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  1. Such a Mowbray result. We’ll never get rid of him. Please please walk Tony.
  2. I think it was after Huddersfield game & 3 out the 4 were still backing Mowbray. Quotes such as ”look at what he’s done for us” ”who else would we get” although the last quote has some point, I honestly believe the players would play better with Joe bloggs off the street. They are obviously sick & fed up of Mowbray's delusional Tactics.
  3. Does anyone listen to that Rovers Chat on Twitter? Can’t wait to see those boys excuses for backing Mowbray after today.
  4. How can anyone defend this man??! Enough of this bull for what he’s done in the past. What has he done in the past 3 seasons!? I don’t care if we go & hammer this lot 6-1. He HAS to go.
  5. Agreed. People need to realise our opponent today. A win is a win & it might push us to win, 2 - 3 on the bounce. But I assure you with this mon in charge, it will not last. I’m finding it very hard to be positive. We still need a change on Management.
  6. Watford away is the biggest one for me. He should of scored at least 4.
  7. As bad as it sounds. I’m pleased we have more & more fans finally waking up & smelling the coffee. I honestly think we could turn our season round if he left within these next few days. Even with Johnson in charge. We literally need any new face! It could be my gran, she’s not doing a right lot at the moment.
  8. Outstanding seeing people still saying “look what he done for us” “show him more respect”. The same time they’ve put “squad is out of its depth”. Rovers fans are mental at times.
  9. We’re going to be stuck with him for decades! MOWBRAY OUT!
  10. Posting this early as you can see it in the players they’ve given up with Mowbray: Manager is beyond Clueless. Armstrong overrated as per. Rothwell (who I love) no where to be seen. Defence, worst it’s been in a long time. Been saying this for seasons. We will be going nowhere with this Dino in charge! The squad we have we should be top 6 at least...We need change FAST.
  11. Here we go. Please please leave Mowbray. It clearly isn’t working!!!!!
  12. Too many! Needs to step up when needed. Got a feeling he will tonight though.
  13. So your saying because he’s scored x,y, z goals this season he’s not allowed to be Criticized?
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