armstrong is awful & Gallagher is just the worst.
  6. BankEnd Rover

    Brum FA Cup

    5 million though. Fair play to him but he really is one of the worst strikers I’ve ever seen.
  7. BankEnd Rover

    Brum FA Cup

    Sam Gallagher hahaha
  8. BankEnd Rover

    Brum FA Cup

    Gallagher must be in the top 5 for the worst players to grace a rovers shirt. 12 million on him & that other donkey!? Enough evidence for me on Mowbray.
  9. BankEnd Rover

    Preston (home)

    The amount of stick we get for not selling over 4K. If they don’t sell out the top tier then that would be f**king fantastic. Draw 1-1.
  10. BankEnd Rover

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Meh. The life of a Blackburn fan. So fucking frustrating supporting this team. I got one will hold my hands up giving Rothwell an over backing. I honestly think he’s got talent & is technically a better player than Armstrong. He really has been poor recently and deserved to get taken off at half time. Still, I believe a useful player to have.
  11. BankEnd Rover

    Rovers V Birmingham- St Stephens , sorry Boxing day

    Like that team. Excited to see holtby in dacks role.
  12. Standard result against a lower team. We will get a result against brummies. Excited for Holtby & Rothwell.
  13. Anyone who didn’t see this result coming really hasn’t a clue. Welcome to the championship & welcome to Blackburn rovers. Only positive is that we’re still unbeaten. Holtby has to shine for us now if we want to challenge for the play offs.
  14. Adam Armstrong forever the most frustrating player I’ve laid eyes on. 2nd half needs to be better.
  15. Nothing but a win is expected so strongest team needs to be picked. Love to see Holtby & Dack together. Will be a difficult evening but can see us scabbing a 2-1. No game is easy in this division.

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