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  1. BankEnd Rover

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    Not been an atmosphere in at ewood in 10 years. Must be the quietest ground in the championship. Anyway to this game. See it being a draw or Barnsley win. MOWBRAY OUT no matter the result.
  2. I for one will be fuming when he leaves. For the sake of the lads career, I agree, he should move on.
  3. O & Rothwell not coming on at all yesterday is the biggest crime I've ever seen.
  4. The most frustrating thing is that we will loose 80% of our key players come next season. We will be stuck with this absolute t*t in charge and we'll become a bottom, half average joe of a team. We will never get anywhere with boring Tony. Please Resign now!!!
  5. I will never forgive Mowbray for his actions. Feel your pain brother. My love for the club is fading away little by little with this complete & utter moron in charge. Mowbray is a virus and he needs getting rid of NOW!
  6. Aye - Tony praised both after the Wednesday match. Hopefully your're right.
  7. BankEnd Rover

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Would You believe it haha
  8. BankEnd Rover

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Come on Wednesday hold on. Let's get this clown out!
  9. BankEnd Rover

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    No matter the result. Mowbray out.
  10. BankEnd Rover

    Preston Away

    IF we hadn't of given them their first goal we (I believe) would do seen a win for us or at least a draw. Either way it doesn't & shouldn't change anyone opinions of our managerial situation. sorry @MCMC1875 & @OldEwoodBlue But I've got to piss on your chips again. The more & more I see Gallagher finish for our second the more it gives me hope he's better then what we've seen. No way he's worth 5 million but that's touch & finish is one of the best you'll see. As explained (as agreed by everyone else) a new manager can open/change a lot of opinions on different players. We are moving nowhere with this mon. We need change NOW. If it's done sooner rather thsn later it won't be as damaging as we may think.
  11. BankEnd Rover

    Preston Away

    What the F*** you on about mate? This is a message board right? Evans had a decent game (for once). Just thought I'd share my opinion on that matter. We lost and I'm not surprised by that.
  12. BankEnd Rover

    Preston Away

    Haha okay mate. Not a fan of him one bit in all honesty but he played better than Johnson has in the last 3 games.
  13. BankEnd Rover

    Preston Away

    ?? Because of Evans playing? What's your point.
  14. BankEnd Rover

    Preston Away

    From yesterday I left the game not even disappointed, annoyed or shocked. Said at half time that we would come out with three points. It's just getting all to predictable now. We have a decent squad with some serious talent so all the blame is to the manager. He's been out of his depth since we came back the championship. We're going to loose Dack, Rothwell, possibly Travis, Lenihan next season all because of Boring Tony. He has to go! ps happy for Gallagher to get a goal. Thought he finished it well.
  15. BankEnd Rover

    Preston Away

    Agreed. However I thought Evans had a decent game. One of his better ones tbh.

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