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  1. BankEnd Rover

    Stoke City home

    What a chance we have tomorrow to close the gap. It’s going to be a nervous watch. To be a very frustrating night I think. 1-1 stoke to score first. Rovers to equalise second half and have numerous chances to win the match.
  2. He almost passes to the keeper every time.
  3. Armstrong continues to confuse me game by game. All though he has improved massively recently. He HAS to start scoring the “easier” goals. I have never been confident with him finishing a one on one. Today was the same.
  4. He’s the worst one on one. Scores the hard goals and misses the sitters. Ah well even at 2-0 down that’s a good result. Let’s hope Preston don’t get a win today & with there next few games we still have a chance.
  5. Looking forward to watching this. Would be an incredible result if we get 3 points.
  6. BankEnd Rover


    Samuel has to be ahead of Gallagher!
  7. BankEnd Rover

    Rovers v Hull

    No matter how many wonder goals Armstrong scores. I will never ever rate the lad. Most overrated player by most of our fanbase. Please note every time I do slag him off he scores.
  8. BankEnd Rover

    January transfer window 2020

    The past two seasons, if you think he's not out of his depth then you need to give "yourself a shake" fella.
  9. BankEnd Rover

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    That’s 3 of our best midfielders now out. Holtby injury was always coming.
  10. BankEnd Rover

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    Class Mowbray just class mate.
  11. BankEnd Rover

    January transfer window 2020

    I’ve never ever been a fan of Mowbray. If he took us up I’d still want him out. He’s so far out his depth it’s unreal. His treatment to some players have been diabolical and spending 12 million on two of the worst strikers I’ve see says it all. Guys if we beat boro 10-0 on sat I’ll still want him out.
  12. BankEnd Rover

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    What even is Sam Gallagher? Jesus he’s dog.
  13. BankEnd Rover

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Does anyone have player ratings? How did Rothwell play?
  14. BankEnd Rover

    Brum FA Cup

    And I was the one laughing when we signed Downing. Lads quality and I bet he feels like he’s playing with a bunch of school children.
  15. BankEnd Rover

    Preston (home)

    This will be the end for Mowbray. I now predict a 3-1 defeat. Nobbers need the win if they’re to get in the playoffs. We will be nowhere near so I fear a hammering. I would take it if it’s enough to get rid of TM.

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